ACSRT Daily News Highlights 28 May 2012 09 - CAERT

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ACSRT Daily News Highlights 28 May 2012 09 - CAERT

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    Somalia: African Union Troops Cross Shabelle River and Secure Afgooye Town By NewsfromAfrica Mogadishu--- AMISOM troops Friday crossed the Shabelle River and secured all the major roads leading into and out of Afgooye town. The town is strategically located 30km from the capital, Mogadishu, and governing routes to the port town of Marka, as well as the towns of Baidoa and Jowhar. Leaders of the Al Qaeda-affiliated terror group, al Shabaab are believed to have fled the town, which was their main base in the region and where they were known to have been extorting revenues from farmers, traders and pastoralists. On Monday, AMISOM launched a joint military operation with....

    newsfromafrica 10:16:00 AM EAT

    Somalia: Country, African Union Move Towards a Rebel-Held Town

    Mogadishu Somali and AMISOM troops have today secured a road leading to Balad town in middle Shabelle region, a road that strategically located 30km from the capital, Mogadishu, and governing routes to the provincial capital of Al shabab controlled Jowhar, reports said on sunday. According to TFG officials who spoke with Shabelle Media by phone,In an advance early on Sunday hours, both allied Somali and AU troops backed by tanks took over the full control of Basra street, a main route that the militants have been using as military camps and control centre for Lower and Midlle Shabelle region of southern Somalia.

    allafrica 9:23:00 AM EAT

    Somalia: Nation, AU Display the Media the Latest Areas Captured From Al Shabab Mogadishu The African Union Mission (AMISOM) and Somali forces on Saturday,put on view today the Media to the areas recently liberated from Al shabab militants linked with Al Qaeda. The journalists were showed the areas like Carbiska, Afgoye district and several other villages nearby Afgoye. During the visit, journalists escorted to Beert Sheikh Zaid and Afgoye Bridge where Al shabab have had military bases. People's Movements and transport have returned to normal after the town fell to Somali and AU forces on Friday. Brigadier Paul lokech, the commander of Ugandan contingent of AMISOM briefed....

    allafrica 8:18:00 AM EAT

    Somalia: Amisom and TFG Forces Capture Key Town Deserted By Insurgents

    Mogadishu, Somalia Somali forces and African Union troops have captured the strategic town from Al Shabaab insurgents, Radio Garowe reports. Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces and African Union's AMISOM troops entered the town of Afgoye midday Friday and captured the town without any casualties. According to government sources, Al Shabaab insurgents fled the town the night before after Somali and AMISOM forces captured the town of Elesha Biyaha and were en route to Afgoye. "Around midday prayers, our forces entered the town of Afgoye which we are in complete control of, after Al Shabaab agents fled the night before," said Gen.

    allafrica 8:18:00 AM EAT

Somalia: 9, 2000 Displaced in Violence

    Nairobi At least 9,200 people have been displaced in a fierce battle raging between the coalition forces and the insurgents near the Somali capital, the UN refugee agency said here Saturday. The fighting erupted in Afgooye, a stronghold of the Al-Shabaab insurgent group, some 30 km from Mogadishu. People have fled to Mogadishu, Lower Shabelle and Lower Juba regions to avoid the fighting, the UNHCR said. Africa Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia said that its forces and the Somali Army have secured all major roads leading in and out of Afgooye town. Xinhua ? 2012 Shabelle Media Network. All rights reserved. allafrica 9:23:00 AM EAT

    Somalia: Puntland Agrees for Mauritius to Temporarily Imprison Pirates Port Louis, Mauritius The Puntland government signed an agreement with Mauritius to temporarily hold inmates convicted of piracy until Puntland detention facilities meet the international standard, Radio Garowe reports. Saeed Mohamed Ragge, Minister of Ports, Sea Transport and Counter Piracy for Puntland met with Prime Minister of Mauritius, Navinchandra Ramgoolam and various Mauritanian government officials. Minister Ragge's delegation included Puntland Chief of Corrections Officers, Gen. Ali Nuur Omar. The purpose of the meeting was to reach an agreement on how convicted pirates captured at sea would be incarcerated and for how long.

    allafrica 8:51:00 AM EAT

    Canadian seized over terror links

    Lamu West police boss Samson Kinne said the residents became suspicious when they learnt he was sleeping in mosques but pretended to be a tourist during the day. “Residents here are used to tourists who stay in hotels but this one camped in mosques and told some of them he needed help to get to Somalia,” said Mr Kinne. The 24-year-old man was interrogated for five

    hours by the Anti-Terror Police Unit, National Security and Intelligence Services and Criminal Investigations Department. He was due to be transferred to Mombasa on Friday for further interrogation.

