2011 Merchandise Policies and Procedures

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2011 Merchandise Policies and Procedures





    Our Mission Statement

    “We will provide our guests with the highest quality sports and entertainment experience in a safe, clean, green, and friendly



    Every member of the Philadelphia Eagles should consider themselves a spokesperson and representative at all times. A significant

    number of independent news organizations cover the Philadelphia Eagles. As a result, everyone associated with the club must be

    aware that anything and everything he or she does or says in public creates an impression of the Eagles and everything we stand for.

    Your actions will help us remain a positive force and contributor to the quality of life in the community. This Manual is provided in order to introduce employees to the policies and procedures of the Philadelphia Eagles Merchandising

    Team, as well as the expectations and conditions of employment with the League. It does not, and is not intended to cover every

    situation that may arise in the course of employment. If, after reviewing the Manual, there are any questions about its content, please

    address them with any member of the management team.

    Although it is the intention of the Club to notify employees of changes, additions, deletions or alterations to the information contained

    within, the Club reserves the right to change, revise, and/or delete the policies, procedures, benefits and plans described in this Manual

    at any time, at its discretion, with or without prior notification.

    This Manual and the policies and procedures contained herein supersede and revoke any and all prior and past practices or policies,

    oral and written representations, or statements regarding the terms and conditions of employment with the Club.

    This manual is for informational purposes only. It is a summary of guidelines ONLY and should not be considered in any way as creating any right, contract or guarantee of employment, benefits or of working conditions between any employee and the Philadelphia Eagles.





    Philadelphia Eagles Reception NovaCare Complex 215-463-2500

    Philadelphia Eagles Pro Shop Lincoln Financial Field 267-570-4500

Brendan McQuillan Director of Merchandise

    Courtney Ray Senior Merchandise Manager 267-570-4020

Sarah Casey E-Commerce Manager 267-570-4243

    Steve Yankanich Warehouse & Inventory Manager 267-570-4246

    Vanessa Greaney Merchandise Coordinator 267-570-4214

    Caitlin Hyde E-Commerce/Merchandise Coordinator 267-570-4245

    Andrew Martin Merchandise Operations Coordinator 267-570-4213

Timothy Crouch Pro Shop Manager 267-570-4016

    Syreeta Bradley Pro Shop Associate Manager 267-570-4247

    Michael Blackman Eagles End Zone/Merchandise Manager 717-299-0265

    Dennis Soden Eagles End Zone Assistant Manager 717-299-0265


    I. EMPLOYEE POLICIES, PROCEDURES & RULES *The following are important excerpts taken from the Game Day Staff Handbook that we feel MUST be highlighted since they apply directly to the merchandise staff.


    As a Game Day Staff member at Lincoln Financial Field, we expect you to be available for all large scale events at Lincoln Financial Field with an attendance of 35,000 or more. All employees are expected to work all events for which they are scheduled and to contact their department regarding changes in availability. Scheduling procedures vary from department to department.

    Flex scheduling allows the NFL to alter the day and time of kick-off for any NFL game. Time changes will be communicated to you by your department. Please be prepared for possible schedule changes throughout the season.

Confidentiality Agreement

The Philadelphia Eagles success depends on the hard work, dedication and integrity of everyone who works here. In the course of

    your responsibilities, you will have access to, learn, develop, and conceive information which is confidential and proprietary in nature and which, if disclosed, could be extremely detrimental to the organization and provide a competitive advantage to other teams, agents or other organizations. To avoid these harmful consequences, it is the policy of the Philadelphia Eagles that confidential and

    proprietary information must be kept in strict confidence. Employees should treat the information they learn in the course of their jobs as confidential and should not share it under any

    circumstances with people outside the organization at any time (including after termination of employment) except as required to carry out your job responsibilities or unless specifically authorized by the President of the organization.

    In addition, there are many instances when you have access to or learn of information which should not be disclosed to others within the organization. It is your obligation to make sure you take appropriate steps to maintain the necessary level of confidentiality and to respect the confidences involved. The Eagles policy prohibits disclosure to unauthorized personnel.

