epic check list - kevin tente

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epic check list - kevin tente

    Exploring & Planning Initial Invaluable Careers (EPIC) Submission Checklist

    MGT 301 Dr. John J. Schibler Spring, 2013

NAME: Kevin Tente


    Note: For both the Draft and Final EPIC, please see the EPIC assignment handout for the complete EPIC requirements. Items marked “(FINAL)” are only required in the Final EPIC.

In your EPIC, all sections should be clearly and easily identifiable use headings and subheadings,

    not just numbers!

    ; Title Page (FINAL)

    ; Table of Contents

EPIC - Sections A and B Initial Thinking, Self-Knowledge and Awareness:

    What is important to you in a career? (From Initial Thinking About Your Career) List: ; Your MBTI Type

    ; Your Career Leader Work Interest Scores (for all eight Work Interests), ; Your CareerLeader Work Profile

    ; Your chosen self-assessment results

You should include the printouts of your scores in an Appendix.

    List your interpersonal strengths and weaknesses (primarily based on MBTI; can incorporate CareerLeader and FOCUS). Describe:

    ; Your insights (in your own words what does each assessment tell you about yourself and do you

    agree or disagree with the results. Support your statements with examples), ; How the assessment results are similar or different, and

    ; How the assessment results will impact your career decisions.

EPIC Section C Career Exploration and Plan:

    ; Item 1 - Three jobs/careers that interest you and written analysis of fit of CareerLeader Work

    Interests and Work Profile, your MBTI, and your chosen assessment(s) for each job/career ; Item 2 - Most Desired Job/Career clearly identified. If this choice clearly fits your profile,

    explain why it interests you. If not, explain why you are picking it, why it is the right choice for


    ; Item 3:

    o Two Companies Where You Can Have Your Most Chosen Job/Career

    o Entry Level Requirements,

    o A listing of Any Special Requirements. Also include starting salary and earning


    o Summary of a, b, and c, and identify what other actions, outcomes or experiencesyou

    should have during college to have the job/career you want in the future ; Item 4: Summary of Interview with someone that held/holds your Most Desired Job/Career


    ; Item 5: Your Three-Year Plan (9 SMART goals - 3 per year, see EPIC assignment handout)


    ; Item 6 - Current Resume (No spelling or grammatical errors)

EPIC Section D Reflection and Learning:

    ; Item 1: Reflective Statement on your two most important learnings about yourself and your

    interpersonal skills (FINAL)

    Exploring & Planning Initial Invaluable Careers (EPIC) Submission Checklist

    MGT 301 Dr. John J. Schibler Spring, 2013

    ; Item 2: Reflective statement on your two most Important learnings about your chosen career

    and/or the career planning process (FINAL)

    ; Item 3: Reflective statement on your two most important learnings From OB skills or content

    from the OB course (FINAL)

EPIC Section D Uniquely You:

; Refer EPIC Assignment Sheet and Grading Criteria (FINAL)

Finalizing Your EPIC:

; Student has responded to feedback given (FINAL)

    ; Draft EPIC and feedback sheet included (FINAL)

    ; Printed results from for 8 Work Interests from CareerLeader Assessment, CareerLeader Work

    Profile, copy of MBTI scores, and printed results from chosen Focus Test include the printout

    from the program itself, included in Section A and B and as an Appendix (Required in Draft and

    Final EPIC!)

    ; Subheadings used throughout document to guide reader

    ; Document has been proof-read, not just spell-checked (Required in Draft and Final EPIC!) ; Student Adheres to grading criteria (Quality, Organization, and Writing) you should double-

    check your EPIC against the checklist and the grading criteria.

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