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Advocacy campaigns for endorsing the executive decrees of compulsory and free

    primary education law.

Executive party: HCC


    -to raise awareness on the law’s articles and principles.

    -to raise the awareness of the target groups on the child’s rights’ articles related to the

    right of the child to education.

    -to exert pressure on decision makers in order to endorse the executive decrees related

    to compulsory and free education law.

Target group:

    -Decision makers:

    Parliamentary Council, Council of Ministers, concerned ministries. Civil society


Awareness’ course:

1-To analyze the situation and to Available studies and documents:

    identify the issue and the right: -“Education for All” plan that highlights the To use the available studies and current situation through statistical data on documents in order to build the school drop-out and the enrollment rate.

    standards that form a pressure tool -studies and reports on children’s situation

    for endorsing the executive decrees -CRC

    concerned with compulsory and free -local law concerned with compulsory and education law. free education law (Nº686 dated to 1998).

     -booklets and reports on the workshop and the


     -project proposal aiming at identifying the

     right to primary education and making this

     education obligatory;

     presented to the parliamentary committee

     dated to 11 July 2002.

     -to study the regional cases and statistics.

Work plan:

1-Awareness: Work plan:

     -dissemination and media 1-to accompany the media for an advocacy

     -entertaining activities campaign in its different stages:

     -artistic and literary tool -To organize specialized sessions on

    compulsory and free education in visual media

     -To produce TV spots on the right of the child

    to education and urging the parents in order to

    register their children in the specified period.

     -To declare through media the places for

    reviewing in all the Lebanese governorates

    (educational region) in order to find a place for

every child who wants to enroll in public schools

    and does not find a chair.

     2-To prepare a workshop for media showing the importance of advocacy in order to endorse the executive decrees of compulsory and free primary education and to train them on the method of accomplishing this campaign.

     3-To launch awareness campaign for parents focusing on the necessity of registering their children in the specified period as well as on the dangers and results of drop-out from the

    educational system(delinquency, social addict, children labor, prevention of rights as the right to education and the right to entertainment, increasing the illiteracy rate…)

    4-to prepare and to design a poster on compulsory and free education

    5-to organize workshops for children in the regions and media.

    2-To organize the capacities of: -to attract and to recruit pressure groups from

     -benefited groups NGOs that do educational care tasks and all other

     -powerful authorities forces for motivating the politicians’

     -civil society’s organizations administrative and political will in order to implement this law.

     -to establish a committee formed of 5

    specialized experts in the HCC in order to follow up the compulsory and free education law.

     -to prepare and to execute specialized workshops for the teaching staff, educational institutions, NGOs and municipalities in all the Lebanese governorates in order to raise awareness and advocacy for implementing the executive decrees of the compulsory and free education law. From this workshop will issue the

    recommendations concerned with the work’s priorities to implement the law.

     -to organize a specialized session for specialist experts and professionals, NGOs and international organizations in order to discuss the hindrances and difficulties as well as to propose


     -to held a specialized session for

    Parliamentarians urging them to hurry in

    implementing the executive decrees of

    compulsory and free education law.

     -to coordinate with the Ministry of

    Education, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Justice in order to identify a mechanism concerned with imposing financial penalties on the parents if they don’t send their children to


     -to coordinate with the Ministry of

    Education and the Center for Education Research

    and Development in order to hurry in executing

    the scholastic map plan concerned with decreasing

    the tuition and regulating the expenses.

    3-Taking steps: -to prepare for a children’s demonstration in front

     -demonstrations of the Parliamentary Council in order to call for

     -gathering signatures their right to education.

     -to launch collective signature campaigns signed

    by all the parties concerned with children in order

    to form a pressure tool for endorsing the executive

    decrees of compulsory and free education law and

    to present them to the decision makers.

    4-work mechanism: -to coordinate and to network between concerned

     -to construct policies and laws ministries, NGOs, international organizations and

     -mechanisms and alternative civil society and on the local level in order to solutions establish a follow-up committee.

     -to ensure the implementation -to form a monitor mechanism from the Ministry

     -to monitor the implementation of Education and NGOs’ part in order to supervise

    the work’s progression concerning the compulsory

    and free education law.

    -to form a complaint office in the ministry of

    Education allowing the parents and children to

    notify of any gap in the educational curricula or in

    the teaching staff, being the main reasons behind

    children drop-out from school.

    -to build a network between the Development

    Services Centers, municipalities and NGOs that

    work in the field and ensure the follow-up and


    -to provide alternative solutions in case the child

    didn’t enter the school in the specified period

    (illiteracy, scholastic enrollment…)

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