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    Fangzhou Mu

    1418 Changyun Caizhi Huiguan, 5 Changzhi Rd, Haidian District, Beijing, 100089

    Email: Mobile: 13466564517


    University of Liverpool, School of Music Sep 2009 Dec 2010

    MA in Popular Music Studies

    Communication University of China, School of Social Science Sep 2005 Jun 2009

    BA in Sociology


    ? Proficient in English: IELTS: 7.5; CET-6: 586;

    ? Skilled in Microsoft Office and Photoshop on graphic and Powerpoint designing;

    ? Master audio workstations such as Nuendo and Audition; familiar with audio PA devices.


    CCTV-NEWS Culture Express Mar 2011 - Now ? Journalist/Editor: reporting worldwide news of arts & culture; doing English voice over and

    editing footages for news stories; working with directors on programmes daily broadcast;

    exclusive interview respondents include Avril Lavigne and Neon Trees. Liverpool Sound City Music Festival Apr - Nov 2010 ? Artist Liaison: supporting Artist Administration to arrange performance schedules for 356

    bands, allocate 46 volunteers for all 35 venues in Liverpool; support press conference and

    logistics, coordination and execution;

    ? Stage Manager (Liverpool O2 Academy, Capacity: 1,200): confirming rehearsal schedule and

    ensuring performances run on time; coordinating between promoters, venue, artists, sound

    engineers and ticket sales with clear communications.

    China's Economic Monitoring & Analysis Centre,

    National Bureau of Statistics of China May 2008 Sep 2009

    ? Collecting and analyzing historical data in various industries of China for Macroeconomics

    Information System; specialized in tertiary sector of the economy data; ? Responsible for proof-reading in monthly publication, China Monthly Economic Indicators;

    ? Associated editor of Real Estate Industrial Map of China (2008).


    BJUT Gymnasium, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Sep 2007 - Aug 2008 ? Press Tribune Assistant of Press Operations in Badminton & Rhythmic Gymnastics Events; ? Team leader of 12 volunteers providing game results and real-time info for journalists; ? Arranging interviews on demand.


    ? Merit result in Master Degree dissertation;

    ? Outstanding Postgraduate Award from University of Liverpool (2010);

    ? International Advancement Award Scholarship from University of Liverpool (2009). ? Outstanding Volunteer in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (BJUT);

    rd? 3 Class Scholarship and Social Work Scholarship from CUC (2007-2008);


    ? Strong execution skills, organized and efficient;

    ? Hardworking and pragmatic, proficient in conducting detailed, multi-tasking missions; ? Dynamic, good communication skills and teamwork spirit;

    ? Authentic and comprehensive sense of aesthetics;

    ? Play bassoon, saxophone, guitar and bass guitar, etc.


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