    DailyNation 27 May 2012


    My memories of Southern Sudan when killing becomes methodology (1-4)

    By Ahmed elzobier May 27, 2012 Hisham Abbas wrote on a Sudanese website a compelling and horrific story about the wars in the south. He and many others were forcibly recruited at the young age of 17 before they had even finished high school. Without proper training and coerced with lies and deception, they found themselves in the war zone in the south. He estimated that over 600 young men died during his 10-month ordeal in the south in 1997, many of disease, others from bullets. Most of them had no idea what they were fighting for and some of them lost their sanity.

    sudantribune 10:21:00 AM EAT,42729



    DR Congo rebels vow to fight to 'last man'

    The Democratic Republic of Congo is ruling out a peaceful solution to a stand-off with rebels in the east. The government has refused to negotiate with the group known as M23, who have deserted from the army. Al Jazeera is the first news organisation to cross the frontline to speak to the fighters. Nazanine Moshiri has this exclusive report.

    aljazeera-en 8:37:00 AM EAT

    Democratic Republic of Congo: IDPs need further assistance in context of continued attacks and insecurity

    Mon, 28 May 2012 00:14 GMT Source: Content partner // International Displacement Monitoring Centre There were an estimated 1.7 million internally displaced people (IDPs) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as of July 2011, the vast majority of them in the eastern provinces of North and South Kivu. This included over 128,000 people newly displaced in the first quarter of 2011. Most fled their homes to escape fighting between rebel groups and the Congolese armed forces, while others were victims of direct attacks and violence perpetrated by the warring parties or by other armed individuals. trust 4:36:00 AM EAT



    LE PRÉSIDENT DE L'UA EN France : La coopération franco-africaine au menu

    Le chef d'Etat béninois et président en exercice de l'Union africaine (UA), Boni Yayi, a entamé hier une visite de travail de quatre jours en France destinée au renforcement des relations bilatérales et de la coopération franco-africaine notamment dans les domaines économique et sécuritaire, a-t-on indiqué de source officielle à Cotonou.

    Au cours de sa visite, le président Bony Yayi aura un entretien avec son homologue français François Hollande sur ?des questions ayant trait à la situation politique, économique et sécuritaire en Afrique en général et dans la région ouest-africaine en particulier?, précise un communiqué du ministère béninois des Affaires étrangères.

    Le président béninois Boni Yayi, en sa qualité de président en exercice de l'UA, discutera avec M.Hollande des sujets tels que la lutte contre le terrorisme et la nécessité de renforcer la sécurité, et la sûreté maritimes en Afrique de l'Ouest, de l'Est et du Centre, l'autosuffisance alimentaire du continent et la lutte contre la famine, la protection de l'environnement contre l'avancée du désert et les risques liés aux changements climatiques, la santé et l'éducation, ajoute le texte


    Après la fusion, samedi, de la rébellion touareg et des islamistes d'Ansar Dine, la médiation ouest-africaine souhaite que ces groupes armés qui tiennent le nord du Mali favorisent "une solution négociée".

     La médiation ouest-africaine souhaite que la "cohésion" entre groupes armés du nord du Mali, après la fusion de la rébellion touareg et des islamistes d'Ansar Dine, favorise une "solution négociée" à la crise dans cette région, a déclaré à l'AFP le ministre burkinabè Djibrill Bassolé."La médiation salue toute dynamique allant vers la cohésion entre les différents mouvements armés, l'essentiel étant que ce groupe (choisisse) l'option d'une solution négociée au conflit", a indiqué le ministre burkinabè des Affaires étrangères, dont le pays conduit la médiation au nom de l'Afrique de l'Ouest.

