Money is not everything

By Jane Warren,2014-07-05 09:44
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Money is not everything

Essay Writing

    Do you think wealth and possessions make a person important? If not, what does?

    Everybody has a strong belief in materialism as a result that everyone wants to get wealthy. In today’s material world, becoming wealthy and owning lots of possessions symbolize a person’s success and capability. So people just make every effort and pay

    any price to attain greater wealth. There is no doubt that wealth and possessions make a person important. Because almost all material things on earth can be bought by money. Money is a medium of exchange to acquire any services or material things that we want or need. With money, we can buy nice and large houses by the sea. With money, we can own luxurious cars and we can even buy a position of officer. That’s

    the reality of the society.

    However ,in my point of view,I don’t think wealth and possessions make a person important, even though we can get satisfaction from money. That’s because there are a lot of things which are more important than wealth and possessions. Money will never control all the mind of individuals. In this moral lacking of time, only the noble qualities makes people important.

    Perhaps you don’t have money, but you have the cherishable patriotism,that’s enough.Because you can devote yourself to the country whenever and wherever. Perhaps you don’t have money, but you are kind to others;that’s enough.Because you

    will try your best to help anyone else. Perhaps you don’t have money, but you are full

    of wisdom ,that’s enough.Because you can make enormous contributions to secience for the benefit of human being. Nobody will forget Dong Cunrui even he didn’t have

    any money. It is his patriotism that makes him unforgettable.Nobody will forget Chairmen Mao even though he was not wealthy. It is the idea of serving people that makes him important . Nobody will forget Lady Curie even though she didn’t own

    enough possessions. It is the admirable studying spirit that makes her respectable. Based on the points discussed above;we may reasonably arrive at the conclusion that

    wealth and possessions can make a person important but not all. Those who own the noble qualities will never be forgotten by history and the public. While those who

    have wealth and possessions should be generous and very willing to donate money to good causes. This kind of character including a strong sense of obligation to help those in need that really make a person important. The last but not the least;no matter

    who you are;poor or rich;as long as you spare no effort to help others;you will

    benefit from the harmonious society created by ourselves.


Essay WritingDo you think wealth and possessions make

    a person important? If not, what does?



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