    Employees who disclose confidential or proprietary information to any person, firm, corporation or other entity without authorization, or beyond the limits of their authorization, will face disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

    Upon leaving the organization, all Eagles property and materials must be returned immediately and no copies (including in electronic or digital format) may be made or kept and all confidential and proprietary information shall remain undisclosed.

Standards of Conduct

Everyone associated with the Organization must be aware that anything and everything that he or she does, says or writes in public

    creates an impression of the Eagles and everything we stand for. Your actions will help us remain a positive force and contributor to the quality of life in the community.

    Each employee has an obligation to observe and follow Eagles policies and to maintain proper standards of conduct at all times. If a Game Day Staff Member’s behavior interferes with the orderly and efficient operation of a department, corrective disciplinary measures will be taken.

Disciplinary action may include a verbal warning, written warning, suspension and/or termination of employment. The appropriate

    disciplinary action imposed will be determined by your Management team. The Eagles do not guarantee that one form of action will

    necessarily precede another.

The following will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment:

    ; Falsification, misrepresentation or material omission on company records including employment applications.

    ; Violation of the Eagles policies and procedures.

    ; Insubordination.

    ; Theft and unauthorized removal of stadium property.

    ; Excessive absenteeism and poor attendance.

    ; Poor performance.


    ; Disparagement of the stadium, the Team, the Eagles organization and/or their respective officers, directors, managers or


    ; Harassment of other employees, guests, or visitors in violation of stadium policy.

    ; Possession, use and/or sale of alcohol or illegal drugs on stadium property.

    ; Disrespect toward fellow employees, visitors, and/or guests.

    ; Fighting, intimidation, coercion or physical harassment.

    ; Unauthorized possession, use or sale of weapons, firearms or explosives on stadium property.

    ; Safety violations or disregard for the personal safety of others.

    These examples are not all inclusive. Termination of employment decisions will be based on an assessment of all relevant factors.

    Your employment with the Eagles is of an “at will” nature. This means that the employee may resign at any time and the Eagles

    may discharge the employee at any time with or without notice and with or without cause.

Media and Public Relations Inquiries

The Philadelphia Eagles Football Media Services Department will handle all issues regarding the media. If you are approached

    about any issue by a member of the media, do not comment. Please direct all comments to the Event Command Post. For additional assistance, contact your immediate Supervisor.


    It is our policy to strive to provide our employees with a workplace free from harassment of any nature. Harassment undermines our

    workplace morale and our commitment to treat each other with dignity and respect. Harassment in any form to or by employees,

    applicants for employment, vendors, maintenance workers or guests is unacceptable conduct and will not be tolerated. This policy

    applies to harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, gender or sex, national origin, union affiliation, veteran status, age, disability,

    sexual orientation, familial status or any other characteristic protected from discrimination under law. Harassing behavior consists of

    discriminatory intimidation, ridicule or insult that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work

    performance or of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment, as viewed from the perspective of a reasonable


Sexual Harassment

    We emphasize that sexual harassment in the workplace, like any other form of harassment, will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment

    consists of unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors, and/or other verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature where:

    ; Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly as a term or condition of an individual’s employment;

    ; Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for employment decisions; or

    ; Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or of creating

    an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.

These reports may be filed verbally or in writing. If you would like to file a complaint you may do so by contacting your immediate

    Supervisor, Management team or Human Resources at (215) 463-2500.

All allegations of harassment will be investigated promptly and in a confidential manner as is consistent with the effective investigation.

    Investigation of a particular incident may include interviewing the alleged harassed employee, the alleged harassing employee, and any

    third party witnesses, as well as the consideration of any other potentially relevant information. We will take appropriate corrective

    action when warranted.

Alcohol and Drug Use Policy

It is the Eagles desire to provide a drug-free, healthy and safe workplace. To promote this goal, employees are required to report to

    work in an appropriate mental and physical condition to perform their jobs in a satisfactory manner.

