16 Gauge Soffit Material (Word - JG Innovations

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16 Gauge Soffit Material (Word - JG Innovations

    Architect/Engineer Specifications

    Section 13900 / 21 00 00





    A. The soffit/cover system shall incorporate a concealed snap-lock connection, which, once

    assembled, renders the cover essentially irremovable with the use of ordinary tools.


    A. Submit copies of manufacturer's specifications, installation instructions, and product data.


A. Coordinate installation soffit/cover system with all other trades.



    A. A factory-fabricated steel cover support system with concealed surface-mounted attachment

    clamps, in dimensions as shown on the drawings for concealment of Fire Sprinkler Systems, Piping,

    HVAC, Conduit, Wiring or Cable

    Approved sources: JG Innovations, Inc.

    121 E Burbank Ave

    P.O. Box 8128

    Janesville, WI 53547-8128

    Phone #: 888-933-2248

    Fax #: 608-314-8712

    In-Ex Systems, Inc.

    4473 Cavallon Way

    Acworth, GA 30101

    Phone #: 800-483-8201

    Fax #: 678-766-8202

B. Support/Attachment Devices

    1. Spring steel shield clips of the size recommended by manufacturer, for securement of the

    cover. Clips shall be produced from 21 Gauge minimum zinc-plated spring steel and shall

    have a reverse curvature design such that the clips soundly secure the soffit from easy

    removal. Each clip must be demonstrated as being able to resist a force of 200 lbs. uplift at

    the free end. Test results shall be available upon request.

    The Interlock? Concealment System, ‘Enforcer’ Institutional 16 Gauge Soffit Material

    C. Soffit/Cover

    1. The soffit/cover shall be smooth in appearance and shall be made of 16 Gauge A60/G90

    galvannealed steel, with a paint grip finish and factory painted of a color to be specified by

    the owner’s representative. The cover shall have a snap-lock interfacing with the clips such

    that once assembled, it is rendered virtually irremovable with the use of ordinary tools.

    2. The soffit and related fittings shall be factory painted with Sherwin Williams epoxy polyester

    hybrid powder coating of a color to be specified by the owner’s representative. Matching

    touch-up paint shall be supplied to the owner by the manufacturer.

    3. Cover manufacturer shall be staffed with a licensed engineer having a minimum of five years

    experience with such systems.

    4. The soffit/cover shall be sized in accordance with requirements to accommodate the specific

    application size as specified by the project documents, specifications and blue prints,

    provided to the cover manufacturer prior to bid date.

    5. L-Shield soffit profile for sidewall installations and/or U-Shield soffit profile for sidewall and/or

    pendant installations respectively.

    6. Cover joints shall be interlocking integral joints with provision for securement utilizing

    stainless steel rivets. Rivet spacing shall be at no greater than 2” intervals along the joint

    and positioned at a distance no greater than 1” from the end of the overlapping section.

    External couplings will NOT be allowed.

    *NOTE TO SPECIFIERS: Other options are available.

    * Stainless steel with #4 finish: 18 Gauge, 20 Gauge, 22 Gauge, and 24 Gauge

* Cold-Rolled Steel: 18 Gauge, 20 Gauge, 22 Gauge, and 24 Gauge

    Finishes available with cold-rolled steel:

* Zinc-galvanized Paintgrip (treated to accept painting but not painted) of

     ASTM-A527 Coating Class G90.

    * Zinc-galvanized Paintgrip, factory treated and factory painted in colors selected

     by architect from manufacturers standard colors. Custom colors available upon


    * Zinc-galvanized Paintgrip, factory treated and factory primed, which will be compatible with paint scheduled after installation.

The Interlock? Concealment System, ‘Enforcer’ Institutional 16 Gauge Soffit Material

    D. Accessories

    1. The system shall include tamper-resistant end caps, prefabricated corners, wall flanges,

    couplings, and other items, which may be necessary to complete the system, and shall be

    installed in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

    2. Spare Parts - The installing contractor shall supply the owner with quantities of spare parts

    equal to a minimum of five percent (5%) of the total quantities of each soffit part utilized in

    this installation.



    A. Installation of system shall be in strict accordance with approved shop drawings and manufacturer's

    printed instructions.

    1. If used to conceal fire sprinkler systems, the sprinkler contractor/engineer must

    determine the piping and sprinkler layout, including sprinkler head locations and pipe

    support locations (based on pipe manufacturer's specifications). Indicate areas on

    drawings where cover system is to be used.

    2. Select appropriate fasteners for the substrate encountered to adequately secure the pipe

    and cover system.

    3. To insure that the cover is linear and snug-fitting when installed, it is imperative that its

    support devices are anchored squarely and firmly against the structural surface in a

    straight line.

    4. All penetrations to the soffit/cover system must be field cut to prevent misalignment with

    intended protrusion. The exceptions to this are that access doors will be factory

    furnished and installed and perforations, if required, for ventilation purposes will be

    factory perforated.

    5. Guidelines for installation of modular soffit/cover system shall be supplied by the

    manufacturer of said system and the installing contractor shall adhere to the

    manufacturer's guidelines.

    6. All field cut ends and scratches shall be "touched up" (spray or brush) with a matching


    7. Manufacturer shall supply on-site installation instruction, upon installer’s request, by a

    qualified installation instructor for a minimum of one day for the project start-up (1,500

    lineal feet minimum.)

    8. The completed installation shall be visibly searched for voids between the interfacing of

    the cover and construction surface. Voids shall be sealed with a color matching

    siliconized caulk or urethane caulk.


    The Interlock? Concealment System, ‘Enforcer’ Institutional 16 Gauge Soffit Material

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