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    Cool Apps for your Therapy Toolbag

     iPhone App Cost Droid Eris Cost Cognition - Memory MemoryBlock (like Simon) Free Classic Simon Free

     AniMatch 99? Memory Master Kids Free

     Giraffe’s Matching Zoo Free Dot Touch Free Cognition Visual Perception Shape Builder Lite Free Shape Builder PreSchool Free

     Shape Builder 99? Kids Shape Puzzle Lite Free

     Toy Story Jigsaw Slide Puzzle Free

     Word Search Free Cognition - Sequencing Cookie Doodle 99? Kids Connect the Dots Lite Free

     Preschool Connect the Dots 99? Kids Connect the Dots $2.99 Cognition Academic concepts Match Magic 99? Kids Alphabet 99? Pre-K series ABA Free or Kids Alphabet Lite Free

    flash cards 99?

     Monkey PreSchool Lunchbox 99? Kids’ Numbers and Math Lite

     Starfall ABCs $2.99 Colors Free Cognition Higher Level Strategies Tetris $2.99 Traffic Jam Free

     Dark Nebula 99? Connect 4 Free

     Parking Lot 99? Checkers Free rd Phit Droid 3 Ed. Free

    Motor Finger Isolation, Visual Elephant Song 1.99 Mars Attack Free Motor

     Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the 99?/1.99 Free

    Bus, Old MacDonald, Baa Baa Jewels

    Black Sheep

    Motor Motor Planning Hershey’s Free Touch! 4 Kids Free

     Cookie Doodle 99? Bubble Maze Free

     ABC Maze 1.99

     ABC Maze (Lite) Free Motor Writing Supplements Alphabet Tracing Free Preschool Learning $1.99 Letter Formation

     Pocket Phonics Lite Free Preschool Learning Freeview Free

    (not full program)

     iWrite Words 2.99 123s ABCs Handwriting Fun Free

     ABC Tracer 1.99

     draw 4 free Free Motor Drawing/Coloring Color Play Kids Animated 99? Zebra Paint Free

    Coloring Book

     iColoring Book $2.99

     Glow Coloring Free Motor Oral Motor Talking Tom Free Talking Tom Cat Free

     Balloonimals $1.99

    Sensory Auditory Discrimination ABA Problem Solving Game: 99? Sound Touch Lite free

    What Rhymes?

     Sound Touch (Lite) $2.99 Sound Touch $2.99

    Just Plain Fun Angry Birds 99? Bubble Burst Free

     Skee-Ball 99? Color Drips Free ATIA, Oct. 2010 (rev. 2/1/11); Mary Bettlach, MPH, OTR/L & Jonathan Zemsky, MS, OTR/L Page 1

    Cool Apps for your Therapy Toolbag

     Train Conductor Free Tic Tac Toe Free

     Jokes for Kids Free Just Plain Fun - Music Geni Kids Orchestra 99?

     Virtuoso Free

More to Consider

    Text-to-Speech Speak it! 1.99 Text-To-Speech Extended Free Productivity Time Timer 4.99 Mobislenotes Free Create digital stories Story Kit Free Word Prediction Zen Tap Pro 2.99 Social Stories Model Me Going Places Free Sound amplification and recording soundAMP R 1.99 Livo Recorder Lite or Livo Free or

    Recorder Pro (does not $3.99

    amplify sound)

    Voice Recognition Dragon Dictation Free Translation Google Translate Free

    Additional resources: Cheryl Davis has an extensive listing of apps for teachers for the iPod Touch and iPad.

ATIA, Oct. 2010 (rev. 2/1/11); Mary Bettlach, MPH, OTR/L & Jonathan Zemsky, MS, OTR/L Page 2

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