    Le gouvernement malien rejette la création d'un "État islamique" dans le nord BAMAKO-Le gouvernement malien "rejette catégoriquement" la création d'un "Etat islamique" dans le nord du pays par la rébellion touareg et le groupe islamiste Ansar Dine, qui ont annoncé leur fusion, a déclaré dimanche à l'AFP le porte-parole Hamadoun Touré. "Le gouvernement du Mali rejette catégoriquement toute idée de création d'un Etat de l'Azawad, encore plus d'un Etat islamique", a affirmé le ministre malien de la Communication et porte-parole du gouvernement, Hamadoun Touré. "Même si c'est la création d'un Etat sur papier, et non dans les faits, nous prenons les devants pour dire que le....

    africaguinee 9:46:00 AM EAT

    Mali’s crisis deepens as govt rejects rebel’s secession

    MALI’S embattled transitional government has rejected a rebel alliance’s declaration of an Islamic state in the vast desert north, a move that has plunged the nation closer to breakup two months after a coup. The overnight statement by Tuareg and Islamist rebels that they have joined forces to create “the transitional council of the Islamic state of Azawad” according to a report by Agence France Presse (AFP) came as interim president Dioncounda Traore was in

    Paris for medical treatment after being assaulted by protesters who stormed his office last week.

    guardiannewsngr 5:00:00 AM EAT

    Charia et chaos dans le Nord du Mali

    La rébellion touareg et le mouvement islamiste Ansar ed-Dine ont annoncé samedi leur fusion et proclamé un ?Etat islamique? dans la région Nord, l’Azawad, qu’ils contrôlent depuis près de deux mois. Leur programme tient en quelques formules. ?Nous sommes tous pour l’indépendance de l’Azawad?, ?nous acceptons tous l’islam comme religion? le Coran et la Sunna (paroles et actions du prophète Mahomet) sont ?la source du droit?. Le Mouvement national de libération de l’Azawad (MNLA), un groupe indépendantiste, affichait dans les années 1990 et 2000, alors qu’il se battait pour un Etat touareg, une idéologie laïque.

    Liberation 10:40:00 AM EAT

    REVUE DE PRESSE AFRIQUE: A la Une : la partition du Mali du nord est-elle

    acquise ?

    Par Frédéric Couteau Question posée par la presse ouest-africaine, en attendant les réactions des journaux maliens qui ne nous sont pas encore parvenues. Pour le site d’information , la réponse est sans appel : Fasozine difficile de ne pas croire que la séparation est désormais consommée entre le Sud et le Nord qui représente plus des 2/3 du territoire Du reste, relève le site burkinabé, les nouvelles autorités maliennes n’ont rien fait pour empêcher cette situation

    qui plonge le Mali dans une crise de séparation dont il va avoir du mal à se remettre. rfi-fr 10:32:00 AM EAT

    Le MNLA et Ansar Dine fusionnent : La rébellion du nord du Mali annonce la création d'un Etat islamique

    Déjà chaotique après que les principales villes du Nord sont tombées entre les mains de l'opposition touareg alliée aux groupes terroristes d'Aqmi, la situation au nord du Mali est devenue tout simplement inquiétante, dangereuse pour l'ordre et la sécurité autant de ce pays sahélien que pour les pays voisins. L'annonce samedi de la fusion des deux principaux groupes armés d'opposition dans l'Azawad, le MNLA et Ansar Dine, en un seul mouvement et la proclamation d'un Etat islamique dans cette partie du pays ont laissé perplexes la communauté internationale et les observateurs.

    lequotidien-oran 7:50:00 AM EAT

    Mali rebels combine to enforce hard laws

    Sunday 27th May, 2012 Mali's Tuareg rebels have said they will continue to band with Islamist militants to create an independent Islamist state. They have set up headquarters in the northern Mali town of Gao, in an effort to take control of more territory near the border with Niger. Forces from two groups, the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad and Ancar Dine, got together in late May after taking advantage of a military coup, which had disrupted the capital city of Bamako. The combined groups now have ties to al-Qaeda's North African organisation, al-Qaeda of the Islamic Magreb.

    irishsun 2:30:00 AM EAT

    Mali rebel state 'to be Islamist'

    Two rebel groups that seized northern Mali two months ago have agreed to merge and turn their territory into an Islamist state, both sides say. The Tuareg MNLA, a secular rebel group, and the Islamist group Ansar Dine signed the deal in the town of Gao, spokespeople said.

