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    One Snack in My


    My hometown is in

    Luogang, Xingning where there are many special snacks. Looking back now, the most impressive flavor in my mind is my grandparents stuffed

yellow cake.(酿黄粄)

    When it comes to the New Years Eve, my grandma

    always cooks the stuffed yellow cake; this behavior has already become a

    custom in my family. I can still remember my familys

    yellow cake that is made

    up with special rice and lye water(碱水). Grandma

    first mixed the cooked rice with boiled lye water, and poured together into the solid stoneware. My

    grandpa struggled to beat up this mixture with pestle standing one side again

and again, and my

    grandma saved it in time, which means that she used her painted tea oil hand(涂有茶油的手) to

    take away the mixture from the pestle(), and

    then put it back to the stoneware. They couldnt

    stop it until rice is completely into a paste(


    After finishing the yellow cake, my grandma took out prepared sauce(酱料)

    which is made of pork, onion, mushroom and

    ham into the yellow cake.

    Finally when everything was ready, grandma put it into the pot and steamed. About 45 minutes later, the stuffed yellow cake came out.

    Dear friends, are you hungry now?

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