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    Top 50 Free Education Apps

    o Flashcards+ Connor Zwick

    ; Era of Dino Lite AlphaWeb Plus LLP

    ; Blackboard Mobile? Learn for iPhone – Blackboard Inc.

    ; Free Graphing Calculator William Jockusch

    ; Phone for Kids All in one activity center for children HD Kids Games Club ; SkyView Free Explore the Universe Terminal Eleven LLC

    ; Paint Sparkles Draw my first colors HD ! Kids Games Club ; FREE Spanish Tutor 24/7 Language Learning 24/7 TUTOR INC. ; ABC Letter Tracing Free Writing Practice for Preschool Critical Matter, Inc. ; The Official SAT Question of the Day The College Board

    ; Computer Arts Magazine Future plc

    ; TED TED Conferences

    ; ABC Phonics Animals Free Lite -Talking & Spelling Alphabet Flashcards Kids Games

    Brain Counts

    ; Edmodo Edmodo

    ; Beginning Sounds Interactive Game Lakeshore Learning Materials ; Read Me Stories Children's books 8Interactive Limited

    ; ABC Alphabet Phonics Preschool Kids Game Free Lite ; NASA App NASA Ames Research Center

    ; myHomework Rodrigo Neri

    ; Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe Interactive Game Lakeshore Learning Materials ; Math Puppy Bingo Challenge Educational Game for Kids HD Kids Games Club ; Top 100 Tips for iPhone Tim Sievers

    ; The ABC song interactive children’s sing along book : HD Kids Games Club ; Amazing Shape Puzzle(LITE)-Kids Favorite Word Learning Game Joy Preschool


    ; Flashcards* Jeff Holliday Software

    ; BrainPOP Featured Movie BrainPOP?

    ; FREE French Tutor 24/7 Language Learning 24/7 TUTOR INC. ; Letter of the Day Interactive Activities Lakeshore Learning Materials ; Moon. CDV Concepts

    ; 3D World Magazine Future plc

    ; iElements Periodic Table of The Chemical Elements SusaSoftX ; Graph It Tezmo

    ; How to Draw (Free Lessons) Pacific Spirit Media

    ; Old Macdonald Had a Farm interactive children’s sing along book : HD Kids Games


    ; Rocket Math Free Dan Russell-Pinson

    ; Human Anatomy Free Enlightened Games

    ; Music Sparkles All in One musical instruments collection of Sound , Vocals and Fun

    Entertainment HD Kids Games Club

    ; STUDYBLUE Flashcards StudyBlue, Inc.

    ; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star interactive children’s sing along and activity center : HD –

    Kids Games Club

    ; My Math Flash Cards App Power Math Apps

    ; Khan Academy: A Classroom In Your Pocket Irynsoft

    ; Sight Words List Learn to Read Flash Cards & Games Innovative Mobile Apps

    ; Book&Dic-World's Famous Speeches Premium (English) EnSight Media

    ; Flashcards, LLC

    ; Grades 2 Tapity

    ; Baby Flash Cards Dream Cortex

    ; Free Spanish English Dictionary + Ascendo Inc.

    ; Kids Can Match Animals , vocal memory game for children HD Kids Place

    ; Leafsnap Columbia University, University of Maryland, and Smithsonian Institution

    FREE APPS FOR THE IPAD FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: See.Touch.Learn By Brain Parade Free --- limited time

    TapToTalk Language - Free

    Model Me Going Places and Model Me Going Places 2 Social Stories - Free is a wonderful application

    that gets kids prepared for social situations that seem frightening of foreign to them.

    Talk Assist by Mubaloo - Free - is a wonderful iPad-compatible app that is similar to SpeakIt!, and allows

    your child to type, and then speak something via his iPad or iPhone.

    Preschool Numbers FREE APP- Smart Baby Apps = Top Educational iPad Apps for Kids

Farm Touch FREE APP

    "Alice for the iPad" This lavishly illustrated 52-page abridgment of the classic tale incorporates animation like no other e-book to date. Readers can tilt the iPad to make Alice grow and shrink; shake it to watch the Mad Hatter's bobblehead bobble; and so on. The frantically paced demo video (above) is a little over-the-top, but there's no question this is a showpiece iPad app. Thankfully, there's a free Lite version you can try before splurging on the $8.99 full version.

Timmy Tip Toes FREE Book App Children

    Smurfs' Village - free iPad Game

    Lego Creationary - free - iPad, Lego Creationary is a fun and free little game from the geniuses at Lego that will appeal to young children. In short, you roll a dice to select a category, the app then starts to build a Lego model piece by piece, and you have to guess which of

    the four examples it is going to turn out to be.

