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Bill and Blake’s Must Have iPad Apps


    Seller Apple

    Cost Free

    Description Download and read books. Integrates with iBooks Store. Reading a book on the iPad is a surprisingly pleasant experience.

    FREE eBooks for


     Free eBooks by Project Gutenberg


    Seller VideoLAN

    Cost Free (can’t find it htough ;)

    Description Plays movies in a variety of formats. This

    saves you from converting videos for import into iTunes.

    Just drag them to the VLC icon in iTunes.

Amazon Kindle

    Seller Amazon

    Cost Free -The Kindle app is optimized for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, giving users the ability to read

    Kindle books on a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You’ll

    have access to over 950,000* books in the Kindle Store,

     including best sellers and new releases. Amazon

    Kindle Whispersync automatically syncs your last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights


    Seller Apple

    Cost $9.99

    Description The Mac alternative to PowerPoint. Create

    new presentations or edit preexisting presentations

    (KeyNote or PowerPoint) Ditch the heavy laptop and display slides on a projector (requires adaptor).


    Seller Apple

    Cost $9.99

    Description The Mac alternative to Word. Create new documents, edit preexisting documents (either Pages or Word) or display files (requires adaptor).


    Seller Netflix, Inc

    Cost Free

    Description Netflix subscribers can stream movies and TV

    shows to their iPad. Don’t fill up your iPad up with movies when you can access them from the cloud.


    Seller ????

    Cost Free (can’t find it though ;)

    Description Web browser. It doesn’t support Flash playback but is a serviceable alternative to Safari. For those that just can’t bring themselves to use Safari.

Angry Birds

    Seller Chillingo

    Cost - $4.99

    Description Super addictive game beware it is a time suck. It is also Hunter’s favorite game and a lifesaver when stuck in long lines at the DMV or Chipotle.

Find iPhone

    Seller Apple

    Costs Free

    Description If you loose your iPhone or iPad you can find it on a map, send it an alert (that will sound even if the device is on mute), lock or remote wipe the iPad/iPhone).

    Don’t ask me why the iPad app has iPhone in the title.


    Seller Twitter Inc.

    Costs Free

    Description Stay up to date with your friends posts, read

    @mentions, receive private messages and search for posts. It isn’t the perfect but is good for beginners.


    Seller Flipboard Inc.

    Costs Free

    Description Named Apple’s iPad app of the year this is a

    must have for anyone that uses social media. Browse your

    friends’ news, photos and updates by using this with your

    Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Google Reader accounts.


    Seller GOGII

    Costs Free - $4.99

    Description Save on text messages by using this free

    application to send and receive text messages without using

    your cell phone. They give you a free phone number and you can text away like a pre-teen.


    Seller YouWeb

    Costs Free - $2.99

    Description Finally a web browser that supports Flash.

    Play flash games, movies or surf the web without getting the plugin required alerts. Beware, it is really annoying until you unlock it.

USB Disk Pro

    Seller Imesart

    Costs Free - $.99

    Description Store and view files to your iPad. This is an

    easy way to transfer files.


    Seller Dropbox

    Costs Free

    Description Store your files, videos and pictures in the

    cloud, allowing access from anywhere.

Files Connect

    Seller Antecea

    Costs $7.99

    Description Access network drives: dropbox, sftp, ftp. Use it with VPN to connect to shared NJIT drives.

Calculator Pro HD

    Seller CrowdCafe’

    The calculator app features basic, scientific, note, and tape

    calculators. The note calculator is especially handy, as is the

    tape calculator. Those looking for a single app with four

     great calculators should grab this one.


    Seller Evernote

    Costs Free

    Description Synchronize notes and reminders with your other computers and devices.

iAnnotate PDF

    Seller Aji, LLC

    Costs $9.99

    Description PDF reader and powerful annotation tool. Mark-up your PDFs and then share them with others.


    Seller Standard Nine

    Costs Free

    Description A platform for interactive books that are designed specifically for the iPad. It is possible to preview chapters for free, purchase individual chapters or entire books.


    Seller Macro Arment

    Costs $4.99

    Description Save webpages for viewing later when you are offline. Great for people that don’t have the 3G iPad.

    Load up articles and websites for your next trip.


    Seller CoCoa Box Design

    Costs $1.99

    Description This is a handwriting application for the iPad.

    Use this to work out problems or calculations. Drawing with

    it works surprisingly well.

Our Choice

    Seller Push Pop Press

    Costs $4.99

    Description This application was selected because it is an example of what digital books designed specifically for the

    iPad can look like. Forget the politics it is an interesting

    example of an ebook/application.

eNote Taker

    Seller Time Base Technology Limited

    Costs $2.99

    Description Take notes or highlight PDFs. Students can

    use this to mark up their textbooks.

Folders can hold “like” apps,





    Public Radio


    PBS for the iPad


    Watch the most popular and current PBS programs free and with minimal interruption. PBS for iPad features more than 300 videos, including full-length episodes, segments and previews PBS with new content updated daily.

    NPR for the iPad

    National Public Radio

    Experience NPR in magazine style with a focus on News, Arts & Life, and Music content that’s broad, deep, and timely. It’s

    NPR like you’ve never seen us before. The app also replicates

    popular features of the NPR News iPhone app, including

     playlist, hourly newscasts, station finder, and sharing. And, we

    NPR are already working on future enhancements for our next release.

Adobe Ideas

    Seller - Adobe

    Cost - $5.99

    Adobe? Ideas is your digital sketchbook, letting you capture and explore ideas anywhere you go.

    Adobe Ideas

    Clock Pro HD

    By Alarm Clock Company

    Cost - $1.00

    Makes a great digital photo frame, eBook reader, magazine reader, web surfing device and gaming device. But can it also

    make a great alarm clock? The folks at Fishbone Studio think

    so. They have released an iPad version of their Clock Pro

    application that will turn your iPad (there’s an iPhone version

    Clock Pro HD too) into a clock with features galore.

    The Guardian Eye witness

    BBC This free app has been created to coincide with the launch of what looks certain to be a hugely exciting new device from



    NASA has unveiled NASA App HD, a new mobile application designed for the iPad. The application is available free of charge at the App Store from Apple.

    NASA App HD features live streaming video from NASA Television, an interactive map with links to all the agency's field centers, quick links to feature stories and launch schedules, a scrolling "alerts banner," and a "NASA Featured" link. The first featured link focuses on women in space.

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