    ; While on the stadium’s premises and while conducting business activities off the stadium’s premises, no employee may

    use, possess, distribute, sell or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. The legal use of prescribed drugs is

    permitted on the job, only if it does not impair an employee’s ability to effectively perform the essential functions of the job

    in a safe manner and that does not endanger other individuals in the workplace.


    ; Violations of this policy may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination of employment. The

    Eagles may, at its discretion, require participation in a substance abuse rehabilitation or treatment program for the

    employee to continue employment. Such violations may also have legal consequences.

    ; Employees with drug or alcohol problems that have not resulted in, and are not the immediate subject of, disciplinary

    action may request approval to take unpaid time off to participate in a rehabilitation or treatment program.

    ; Employees with questions on this policy, or issues related to drug or alcohol use in the workplace should raise their

    concerns with their Supervisor or the Director of Human Resources without fear of reprisal.

Player Contact

Employees may not socialize, solicit autographs, take photographs, elicit services or ask for special services from players, a player’s

    family or other celebrities/dignitaries while on duty and/or in uniform. Violators of this policy are subject to discipline up to and including

    termination of employment.

Promotional Items

A valid event day ticket must be presented to receive a promotional item. Do not ask for, accept or take promotional items for

    yourself or others. Employees may receive promotional items upon the purchase of tickets for the applicable event. If there are extra promotional items available after an event, we will be sure to offer them to Game Day Staff Members at the next event.

Lincoln Financial Field ID Badge

A Lincoln Financial Field ID badge will be issued to each employee. The following rules apply:

    ; Access will be denied to Lincoln Financial Field without a valid, Lincoln Financial Field issued ID badge.

    ; Lincoln Financial Field ID badges are non-transferable and must be displayed at all times while on Lincoln Financial Field


    ; A fee will be charged for replacement Lincoln Financial Field ID badges.

    ; Lincoln Financial Field ID badges are the property of the Eagles and must be returned upon termination of employment or at

    the request of Management.

Staff Parking

    Staff parking lots are subject to change. You must show your Lincoln Financial Field ID badge to enter lot. Please car pool or take public transportation whenever possible. Typically, event day parking is located on Pattison Avenue, directly to the west of the

    NovaCare Complex. Directions are listed in the Game Day Staff Handbook. Please Note: Certain game day staff members do pay a small fee for parking on Game Day. As a Merchandise Game Day Staff Member, you do not pay for parking. Parking attendants are

    aware of this, however sometimes there may be confusion. If you are ever charged for parking, please contact Vanessa immediately.

Employee Entrance

The Employee Entrance is located on the East side of the stadium off of Darien Street. Enter the stadium gate between the SCA Club

    and Suites entry and the end of the Pepsi Gate fence. You will enter the stadium through the large, roll-up door and proceed to

    Employee Check-In. You must present your Lincoln Financial Field ID badge and scan in at the computer for admittance or you will not

    be permitted to enter the stadium. Only Game Day Staff scheduled to work the event will be admitted to the stadium. Upon checking-

    in, all employees must proceed to their briefing area. Under no circumstances are employees permitted in restricted areas of the

    stadium without authorization by a manager.

Event Brief Sheet

Just as your Game Day Staff handbook is your guide for working at Lincoln Financial Field, the event brief sheet is your game day

    guide for specific event information. The event brief sheet includes information relating to the event timeline, your top six (6), TeamUP!,

    hospitality locations, merchandising information, security issues, and other vital special event notes. For every event, you should keep

    your event brief sheet handy with your Game Day Staff handbook.


Top Six (6)

    When you report to your assigned work area, review the following locations and how to give precise directions to each listed in your Top Six (6). These locations will be an integral part of your role on event day.

    ; First aid station

    ; Restrooms

    ; Designated smoking area

    ; ATM

    ; Guest Services Center

    ; Concession stands

Team UP!

