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     COLLEGE Event/User Number: _____


This completed and signed Free Speech User Application must be submitted to the campus Student

    Leadership office at least two (2) weeks prior to an event’s date to allow for processing and necessary approvals.

    IMPORTANT: Users are generally allowed to use allotted space for two to five days per term.

    Exceptions may be made by the Student Leadership Office, based on availability.

Campus requested:

     ___ Cascade ___ Rock Creek ___ Sylvania ___ Southeast Center

    Please submit a signed and completed application to each PCC campus separately:

    Cascade: Student Leadership Office (SC 03; 971-722-5379) or Facilities Assistant (SC

    Information Desk; 971-722-5575;

     Cascade Free Speech Area location: Interior hallway of the Student Center

    Rock Creek: Student Leadership Office (Building 3, room 128, 971-722-7379)

    Rock Creek Speech Area location: Building 3, Mall

Sylvania: Student Leadership Office (CC 101, 971-722-4924)

    Sylvania Free Speech Area location: CC Mall, designated area

    Southeast Center: Student Leadership Office (Tabor 151; 971-722-6262)

    Southeast Free Speech Area location: Great Hall, designated area

Individuals or groups wishing to sell products, merchandise, or services, or distribute information to PCC

    students and staff may do so within the designated “Free Speech Area at each campus. Fees are

    collected by the ASPCC (Associated Students of Portland Community College).

    These individuals or groups (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) include, but are not limited to, those that represent:

    ; Commercial Solicitation and Advertising

    ; Vendors

    ; Religious Organizations

    ; Political Candidates or groups representing political issues

    ; Groups Gathering Petition Signatures

    Credit card companies or card offers are not permitted on campus.

Fees per day

    Corporations (e.g., banks, cell phone companies) $100.00

     1Vendors who are not PCC students $50.00


     2Vendors who are currently enrolled PCC students $20.00

     3Non-profit/unpaid volunteers no fee

    Additional table(s) $5.00 per table

     1 Vendors include those who are selling or distributing products, merchandise, or services, or

    earning revenue from access to PCC students and staff (including those gathering signatures for

    petitions if they are being paid to do so).

     2 PCC student must be present at the table at all times.

     3 Those gathering petition signatures must verify that they are unpaid volunteers.



Entity/Name: Date:

Contact Name: Telephone:

Address: Fax:

     City: State: Zip Code:

Date(s) Requested: Time(s): From: To:

Briefly describe event/activity:

    Presenting information or an activity during the authorized and approved scheduled event that is not

    noted above may result in the cancellation of this Agreement.

    The following terms and conditions are set forth to protect the district taxpayer's vested interest in Portland Community College and are in no way intended to unreasonably restrict the use of any College facility.


    Portland Community College, its elected directors, administrators and employees shall hereinafter be referred to as "College" and an applicant, his/her agent or other representative, applying for use of a College facility for a Free Speech event shall hereinafter be referred to as "User."

    1. The College will provide a minimum of one table and two chairs (unless additional tables are

    requested and approved) within the Free Speech area. Users shall limit their presentation and

    materials to this area only.


    2. User understands that table space is limited and will bring NO extra table, chairs, racks or other

    display devices to the “Free Speech area.”

    3. Users are allowed a limited number of dates based on availability, as determined by the College.

    Normal hours of presentations shall be from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

    4. User will not hang, tape, stand, or place signs or other objects that may obstruct vision, signage,

    or walkways, or that may damage College premises without College permission. Banners

    and/or table skirts may be used, but must be first approved by the Student Leadership

    Coordinator or designee, and shall only be attached to or displayed on the table provided by the


5. If audio-visual equipment is used, User will keep the volume down to a conversational level

    (below 85dB).

6. Approaching students or staff is not permitted. User may not disrupt or interfere with the

    general movement of students through the campus. User must remain seated or standing

    behind assigned tables.

    7. User shall not solicit contributions or donations from any individual on college property unless

    approved by the Student Leadership Office.

8. User agrees to pay for or reimburse College for any damages attributable to User.

9. User agrees to abide by all College policies, including the PCC Student Rights and PCC Code

    of Student Conduct. For more information, see:

10. User agrees not to express, imply or misrepresent that College sponsors, supports or endorses

    any view, belief, statement, literature, company, product or service being disseminated or

    exhibited by User.

11. User understands that the use of College facility is at his/her sole risk and agrees that College

    shall not be liable for any injuries or damages, claims demands, lawsuits or causes of action

    (including attorney fees and other expenses thereto) whatsoever to User or User’s employee(s),

    agent(s), or guest(s), for property damage, bodily injury, and/or death whether or not caused by

    negligence, arising out of or connected with User’s use of “Free Speech area.”

12. User agrees that College is not liable for any loss or theft of personal or other property. User

    expressly releases, indemnifies, and holds College, its elected directors, employees and agents

    harmless from any and all losses, costs, claims, damages, demands, lawsuits, or causes of

    action for property damage, bodily injury, and death arising out of the User(s) use of, or

    negligence while on College property.

    13. User understands that the cost of parking is the sole responsibility of its employees, agents and

    representatives, and agrees that it will make every effort to obtain the necessary parking permits.

    User is also aware that failure to do so may result in parking violation fees and/or fines.

    Portland Community College reserves all its legal rights with respect to Free Speech Areas, which may include but is not limited to, denial of access to premises and/or cancellation of Free Speech Agreement

    without notice.


I, Free Speech Area User, have read, understand and accept Portland Community College’s Free

    Speech Agreement Terms and Conditions. I understand a violation of such Terms and Conditions may

    result in the involvement of campus security or law enforcement, as College may deem necessary.

    Upon a reasonable showing by College that this Agreement has been violated, I, Free Speech Area

    User, may be requested to leave College property and/or seek any other remedy for the violation(s). I agree to release, indemnify and hold College harmless from any and all losses, costs, claims, and

    damages that could result from use of the Free Speech Area.

With my signature, I acknowledge that I am authorized, on behalf of myself and the entity identified in the

    Agreement above, to agree to Portland Community College’s Free Speech Agreement Terms and Conditions.

Free Speech Area User

Authorized Signature: DATE:

Print Name:



    College Approval Signature: ________________________________ Date: _________

    Dates Approved: _____________________________________________


    Type of Vendor (check one):

    ? Corporation

    ? Vendor (non-PCC students)

    ? Student (with current PCC ID)

    ? Non-profit/unpaid volunteers


    Total Charge to Vendor:


    Paid by CASH or CHECK? (Circle One)


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