Resources for Studying English

By Greg Franklin,2014-07-04 18:46
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    A good online dictionary with pronunciations

    English pronunciation guides with videos

    Shows and talks from American public radio. Good for listening practice. (this site is really slow for me)

    A very good website with videos of talks and discussions on various topics. Videos can display subtitles in

    many languages and most videos have text of the speaker’s words.

    A site for help in expanding academic vocabulary.

    Using Concordance Lines to study vocabulary. Read up on concordance lines here:

The following are websites that provide corpora for concordance lines. Try these out. Let me know if you

    have any questions.

    This last site from BYU is good and easy to use.

Free audio books to practice listening and hear some good stories at the same time. Don’t just listen,

listen actively, listen for rhythm, tone, volume, emphasis, and speed.

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