2004-2005 Physical Education Outline

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2004-2005 Physical Education Outline

    Physical Education Outline

    1. Structure

    Grade 5 and 6 The students will spend a term with a teacher and then will move on to a new teacher where possible

    Grade 7 The students will spend one term with a teacher and then they will switch. Our goal is to expose the grade 7 students to all of the P.E. teachers. If time permits, we will run modules with the students in May and June

    Grade 8 and 9 The students will do modules throughout the year. They will be given the opportunity to choose activities of interest.

    2. Expectations

    - Be on time (The students will be given 5 min. to dress plus class change in

    grade 7,8,9 and 7 min. plus class change in grade 5/6). Students will lose 1% per


    - Have your proper gym strip and footwear

    - Do your best everyday

    - Be a leader, not a follower

    - Participate fully

    - We don’t allow gum in PE. Students will lose 1% if they are chewing gum during PE.

    3. Gym Strip

    - All students will be expected to wear Fairview gym strip. If they don’t have any, they will be able to purchase a set at a cost of $35.00. If a student cannot afford to purchase gym strip, a parent/guardian will need to send a note to school and we will assist the student. We also sell gym bags for $10 for the grade 5/6 students

    - ** Students also need proper footwear. “Skater” shoes will not be allowed in P.E. due to the lack of support and the inability to properly tie them up.

    - If a student forgets his/her gym strip or doesn’t have proper footwear, we do have a loaner pool that they can access. Students will lose 2% for not having their gym strip/proper shoes here.

     - After 3 days of wearing loaners, students will be asked to replace their missing gym strip (we will send a note in the agenda). The students will have 2 more days of loaners then they will lose the privilege of borrowing our clothes. They will be asked to sit out of PE and will take a zero that day. If the clothing is lost, it will need to be replaced.

    - Bring a sweatshirt/pants to wear over gym strip if needed. Students can

    not wear a sweater in PE that they are wearing in school. There is room in the

    gym bag and the gym tote box to store the clothes

    4. Locks/Locker Room

    - Each student in grade 7-9 will be assigned a lock and a tote box at the start of the year (or as they arrive at school). These are the sole responsibility of the student. There will be no locker sharing with the exception of the grade 9 students that choose a ? locker.

    - If you do not lock up your lock or leave it lying around, it may be taken. You will be responsible to replace it.

    - At the end of the year, all students return the lock they were assigned. If a student loses a lock, they will need to replace it with a school lock through the P.E. department at a cost of $6.00

    - ** It is important to note that the items in the locker room are only secure if the students are diligent about locking up their tote boxes. If a student has something of great value that they don’t want to lose, they should leave it in their hall locker as the locker rooms are not locked between classes. (The school is not responsible for replacing lost or stolen items.) - Bring a baggie or a small container to lock up your valuables. - do not go into the locker room to change early in the morning or at lunch. The locker room is closed during nutrition break. Wait for the bell. - Respect the locker room. Do not damage the lockers, plug the toilet, leave it messy, etc.

    - NO food or drink is allowed in the locker room EVER!!

    - Boys stay out of the shower area

    - Leave your books on the benches in the locker room. Lock up your agenda and pencil case

    - Grade 5 and 6 students will keep their clothes in a breathable gym bag. Please do not send a plastic bag for storage.

    5. Excused Participation

    - If a student is well enough to attend school, then we expect them to participate in P.E. P.E. is a mandatory subject and it is a regular part of the school day

    - In the rare case where a student is unable to participate, but is at school, they must bring a note from home to excuse them from P.E. If a student is unable to participate for 3 days or more, we will require a note from a Doctor or another medical professional. Please have the doctor indicate what activities your child is able/ unable to do.

    *** We always like to keep the students active in PE. If their injury allows them to participate in an activity that won’t further aggravate the injury, we will contact you for permission.

     - If you get injured in gym be sure to tell the teacher.

6. Marking structure

    - All students start with a mark of 75%. The expectation to maintain a 75% is that the student is on time, is changed in proper gym strip, is participating fully, and has a base level of skill.

    In order to go down from 75%:

     1% off for lates, chewing gum, wearing jewelry

     2% off for wearing loaners

     Not participating fully

     Low skill level (the percentage of the skill mark varies depending on the unit being taught. Some units are marked much heavier on skill while others have a lower skill mark. )

     Poor sportsmanship

    In order to go up from 75%:

     Great attitude/sportsmanship


     Exceptional skill

    - It is the responsibility of the student to check in with the teacher to monitor progress. The PE team encourages students to ask questions to help them be successful.

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