    It's a race against the clock, because if the model gets completed before you've made your guess you lose. It's very simple, but strangely addictive -

    the temptation to have just one more go is quite strong. The graphics are cute and amusing, and the whole app feels nicely put together.

    The app is obviously a huge advert for Lego, but there are no overt adverts included, and it's great fun all the same - kids will enjoy watching the Lego

    models being created even if they can't get their heads around trying to guess what it is before the time runs out. The Grouchies --- Free Book App - Magination Press, the children’s book imprint of the American Psychological Association, has developed a free iPad application of “The Grouchies,” a book created to help kids –

    and their parents deal with bad moods.

    ICOMM Free app iComm lets you load picture and audio and record your own voices. Ideal for

    children with autism, cerebral palsy, apraxia and down syndrome.

    I Love Fireworks Free app of sights

I-Beams Lite Free app of sights

RedFish - C is for Cake

    In this simple app built for the Pre-K set, little ones interact with ingredients in order to make a cake. This simple puzzle helps to children to work on their dexterity as well as shape recognition and the conclusion of the puzzle rewards them with a finished cake. As adults we like the educational aspects of the app and we also appreciate the design of the app with its clean lines and great color scheme. No obnoxious headache inducing colors here! Free.

    Doodle Kids Free Art app

    UP! By Disney Free App Pop Balloons

    Addition UnderSea Adventures: This colorful and visually stimulating app will dazzle your child as he explores the under water world with math. Children reveal puzzles of underwater scenes by solving simple addition problems. Puzzles increase in difficulty, each with a new scene to reveal. (FREE) Dragon Dictation for older kids/aduls (Communication)

    Coins Genius Free Coin App

    Accuweather free weather app

    Pocketpond HD --- Interactive fish with water

    Games 4 Kids --- free app of playing a favorite instrument, karaoke, sing a longs

    Discover Free Encyclopedia App

    Matching Zoo --- Colorful matching game

    Make Me a Princess (Lite) dress a princess from head to toe

    Timmy's Preschool Adventure (Lite): Your child can help Timmy get to school as they

    work through problem solving activities, learning numbers, shapes and patterns in the process. They collect "stickers" along the way as they complete each activity, which always makes every task more fun. (for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) - free

    Tom the Talking Cat free app may be listed as Talking Tom below:

    Talking Tom: This one keeps us rolling in laughter, and it keeps ALL of our attention for a long time. Tom, repeats everything you say in a hilarious voice, pet him and he purrs, poke him or grab his tail. You can even record it and share with friends. (for iPad)

    Draw for iPad free drawing app

Panda Dance Free panda app [iPad


    Doodle Buddy --- Lots of Artistic Fun Free app

    Glow Stick --- Color fun free app

Slide 2 Unlock - RJ Cooper & Associates, Inc. [iPad

    FREE for limited time] fine motor skills

MyTalkTools Mobile Lite AAC augmentative communication device Free

    Alexicom AAC AAC augmentative communication device Free

    Splatter HD is an extremely fun FREE app that lets kids paint randomly or make a picture.

    AutismXpress It is designed to encourage people with autism to recognizes and express their emotions through its fun and easy to use interface.

    Talking Tom Cat 2, the sequel to the beloved application, is an all-time favorite of many kids who have autism, making it one of the best free ipad applications for children on the spectrum. Tom repeats what you say, gets into pillow fights, and reacts to your touch.

    The free HD version of Virtuoso 2 allows kids who have special needs to play their hearts out on a digital piano. Whether they actually play music or just enjoy the noise, this app is surely one of the top 10 free iPad apps for children with special needs.

    Pocket Penguins --- The Pocket Penguins free iPad application will have kids who love animals entranced the California Academy sciences have a camera streaming live video of penguins from a zoo straight to your iPad for free! Watch them any time, anywhere!

    ABC PocketPhonics --- In addition to letter tracing, ABC PocketPhonics has the ability to teach kids with special needs phonics sounds that letters make. The application helps kids put these sounds together to form words, and has goofy pictures to go along with the reading and writing fun of this free ipad app for children with special needs!

    Free Books -- Free app - Any educators with a need for quick reference to 23,469 books (and counting!) should absolutely download this amazing resource. Completely free, not only does it provide access to classic novels, but autobiographies, letters, speeches, and other writings by significant historical figures and recognized geniuses including the American presidents works of philosophy by Seneca and other influential thinkers, Shakespeare’s plays, and more as well!! Because of this, even teachers who do not focus on English still benefit greatly from what Free Books offers.

    Toy Story Read-Along BEST Free App- Take your iPad to infinity and beyond! The famous movie Toy Story is the main focus of this fully interactive app! The graphics on this app are crystal clear! You can read along with the story, flip the pages with or without audio, and you

    can even record your own voice reading the words! With games, movie clips, coloring pages and sing-alongs, there are so many surprises that any Toy Story fan will love!

    Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD free piano app - dual keyboard set up - 2 people can play the piano at one time

    Classical Guitar Free Guitar app -

    In some ways we prefer this freebie virtual guitar to the one in Apple's impressive GarageBand for iPad. With Classical Guitar, you can strum, pick

    strings and use a sliding fretboard. Importantly, though, you can create user-defined chord sets, making this a useful app for writing basic acoustic


Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs! is free Children’s book download from the iTunes app store and the App


    Alpha Baby Free - itunes

    Drawing Den - itunes

    Animal Fun - itunes

    Tap to Talk - itunes

    Magic Piano itunes

    Paint and Learn (Lite) color pictures and dot to dot pictures

    Tap Petshop itunes build a pet shop

    Racing Penguin, Flying Free - itunes

    Pet Fair - itunes

    Draw a Stick Man itunesdraw a stick man that comes alive in a humorous adventure Mouse Maze itunes

    Farm Story RATED #1 grow fruits, raise animals, and decorate farms - itunes Carve a Pumpkin from Parents Magazine Design Your Own Pumpkin --- Cute! - itunes

Happy Park --- build an amusement park itunes

    Handpaint itunes

    Animated Rhymes itunes by ManPari Aps includes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    Draw Free For IPAD itunes

    TapFish2 itunes grow, sell, and breed fish

    Book Apps -(rated 4/5 star or better):

    The Candy Factory

    iStory-Apps - Who Am I?

    Millie Was Here, Book 1: Meet Millie

    The Velveteen Rabbit HD

    Turtle Rescue - Fiaba and Friends

    Handmade Mother Goose HD with EveryPage

    Mabel's New Home


    Wild Fables

    Toucan Toucan't

    Toy Story Read-Along

    Josh and Emma Go to the Beach

    Lola & Fred

    The Vitamin Adventures of Don and Flip

    Soundrop free an addictive free app of cause/effect

Baby Sign Language Free free app

    Baby Flashcards free app

    Vocal Zoo free app animal pictures make sounds when touched

    A Story Before Bed - Personalized Children's Picture Books - FREEThis app lets

    your children watch video recordings of you reading children's books.

    JibJab Jr. Books free app is a storybook app which involves putting your face into stories or

    situations. JibJab Jr. Books is a free download with 1 included free book entitled “The Biggest Pizza Ever.” The app allows you to take a picture of anyone’s face and use it as the main character in the story.

    Math Quizzer Free - Have your kids practice their math skills in a flash! With this simple app, you can boost your math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. With a chalkboard visual, kids will feel like they are right in the classroom with this app! If you and your child are stuck in a long line, take out this app and have them practice their basic math skills!

Ibooks free book app

    Read me a story! As more and more books become readily

    available on portable devices, story time isn’t just for bed time anymore. Get kids stimulated

    with these great books, all available at no charge in the iTunes store. Begin by downloading the rdfree iBooks app to your iPhone, iPad or 3 generation iPod touch, and open the door to a

    bookstore right in the palm of your hands. Although there aren’t many children’s books available for free, there are a few gems available for the taking…Or downloading, rather!

Turn the Page: A Sampling of Free iBooks for Kids

    Winnie The Pooh, by A.A. Milne

    This is old school Winnie the Pooh at its best. The original story of Christopher Robin, Pooh, Piglet and their friends is accompanied by simple, charming drawings in this iBook. Winnie the Pooh is a classic

    character who has something that appeals to everyone. Independent readers of all ages can find joy in this 160-page read, while moms and dads will find this to be a stellar bedtime story to space out over a week or so time. Who doesn’t love the chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluffy?

Little Miss Mary and the Big Monster Makeover, by Gleb Toropov & Cleone Cassidy

    Filled with rhymes and fashion forward brand names, this book is definitely geared towards the little ladies. Mary is a spoiled child, educated in all of the latest fashion trends, who meets a monster in her bedroom. Instead of retreating in fear, Mary gives her new monster friend a head to grimy toe makeover and finds her true passion. Although the writing and drawings are absolutely adorable, the over-use of brand names leans a bit to the materialistic side. I don’t think the average child asking for a bed time story is familiar with Louis Vuitton, so you may have to answer a few “who’s who?” questions

    while reading about Miss Mary.

Bella the Dragon, by Barbara Nick

Bella is an especially friendly dragon who is made sick when a group of “baddies” steal her beautiful

    jeweled scales. Finally healed by her friend’s tears and positive thinking, Bella comes back to play with the children. Both the text and the illustrations in this book are filled with eye-popping color. My favorite part of this book, however, is the message: positive thinking has healing power. At only 25 pages long, Bella the Dragon is a great quick read for kids.

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