By Troy Matthews,2015-03-30 11:57
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    Palm Spring


    In this short-time palm spring trip, we have visited five hotels with different styles, including JW Marriott Desert Springs, Hyatt Regency Indian Wells, La Quinta Resort & Club, Omni Rancho Las Palmas and Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs. JW Marriott Desert Springs features because of its unique design, there are boats inside the lobby and they can be driven out of the lobby. It’s fantastic. Every scenery like a painting, like they are fake. Hyatt Regency

    Indian Wells is a little normal compared with other four hotels, but it’s still a good place to come. La Quinta Resort & Club is so nice, maybe it is based on Italian style. It just like a fairy tale with colorful flowers. There is no over two-story building, what mostly impresses me is its lobby. The lobby don’t like others, it is like someone’s living room, but very elegant and classic that

    remind me nobility. I think Omni Rancho Las Palmas offers very special guestrooms to customers. The decoration and facilities of most of them like homes, not guestrooms. They offers much convenience to families with kids. And the last one we visited is Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs. This hotel is franchise hotel and features as its theme, rock music. Though it’s a

    small hotel, many people will choose to live there instead of some big hotels. The lobby of the special layout and decoration is like a bar. And at night, it really will become a bar. There are many costumes of popular singers hanging out, that’s so extraordinary.These hotels all are

    awesome, and when I see them, I just can’t imagine them are standing on the desert area.

    Their respective representatives also gave us a brief introduction of their hotels and time to ask questions. They are so kind and enthusiastic. Almost each of them all started their career from very basic and simple position. Only after a long-term accumulation, they can gain enough experience to handle higher and well-paid positions. This is definitely something special about hospitality.


    The point mostly touched me is the directors’ of departments or general managers’

    passion to this industry. All of them start their career from basic positions that seems unlikely to be a director of a hotel, but they have done that. That so inspire me. This broad hospitality industry gives us a lot of chances to be successful, but unfortunately, most of us cannot persist to work in this industry. Sufficient hand-on experience is crucial to our success, and we must have enough understandingabout how these properties operate, so doing basic job is necessary. Many practitioners cannot stand the long-term period continuing to do simple and lower salaries job, so they will change their choice to enter other industries. If we want to be a leader of properties, patience and passion to hospitality are preconditions.

    Another thing impressive to me is their attitude to customers. Walking along with these representatives, I saw they would always be initiative and enthusiastic to greet and give way to customers when we come across them. I can feel their sincerity and wish to help, serve and

take good care of their guests. That really touches me a lot. They can make customers feel the

relationship between them and hotels not be based on a deal. I think that’s the charm of


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