    Ansar Dine, which has ties to al-Qaeda, has already begun to impose Sharia, or Islamic law, in towns such as Timbuktu. The groups took advantage of a coup in March to seize the territory. West Africa's chief mediator for the Mali crisis told the AFP news agency that he hoped the merger would simplify negotiations with the rebels.

    bbc-news 5:00:00 AM EAT

    MALI: Mali: l'Assemblée nationale face à la crise

    Par RFI Alors que les mouvements armés s’organisent au nord du Mali, au sud, la crise politique persiste. Comment les députés maliens voient-ils les difficultés actuelles de la transition ? Quel rôle ont-ils l’intention de jouer ? Le député Bourema Dicko affirme qu'elle

    veut être impliquée dans les discussions avec les mouvements du nord. Bourema Dicko est député du parti Adéma pour la région de Ségou. Installé dans le bureau de la commission défense, il ne cache pas que face à la violence des manifestants et suite à l'agression du président de la transition, Dioncounda Traoré, les élus du....

    rfi-fr 7:15:00 AM EAT


    Nigeria: Gunmen kill 3 people ‘resting under tree’

    KANO, Nigeria Police say gunmen have shot dead three people in a major northern Nigerian city where sect attacks have claimed more than a hundred lives. Kano state police spokesman Rilwanu Dutse says the attack occurred Saturday just before the predominantly Muslim city of Kano prepared for the sunset prayer. Dutse said Sunday a fourth person was injured in the attack. A witness said the assailants fired at a group of people resting under a tree and then rode off on motorcycles. A radical Muslim sect known as Boko Haram is known to have carried out similar drive-by shootings in the past.

    zimtelegraph 2:59:00 AM EAT

    At least 1 dead in attack on Muslim worshippers in Nigeria: AFP

    Kano. Gunmen opened fire on Muslim worshippers outside the home of a controversial cleric in Nigeria on Sunday, killing at least one person and wounding others, the military and residents said, cited by the AFP The attack in the northeastern city of Potiskum occurred outside the cleric's home, where he leads prayers on Sunday evenings, but it was not clear whether he was there at the time of the shooting. Residents said he was present and unharmed, but the military said he was out of town. The cleric is known to be critical of Islamist group Boko Haram, but has also criticised a military task....

    focus-news-en 3:24:00 AM EAT

    Terror: Security forces on red alert!

    * IG orders urgent measures for Children’s Day BY KINGSLEY OMONOBI, EMMA OVUAKPORIE, JIMITOTA ONOYUME, SIMON EBEGBULEM Police formations across

    the country have been put on red alert ahead of today’s Children’s Day celebrations. The

    police high command acted against the backdrop of bombings in some parts of the North by the Islamist group, Boko Haram. The red alert came on a day the immediate past Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Ambassador Emmanuel Imohe, said that dearth of information from Nigerians to law enforcement agencies was making it difficult to tackle the security challenges facing the country.

    vanguardngr 27 May 2012




    Colombie. Le journaliste aveyronnais libéré mercredi

    Les Forces armées révolutionnaires de Colombie (Farc) se sont engagées dimanche à libérer le journaliste aveyronnais, Roméo Langlois, mercredi 30 mai. "La libération du journaliste français Roméo Langlois aura lieu mercredi prochain, le 30 mai", a annoncé le "Front 15", l'unité régionale de la rébellion marxiste ayant revendiqué sa capture. Roméo Langlois, correspondant pour la chaîne France 24 en Colombie, a été enlevé le 28 avril dernier lors de l'attaque d'une brigade militaire dont il filmait une opération anti-drogue dans le département de Caqueta, fief des Farc situé à la lisière de la forêt amazonienne.