    Working together is a critical key to the success of our game day roles. At each event you should TeamUP! with the other Game Day Staff members working in your area. You can do this in four (4) easy steps:

    1. Introduce yourself

    2. Describe your role

    3. Share information

    4. Ask how you can help

    Dealing With Difficult Guests and Problems

    Most guests respect the rights of people around them and obey stadium policies. However, this is not always the case. One of your challenges will be to identify and appropriately respond to the small percentage of guests who are not courteous or cooperative. One difficult guest can ruin the experience for many others. In your role as a representative of the Eagles and Lincoln Financial Field, it is imperative that you are always courteous and respectful of all guests. If a guest is not complying with stadium policies, politely inform the guest of our policy and ask for his or her cooperation. Evaluate the situation and determine if there is an easy way for you to resolve the situation. If the problem or conflict continues, or if a guest is threatening to you or other Guests, notify your supervisor or Event Security via the Command Post. Never argue or speak disrespectfully with a Guest. Do not attempt to break up a fight or argument among fans.

Incident Cards/Reports

    Employees are required to legibly and accurately complete incident cards to report an encounter with an injured/ill person, a security issue, disturbance, or any other incident that is of an unusual nature. Incident cards are located in your stand binders at all times. Additionally, they are available at all Guest Services Centers located on the main concourse behind Sections 121, 136, 206 and 226 as well as at Concierge desks and podiums in all Premium Areas.

    Documenting all incidents is important to you and the organization. “When in doubt, write one out.” Make sure all information is accurate, detailed and legible and be sure to include your name on the card. Report facts and direct observations only, not your opinions or speculation. Complete an incident card as soon as you can while your recollection of the incident is fresh. Submit completed incident cards to your Supervisor as soon as possible. Supervisors will return incident cards to management at the end of the event.


    Tips may never be solicited or accepted under any circumstances. Accepting food or beverages from any vendor or concessionaire is also not permitted. Incidents should be reported to your Supervisor. Rather than providing money, encourage a guest to send

    feedback about your performance via email to, call the Guest Services hotline at (267) 570 4400 or fill out a Guest Comment Form. Guest Comment Forms can be found in your stand binder or at a Guest Services Center

    located on the concourse behind Sections 121, 136, 206 and 226. Guest feedback regarding your performance can lead to employee recognition and many other opportunities and fun prizes.



Employee breaks are only permitted when assigned to you by your Supervisor. Typically, there is an established break schedule to

    ensure that each staff member receives a break. You should not leave your post unless approved by a Supervisor. Alert your

    Supervisor if there is an emergency and you must leave your working area.

When walking through the stadium during your break, you will still be considered “on duty”. If you are approached by a guest, you are

    expected to provide them with assistance. Never tell a guest that you are not available because you are on a break. No employee

    may leave the stadium on his or her break. Consuming food or beverage in public areas while on duty is not permitted. If you are

    caught eating in public by your supervisor or a member of the management team, it will be considered a work rule violation and you will

    receive one (1) point.

Break rooms are provided for your convenience and are equipped with vending machines offering snacks and hot and cold beverages.

    Make sure to do your part to keep these break rooms clean. The nine (9) Game Day Staff break rooms are available in the following


    ; Section 106 (MC105-02): In-line 103, Portables 109 & 137

    ; Section 125 (MC125-03): In-lines 125, 121 & 134, Portables 128, 124, 117, & 233

    ; West Lower Suite Level behind Concierge Desk (LS 05.04): West Suite Cart, In-line C4

    ; Section C15 (CS 15.02): In-lines 113 & C22

    ; SCA Club Suite Level across from Suite 137 (UC 15.04): SCA Suite Cart

    ; Section 205 (UC 205.07): Portable 204

    ; Section 226 (UC 226): In-line 226, Portable 210

    ; Across from Merchandise Check-In Table: Pro Shop, Tent

    ; Back of Employee Check-In: Any Employees

Smoking Policy

Employees are not permitted to smoke whatsoever (1) in any public area, (2) when dressed in Lincoln Financial Field uniform and (3)

    while on duty. Duty extends from the time of arrival at Lincoln Financial Field to the time of departure. If absolutely necessary,

    smoking is permitted, during breaks, outside the Verizon Wireless Gate. Designated smoking areas are NOT for the use of Game Day Staff members. A violation of this policy can result in discipline up to and including termination of employment.

