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     Chapter Four


     ?. 翻译短语

    1. 一种国际语言 11. 代表

    2. 了解关于 12. 奇数

    3. 很久以前 13. 在你一生中

    4. 在古时候 14. 偶数

    5. 使更容易 15. 即刻;一刹那

    6. 用同样的方式 16. 十进制

    7. ???的系统 17. 右边的图片

    8. ……组成 18. 电子能

    9. 平方根 19. 第一次

    10. 解决问题 20. 如此……



    1. The king ____ his property into two parts. 2. AN____ is a caculating machine that uses wires beads. 3. Edison _____a lot of things in his life. 4. The USA is a _____country in the world. 5. The house is very large It _______of 25 rooms. 6. The workers must ______ the length accurately. 7. Your ____is an important part of your body.

8. It has been _____colder this winter.

    9. Read the ______before using the machine.

    10. The truck has a _____engine It can carry 5 tons of



     What did the_____(India) invent first? 1.

    2. Our brain are______(live) computers.

    3. China is famous______(develop) country.

    4. Edison was a great_______(invent).

    5. A modern electronic_______ ( calculate ) can do many


    6. He was the _____(one) to get to school today. 7. Most of the students are on time. Only a small______

    (percent) are late.

    8. I find it______ (amaze) that you can’t swim.

    9. He was ______ (amaze) at what you said just now. 10. The zero is an _____ (especial) important number.


    1. There are six rooms in this house .(同义句)

    The house ________ _______six rooms.

    2. She is too young to go to school.(同义句)

    She is ______ young _______she can’t go to school.

    3. The computer can do a very difficult caculation very


    The computer can do a very difficult calculation _____

    _____ _____.

    4. The map shows us the place of the river.(同义句)

    The map _____the piece of the river_____ _______. 5. It is difficult to solve the problem(同义句)

    _________ the problem ______difficult. 6. I spent 10 minutes finding the address.(同义句)

    ______ ______ me 10 minutes ________ the address. 7. The pairs of trousers are the students’.(变单数)

    The ____ of trousers_____ the _______. 8. The woman in red is Kitty’s aunt .(特殊疑问句)

    ________ __________ is Kitty’s aunt?

    9. The children were glad to solve the math problem.!同义


    The children were glad to_____ _______ the math


    10. The group of students can work alone .(同义句)

    The group of students can work______ ______. 阅读并选择正确答案

    In ancient times, people wrote numbers in many

    different ways, however, they nearly all counted in the same way-in tens.

    The system of numbers that nearly everyone uses today consists of the numbers from 1 to 9 and 0

    zero.With these numbers, we can write any number from the biggest to the smallest. The Indians first invented and developed the 1 to 9 system of numbers. They then invented the zero. This was a very important invention because it made it easier to write big numbers and to calculate.

    One of the first calculating machines was an abacus. Abacuses are so fast and accurate that people still use them today. On the abacus, the beads on the wires represent ones, tens, hundreds and thousands, starting from the bottom wire.

    A modern electronic calculator can add, subtract, multiply and divide. It can also calculate percentages and square roots.

    Computers are very powerful calculating machines. In a flash, a computer can do a calculation that you could not do in your whole lifetime.

     61. The probable reason why people count in tens is that .

    A. we have ten fingers B. we can write numbers

    C. it is the system D. it is fast to do so

     62. What became easier after the zero was

    invented by the Indians?

    A. Writing small numbers and calculating.

    B. Counting small numbers and reading.

    C. Writing big numbers and calculating.

    D. Counting big numbers and reading.

     63. What else can the electronic calculator do

    ……之外,(,×?? besides!除

    A. Calculate percentage only.

    B. Calculate square roots only.

    C. Calculate percentage and square roots.

    D. Nothing but add, subtract, multiply and divide.

     64. Which of the followings do you think is a very powerful calculating machine?

     65. The number on the abacus in the right picture is .

    A. 7,952. B. 2,597. C. 79,520. D. 25,970.


    living; amazing; seconds; enough against ; given; program; instructions; following; calculator;

    Brain ________ computer

    Some people call the brain a ________ computer. Is a human brain a more powerful __________ than a computer? The __________ story may give an answer. Shakuntala Devi is a lady from India with an __________ brain. She can calculate like lightning. In America, Shakuntala and a very powerful computer were __________ this problem to solve. Shakuntala's brain took fifty __________ to find the answer. The computer took a minute. However, before the computer could begin calculating, someone had to __________ it

    with__________ , and that took many hours. No one had to program Shakuntala! Use your own living computer to solve the problem above. If it is not powerful__________ , you will find the answer on page 59.



