Yin Ruins

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Yin Ruins

Ladies and Gentlemen,

     Good morning! Welcome to Henan! I’m glad to be your tour guide. My name is Lena Wang, so

    you can just call me Lena. I’m honored to welcome you all, my friends from US, on behalf of my company, Zhong Yuan China Railway Travel Service. Allow me to introduce you to our driver Mr. Zhang. He’s a very experienced driver, so we are in safe hands. We’ll work as a team to make you

    feel welcomed and make sure the safety of our trip. If you have any questions or you experience any difficulties, please come to us, we are here to help you. We’ll do our best to make your trip in Henan pleasant and memorable.

     Today we are going to visit Museum on Yin Ruins, well live Zhengzhou at 8 oclock and

    arrived at Anyang city around 12 oclock. After a simple lunch we will go to Museum on Yin

    Ruins. Its a pretty tired long journey, but you can enjoy the beautiful countryside views from along the way.

     Henan, located right in the heart of China, it is one of the largest provinces with richest tourism resources, both historical attractions and natural landscapes. Among Chinas eight ancient capitals,

    there are four in Henan province ,they are Luoyang, Kaifeng, Anyang and Zhengzhou, and three famous world cultural heritages ,the Longmen Grottoes, Museum on Yin Ruins and The Centre of Heaven and Earth.

    Anyang is proud of its history of over 3,000 years and is one of the birthplaces of Chinese nation. Due to its age-old history and splendid culture, a great number of places of interests and cultural relics dot the city like stars in sky. For example, the well-known Yin Ruins, Wenfeng Pagoda, Fu Hao's Tomb and so on.

    Now allow me to give you a brief introduction about Yin Ruins. In ancient times, King Pen Geng of Shang Dynasty moved the capital to Yin in thirteen eighty seven BC. It located at Xiaotun Village 2.5 km northwest of Anyang City. Yin remained capital for 273 years; it saw 12 kings of 8 generations. This period was called Yin Shang, or the Yin Dynasty in history. The city declined after the Shang dynasty had been overthrown and the remains of the Shang Dynasty was later called the Yin Ruins. Right on the Yin Ruins, we built a museum, so this is how Museum on Yin Ruins came from.

    Now weve already arrived at Anyang. Lets get off the bus and have lunch at this highly

    recommended restaurant. Well gather here at the parking lot at 1 pm. Please remember our bus

    number YuALY007. And I must warn you that the tap water is not for direct drinking, because its

    not sterilized.


    Ladies and Gentlemen:

     We finally arrived at Museum on Yin Ruins. Before we start our tour, I have a question for you. Do you know what the Museum of Yin Ruins is famous for?

     The answer is, it is famous for three things: the oracle inscriptions, the bronze wares and the ancient capital of the Shang Dynasty. Please remember this and lets begin our tour.

     This is the main entrance to the garden. It is a specially designed gate, the word gate was written on tortoise shells. The gate was finely caved with beautiful designs of dragon, phoenix, tiger and other animals, on top of the gate is a board with the words gardens of the Yin Ruins

    Now weve come to the main hall where the oracle bone inscriptions are put on display. The oracle bone inscriptions were first discovered in 1899, then 15 important archaeological excavations were acquired within 10 years, more than 160,000 pieces of shells and bones with inscriptions were found. As the earliest characters, the inscriptions marked a recorded history of nearly 4000 year in China. They were used as divinations in the shang dynasty when people then were very superstitious. The contents of these inscriptions covered a large-scale of fields, ranging from sacrifice, wars, state affairs to weather, hunting and provide important information for the study of the shang society.

     Apart from the oracle inscriptions, bronze wares are another important part of the cultural relics discovered from the Ruins, which shows that the technology of bronze casting has reached its peak in the shang dynasty. There are many kinds of bronze wares including sacrificial vessels, musical instruments, weapons, tools and so on. Among them, the most famous one is si mu wu

    ding, a bronze object weighing 875 kilograms, it is the biggest bronze ware unearthed so far in the world. With its unusual air of majesty and beautiful designs of patterns, it is considered to be a treasure in the bronze culture of china as well as a glorious pearl shining on the peak of the world art. There are other artifacts discovered in the Yin Ruins including pottery objects, stone and bone objects, jade, shell objects and so on, all beautiful in shape and well made.

     Finally, we come to the site of the imperial palaces and tombs. The imperial palaces lie on the north of the Xiaotun Village, to the south bank of Henghe River. Altogether 54 imperial palaces have been discovered, covering an area of 280 meters long and 150 meters wide. The tombs lie opposite the palaces across Henghe River. Eleven large tomb have been found, of which 8 are tomb of Kings. The largest tomb covers an area of over 1000 square meters. The Simuwuding and many other bronze wares were just found here. And in 1976 archaeologists found the first Tomb of woman in Chinese history--The Tomb of Fu Hao. Fu hao was Emperor Wu Dings wife, she was

    an intelligent and courageous woman. She led the Yin army fighting in many wars and made great contributions towards protecting the country. After her death, Wu Ding built this large tomb near the palaces to honor her merits. Tomb of Fu Hao is the only well-preserved tomb unearthed so far in Yin Ruins. The large numbers of sacrificial objects are valuable cultural relics in the treasure house of Chinese art.

     Ok, so much for my explanation about the Yin Ruins, thank you for your listening and cooperation, wish you a pleasant trip here, thank you!

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