Promotional Items

    A valid event day ticket must be presented to receive a promotional item. Do not ask for, accept or take promotional items for yourself or others. Employees may receive promotional items upon the purchase of tickets for the applicable event. If there are extra

    promotional items available after an event, we will be sure to offer them to Game Day Staff Members at the next event.

Bird’s Eye View Game Day Staff Newsletter

The Birds Eye View - Lincoln Financial Field Game Day Staff newsletter- provides an inside glimpse for staff members of our event

    operations. The Birds Eye View features articles about Eagles football, sports and entertainment events held at Lincoln Financial Field,

    helpful reminders and updates about our event operations, special recognition of exceptional staff members and much more!

    Published for all large scale events, you won’t want to miss what’s going on in the Birds Eye View.

If you would like to participate in the Birds Eye View by submitting photos or writing an article, please send your ideas and information



Game Day Staff Website

Visit for your own site for EVERYTHING game day staff. Here

    you can view upcoming event schedules, refer a friend, download reference materials, and catch up on fun articles, photos and contests only for Game Day Staff. Bookmark this site on your favorites; you won’t want to miss the excitement.

If you would like to be published on the Game Day Staff website, please send your ideas and information to

Incentive Programs

We regularly recognize our Game Day Staff members making “great plays.” There are many opportunities for Game Day Staff

    members to be recognized for outstanding work and going “above the call of duty”. The following list highlights some of our featured

    programs but does not encompass all of our incentive programs. (* Denotes additional incentive programs that are administered through the Merchandise department.)

    ; Earn Your Wings Program: The Earn Your Wings program consists of a series of pins that symbolize achievement within

    the Game Day Staff. Upon completion of basic training, each Game Day Staff member is awarded bronze wings. Staff

    members who demonstrate superior service to our guests are eligible to receive silver wings. A staff member who has earned

    their silver wings and continues to show exemplary performance in service to our guests and other Game Day Staff members

    may be recognized by being awarded gold wings. Staff members who earn silver and gold wings are recognized in the Birds

    Eye View and may be eligible for special prize drawings.

    ; Most Valuable Player (MVP): Following each Lincoln Financial Field Event, each department and service partner

    organization selects a member of their Game Day Staff as their Most Valuable Player (MVP). The names and photos of MVPs

    are proudly displayed at the following home game/event on the MVP Honor Board on the Service Level. At the end of the

    season one MVP winner is selected as the Game Day Staff Member of the Year and will receive a special award. Most

    Valuable Players (MVPs) are nominated by their supervisors, the management team, or even a game day staff member using

    the Nomination Form located in your stand binder. MVP’s are recognized in the Birds Eye View.

    ; Game Ball Program: Each month one outstanding Game Day Staff Merchandise member is selected to receive a

    personalized, commemorative Eagles game ball. To be eligible, the staff member must have worked all events that month.

    The winner is selected from among the nominations received from Game Day Staff members, Supervisors, and the

    management team. Game Ball winners are recognized in the Birds Eye View

    ; Secret Shop Program: Secret Shoppers are trained evaluators who have been hired to assess our event day experience.

    Disguised to look and behave like other Guests, you will not know if and when you encounter a secret shopper. The secret

    shoppers pay close attention to each Game Day Staff member they encounter and “score” the performance of each staff

    member they interact with. Following each event, your department receives a report that includes the scores staff members

    received. Staff members who score 100% from a secret shopper will receive their silver wings. If you receive a 100% on a

    secret shop and already have your silver wings, you will be entered in the Secret Shop Drawing which happens once a month.

    ; Secret Shop Drawing*: If you receive a 100% on your secret shop and have already earned your silver wings, you will be

    entered into the Secret Shop Drawing. One winner will be chosen each month to receive a special prize.

    ; Sales Goal Drawing*: After each Eagles home game, each stand that has met their sales goal will be entered in the Sales

    Goal Drawing. One location will win a special prize for meeting their sales goal at an individual game. All locations will

    receive a “special treat” for reaching their sales goal at the following event. There are no sales goals for special events.

