5 Surveyonlywith instructions

By Laura Lewis,2014-06-17 10:15
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5 Surveyonlywith instructions


Read the statement and circle the degree to which you agree with the

    statement. SD= strongly disagree

     D= disagree

     N= neutral

     A= agree

     SA= strongly agree

    1. I am not a worrier. SD D N A SA 2. I like to have a lot of people around me. SD D N A SA 3. I don’t like to waste my time daydreaming. SD D N A SA 4. I try to be courteous to everyone I meet. SD D N A SA 5. I keep my belongings clean and neat SD D N A SA 6. I often feel inferior to others. SD D N A SA 7. I laugh easily. SD D N A SA 8. Once I find the right way to do something, I stick with it. SD D N A SA 9. I often get into arguments with my family and co-workers. SD D N A SA 10. I’m pretty good about pacing myself so as to get things done on time. SD D N A SA 11. When I’m under a great deal of stress, sometimes I feel like I’m going to SD D N A SA pieces.

    12. I don’t consider myself especially “light-hearted.” SD D N A SA 13. I am intrigued by the patterns I find in art and nature. SD D N A SA 14. Some people think I’m selfish and egotistical. SD D N A SA 15. I am not a very methodical person. SD D N A SA 16. I rarely feel lonely or blue. SD D N A SA 17. I really enjoy talking to people. SD D N A SA 18. I believe letting students hear controversial speakers can only confuse and SD D N A SA mislead them.

    19. I would rather cooperate with others that compete with them. SD D N A SA 20. I try to perform all the tasks assigned to me conscientiously. SD D N A SA 21. I often feel tense and jittery. SD D N A SA 22. I like to be where the action is. SD D N A SA 23. Poetry has little or no effect on me. SD D N A SA 24. I tend to be cynical and skeptical of others’ intentions. SD D N A SA 25. I have a clear set of goals and work toward them in an orderly fashion. SD D N A SA 26. Sometimes I feel completely worthless. SD D N A SA 27. I usually prefer to do things alone. SD D N A SA

    28. I often try new and foreign foods. SD D N A SA 29. I believe that most people will take advantage of you of you let them. SD D N A SA 30. I waste a lot of time before settling down to work. SD D N A SA 31. I rarely feel fearful or anxious SD D N A SA 32. I often feel as if I’m bursting with energy SD D N A SA 33. I seldom notice the moods or feelings that different environments produce. SD D N A SA 34. Most people I know like me. SD D N A SA 35. I work hard to accomplish my goals. SD D N A SA 36. I often get angry at the way people treat me. SD D N A SA 37. I am a cheerful, high-spirited person. SD D N A SA 38. I believe we should look to our religious authorities for decisions on moral SD D N A SA issues.

    39. Some people think of me as cold and calculating. SD D N A SA 40. When I make a commitment, I can always be counted on to follow through. SD D N A SA 41. Too often, when things go wrong, I get discouraged and feel like giving up. SD D N A SA 42. I am not a cheerful optimist. SD D N A SA 43. Sometimes when I am reading poetry or looking at a work or art, I feel a chill SD D N A SA or wave of excitement.

    44. I’m hard-headed and tough-minded in my attitudes. SD D N A SA 45. Sometimes I’m not as dependable or reliable as I should be. SD D N A SA 46. I am seldom sad or depressed. SD D N A SA 47. My life is fast-paced. SD D N A SA 48. I have little interest in speculating on the nature of the universe or the SD D N A SA human condition.

    49. I generally try to be thoughtful and considerate. SD D N A SA 50. I am a productive person who always gets the job done. SD D N A SA 51. I often feel helpless and want someone else to solve my problems. SD D N A SA 52. I am a very active person. SD D N A SA 53. I have a lot of intellectual curiosity. SD D N A SA 54. If I don’t like people, I let them know it. SD D N A SA 55. I never seem to be able to get organized. SD D N A SA 56. At times I have been so ashamed I just wanted to hide. SD D N A SA 57. I would rather go my own way than be a leader of others. SD D N A SA 58. I often enjoy playing with theories or abstract ideas. SD D N A SA 59. If necessary, I am willing to manipulate people to get what I want. SD D N A SA 60. I strive for excellence in everything I do. SD D N A SA

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