    ladepeche 10:29:00 AM EAT

    Colombia rebels to free French journalist Wednesday

    BOGOTA: Colombia's leftist FARC rebels said they will free on Wednesday a French television journalist who has been held in captivity by one of their units for almost a month. Romeo Langlois, a correspondent for France 24, was captured by the rebels in April during an attack on a Colombian army unit that he had embedded with to film a counter-drug operation. "The liberation of French journalist Romeo Langlois will take place next Wednesday May 30," the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) said in a website statement Sunday. Initially, the FARC guerrillas declared Langlois, 35, a "prisoner of war. dailystar-LB 10:20:00 AM EAT



    'Iran targeted Americans, Jews in Azerbaijan'

    Iran-linked operatives plotted to assassinate US diplomats and terrorize the Jewish community in Azerbaijan as part of a broader campaign against Iran's enemies abroad, the Washington Post reported Monday. According to the report, which cites unnamed officials with access to an intelligence report, new evidence has linked the Azerbaijan plot with Iranian-backed attempts to kill foreign diplomats -- including Israelis, Saudis and Americans -- in seven or more countries. The report links Azerbaijan's arrest of 22 people on suspicion of spying for Iran in March to the embassy plot.

    jpost 10:26:00 AM EAT


    Syrian bombardment of Hama kills 41 amidst int'l outcry

    AMMAN - The Syrian army's bombardment of the city of Hama has killed at least 41 people in the past 24 hours, an opposition group in the city said on Monday. Syrian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles opened fire on several neighborhoods of Hama on Sunday after a series of attacks by rebel Free Syrian Army fighters on roadblocks and other positions manned by Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces, opposition sources said. The dead

    included five women and eight children, the Hama Revolution leadership Council said in a statement. The report could not be independently verified.

    jpost 10:26:00 AM EAT

    Iran condemns 'terrorist action' in Syria's Houla

    A resident shows a body to a United Nations observer as they stand near the bodies of people whom anti-government protesters say were killed by government security forces, at Ali Bin Al Hussein mosque in Houla, near Homs in this handout photo dated May 26, 2012. (REUTERS/Shaam News Network) TEHRAN: Iran on Monday condemned the killings in the Syrian town of Houla, blaming them on "terrorist actions" rather than its Damascus ally and calling for the perpetrators to be punished. Iran "condemns the terrorist actions in the Houla area in Homs in Syria.

    dailystar-LB 10:20:00 AM EAT

    Syria denies Houla killings, UN condemns attack

    BEIRUT: Syria has strongly denied allegations that its forces killed scores of people - including women and children - in one of the deadliest days of the country's uprising, but the UN Security Council after an emergency session condemned government forces for shelling residential areas. The killing of more than 100 people in the west-central area of Houla on Friday brought widespread international criticism of the regime of President Bashar Assad , although differences emerged from world powers over whether his forces were exclusively to blame.

    indiatimes 10:00:00 AM EAT

    UN Security Council issues statement condemning Houla Massacre

    The UN Security Council has issued a statement condemning "in the strongest possible terms" the massacre of civilians in the Syrian village of Houla, during which more than 100 people are reported to have been killed. The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest possible terms the killings, confirmed by United Nations observers, of dozens of men, women and children and the wounding of hundreds more in the village of Houla, near Homs, in attacks that involved a series of government artillery and tank shellings on a residential neighbourhood ," the statement reads " The members....

    rt 9:13:00 AM EAT

    Massacre en Syrie: l'Onu condamne Damas, Annan attendu sur place

    Dans une déclaration adoptée à l'unanimité à l'issue d'une réunion d'urgence à New York, les 15 pays membres ont dénoncé "une série de bombardements par les tanks et l'artillerie gouvernementale contre un quartier résidentiel". Le Conseil a exigé que Damas cesse immédiatement d'utiliser des armes lourdes dans les villes syriennes rebelles et qu'il retire ses forces de ces villes, conformément au plan de paix du médiateur de l'ONU et de la Ligue arabe Kofi Annan. Les 15 pays ont réaffirmé leur soutien aux efforts de M. Annan et l'ont chargé de transmettre "dans les termes les plus clairs" leurs exigences au gouvernement syrien. m6 9:39:00 AM EAT


    U.S. missiles kill 5 militants in NW: Pakistan

    The uptick comes amid fractured relations between Pakistan and the United States over Islamabad's refusal to reopen U.S and NATO supply lines to neighboring Afghanistan that

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