1. 安静 11. 从上到下

    2. 就座 12. 从左到右

    3. 注意 13. 通过电话

    4. 害怕 14. 拿起电话

    5. 制造噪音 15. 接电话

    6. 迟到 16. 明天见

    7. 想出 17. 一份决定报告

    8. 其他的数字 18. 身份证

    9. 以便于 19.

    10.读懂心思 20. 魔方


    1. The costs______ us to ten dollars. 2. It’s not smooth at the _____of the sea.

    3. We must learn how to ______our time well. 4. Nobody can find out the ______between the twins. 5. All the children like watching ______ show. 6. Take what you want and throw the _____ away. 7. If you don’t pay enough _______to what you are doing,

    you’ll probably make mistakes.

    8. “Different” is spelt with a _______’f”

    9. Keep _____.The others are reading books. 10. 5 plus 6________11.

    ?. 用所给词的正确形式填空

    1. A large_______(number) of students go to school by


    2. They are living______ (separate) now.

    3. The TV is too_____ (noise).Please turn if off. 4. We should make a final_____ (decide) before match. 5. 4_______ (multiply) by 5 is twenty.

    6. Don’t______ (say) it like this.

    7. This will be the number she______(think) just now. 8. Let’s discuss where_______(go)

    9. It_____ (be) fine tomorrow.

    10. They are thinking about_____(have) a surprise party.


    .Can I help you? !同义句,

     ______ _____ ____ ?? ?? ????

    2. Please have a seat.!同义句,

     Please_____ _____.

    Please remember what you should say and what you shouldnt say.(同义句)

     Please remember____ ____ ____ and_____ ???

    ???? ?????.

    ~.Jim is the tallest boy in class. (同义句)

     Jim is ____ than_____ ____ ____students in his class.

    5. The shirt cost me 30 dollars.!同义句,

     I _____ 30 dollars _______ the shirt.

     I ______ the shirt _______ dollars. 6. Do you have any questions? (同义句)

     ______ you ______ any questions ? 7.What’s the price of them?!同义句,

     _______ _______ are they?

    8. Twenty and twelve is thirty-two. (特殊疑问句)

     _____ is twenty and twelve?

    9.Tim has never been late for school.(同义句)

     Tim has never been late_____ ______ ______ school.

    11. We study hard to achieve success.(同义句)

     We study hard______ _______ we can achieve success.

     Writing and More Practice


    1. 交通事故 8. 平均身高

    2.???怎么样 9. 平均体重

    3. 不用谢 10. 布行上学

    4. 用数据 11. 多远

    5. 在同一年 12.???的人口

6. 平均年龄 13. 多大

    7. 做一个调查 14. 最长的河之一

     ?. 根据写词

    1. There is long _______ over the river.

    2. We call cats babies______.

    3. It is cold .The _______is about 0?

     Water boils at 100_______ centigrade. 4.

    5. The sun _______ in he east and sets in the west.\ 6. The box contains eggs. Don’t let it________.

    7. He had an _______ on the way home ,but he wasn’t hurt.

    8. The______of3, 10 and 11 is 8.

    9. An SPCA _____can care for animals.

    10. We must do a follow-up ______ about the goods.

     ?. 用所给的词的适当形式填空

    1. What’s the_______(long) of the Chang Jiang River?

    2. The Himalayas is the______(high)mountain in the sea . 3. Tom is a heavy boy and he ______(weight) 120kg 4. The hospital was______(far) do with the road than l


    5. Star fish is one of_______(beautiful)things in the sea. 6. That’s what_______(buy).

    7. The careless girl copied the numbers_______ (wrong).

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