    ; BBQ Wings*: At the end of the season, the best merchandise team/stand in the facility is awarded BBQ Wings. All stands

    are eligible to win this award. Stand Supervisors and/or Zone Supervisors are to complete the nomination form. Winners are

    chosen by their ability to work together as a team, provide outstanding customer service to guests, and consistently make

    Lincoln Financial Field a safe, clean, green, and friendly environment. Additionally, BBQ winners may be determined by the

    number of times staff members meet their sales goal, staff members’ attendance records, and staff members’ ability to adhere

    to work policies. BBQ Wings winners will be announced at the final game of the season and are recognized in the Birds Eye

    View. Each team member will receive a $10 gift card to a local restaurant.


Radio Use (Supervisors Only)

Radios are expensive devices and should be handled with care. Be sure to properly check in/out your radio each day. Upon acquiring

    your radio, check its working condition. Make sure you are able to transmit and receive and check the physical condition of radio.

    Upon return, please identify any technical or functional issues.

    ; Our system uses a repeater. There is a short delay before being able to transmit. Wait 2 seconds before beginning to speak.

    ; Messages should be brief and to the point. Lengthy or sensitive issues should be discussed in person or by telephone. As

    much as possible, coordinate to meet with someone to discuss a sensitive issue.

    ; To report an incident, know what you are going to say before you key your radio. State who you are, your location and the


    ; Use of an earpiece or headset is mandatory when using a radio. No radio is to be transmitting information in a public area

    without the use of an earpiece or headset.

    ; Guests can hear radio transmissions. Use appropriate language and content. Always transmit using a calm, clear, normal

    tone of voice.

    ; Listen for any radio traffic before attempting a transmission. If you hear a security or medical call, wait until Command Post

    acknowledges the call before sending a transmission. They may be busy coordinating a response.

Telephone Usage

Stadium telephones should be kept clear for business calls. While on duty, use of cell phones will not be permitted. Furthermore,

    staff members are not allowed to wear Bluetooth headsets while on duty. Supervisors are allowed to use their cell phones to

    contact management or other supervisors, if necessary. We recognize that personal phone calls are, in extreme instances, necessary

    but ask that employees keep personal calls to a minimum. If such an instance occurs, you are not to be in uniform, in the public view,

    on the phone. This will be considered a work rule violation of the uniform policy. Please move to the service level or an employee break room. Excessive personal calls may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Uniform/Appearance Guidelines

As with all of your duties and responsibilities as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles and Lincoln Financial Field Game Day Staff, you

    are expected to demonstrate professionalism and good judgment at all times related to your appearance. All staff members working at

    Lincoln Financial Field are required to present themselves in a clean, neat and professional manner. If you do not meet these guidelines, you will not be permitted to work.

    All Game Day Staff members must comply with the following:

    ; Uniforms must be worn at all times and be clean and wrinkle-free. They should not be too loose, too tight, low on the hips,

    short in length, faded or in need of repair.

    ; Intentional body alteration or modification that detracts from a professional image is prohibited.

    ; Sunglasses may be worn when sunlight prevents you from doing your job safely, effectively and comfortably. They

    should be removed when interacting with a guest.

    ; Shoes and socks must be clean and in good condition. Open toed shoes are prohibited.

    ; Hair must be clean, well groomed and worn in a manner that does not interfere with performing one’s duties.

    Moustaches and beards must be neatly trimmed.

    ; Jewelry must be conservative and discrete. Any jewelry that detracts from the uniform or poses a safety issue is

    prohibited. Hoop and dangling earrings are highly discouraged. The size of the hoop must be no larger than a nickel.

    ; A name badge displaying your correct, first name will be issued to you. This must be clearly visible to our guests and

    worn at all times on the upper right side of the chest level with the logo on the left side.

    ; As recognition of your dedicated service and excellence, you will be awarded with pins to proudly display on your

    lanyard. Stickers, unapproved pins or other decorations are not permitted.

    ; Due to close contact with guests and other Game Day Staff members, the use of an anti-perspirant or deodorant is



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