book report---a little princess2003

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book report---a little princess2003

    Novel Reading Report

    Your name 洪耕 Missy

    Class 2010212

    Presentation time 2010.20.23

    I. General information

    Book Name: First Publishing time: Publishing country:

    A Little Princess 1888 America

    Impressive features

    Its very popular and famous childrens novel.

    Due in parts to the novel’s public domain status, several musical versions of A Little

    Princess have emerged in recent years.

    In 1995, Apple published a series of three books written by Gabrielle Charbonnet. The

    "Princess" series was an updated version of the classic, with the title character named Molly, rather than Sara.

    Many directors made films according to this story. Shirley Temple became a very popular child star after she played the part of Sara.

    Author name Frances Hodgson Burnett

    Author’s brief biography

    Frances Hodgson Burnett (November 24, 1849 October 29, 1924) was an Anglo-American playwright and author. She is best known for her children's stories. She is

    best remembered for the popular children's novel Little Lord Fauntleroy (1886), about an

    American boy who inherits an English earldom. The Secret Garden (1911), considered her

    best work, is a classic of children's literature. Other works include the novel Through One

    Administration (1883), about corruption in Washington, D.C., and the play A Lady of

    Quality (1896).

    Length of the book (words How much have you How much do you think and pages) finished? All. you understand it?

    235 How many hours do you May be 90% because it’s a

    spend on reading it? children’s novel.

    About two weeks.

II. Main idea of the book (200 words)

    Motherless seven-year-old Sara Crewe, who was raised in India by her affluent and adoring father, Captain Ralph Crewe, has been sent to London, England, to be educated at Miss Minchin's Seminary for Young Ladies. Impressed by Captain Crewe's fortune, Miss Minchin allows Sara to have far more luxuries than the average student. Sara is bright, compassionate and generally well-liked by her classmates. A gifted storyteller, she can draw the attention of every student in the seminary. Her best friend, Ermengarde, is the overweight "school dunce"; Sara helps her learn her lessons by weaving them into stories. Sara is also the "adopted mother" of a younger student, Lottie. Sara and Lottie share a bond since both of their mothers have died. She also befriends Becky, the overworked school scullery maid and smuggles food to her.

    On Sara's eleventh birthday, one of Captain Crewe's solicitors arrives with bad news: “Captain Crewe has died of jungle fever and business troubles combined." and his "dear friend" and business partner has run off with the Captain's entire fortune. Miss Minchin

    initially threatens to turn Sara out but is convinced to keep her as a servant. She is

    deprived of food and adequate clothing. A number of the other students take pleasure in ordering Sara about, and many of her former classmates grow distant from her.

    With the father of the Large Family, Mr. Carmichael and Ram Dasss help, Sara finally

    restores her fortunes.

    III. Your comments of the book. (300 words)

     In my opinion, A Little Princess is real a wonderful childrens book. Almost every little

    girl wants to be a beautiful and dreamlike princess, but how? What we need are not just a pretty face, magnificent frocks, an extravagant carriage or something else. I think the author wants to tell all the young ladies that a real princess must have an honorable and pure soul. We recognize Sara is a princess because of her refined behavior, compassion as well as courage, self-respect. A sensible girl can enrich her inner life after reading this book. It sets a good example for children and gives them a good education.

    I really appreciate Saras amazing imagination. But to be honest, I dont think this

    story is very convictive. Maybe it’s too late for me to read this childrens novel. I dont like

    the author praised Sara so much. Ok, I know I’m an odd person. I am prone to struggle

    with some simple matters. And I also have some opposite opinions with others. Id like to

    think more about the people like Becky. As far as I’m concerned, in some way, Becky, the

    poor and unlettered scullery maid, is worth to get more praise. Sara should be a princess because she gains a high level education, gets a lot of love from her mild father and leads a laid-back and luxurious life. These all help her to form a good behavior. However Becky suffers a tough and painful life. But she doesnt turn to be greedy, insensible and selfish

    because of poverty, bitter and tough. Its almost impossible for her to have a dream of

    being a princess. However her heart is still filled with love and sympathy. She is still very grateful and virtuous. From the appearance, I can see the real beauty of humanity in the character. Maybe measured against Sara, Becky is more vulgar and illiberal, but I think she has the same pure and honorable soul with Sara.

    Anyway, its a good childrens novel. But next time I want to read more meaningful

    book. I hope I will gain enough vocabulary and comprehension as soon as possible to read books that I really wants to.

    IV. Criticism or questions to the author or the novel.

    I dont like the plot very much actually. I think the ending is illusory and the leading characters ability to cope with fortune is unreal. This story maybe makes the children misunderstand the real world. But its ok. Children always need a nice but unreal world to

    grow up.

    I have read some other childrens book. They are better than this one, for example A

    Little Prince, Magic School Bus and Magic Tree House etc. They are plainer and they dont force children to accept some viewpoints. Good books can teach children how to learn the world and come up with their own ideas, instead of presenting the authors

    viewpoints and killing childrens elaborative faculty.

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