This checklist is being used (please indicate)

By Don Graham,2014-04-16 22:07
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This checklist is being used (please indicate)

Assessment Validation

    Sydney Region Confidentiality Agreement

    This agreement can be used when conducting external validation

    or as part of your school’s validation process.

All participants who are taking part in validation are requested to sign this agreement.

    I agree to observe the principles of confidentiality and mutual trust and respect with

    regard to;

    Assessment plan, process documentation, assessment tools and evidence shared in

    this validation meeting. I will not use the information for any reason not acceptable to

    the validation group and code of conduct for assessors. I will also respect others who

    participate in this meeting and use open and clear communication.

     Training Package:

Qualification/unit/s of competence:

Meeting date: Location:

    Name Organisation Email & Phone Signature

This checklist is being used: (please indicate)

    ; when designing assessment experiences ; pre-assessment ; post assessment

Attached is a copy of the validated task ;

    Sydney Region Assessment Validation Checklist V1 2011 1/2

Assessment Validation

    Does the task? Yes No Action

     Clearly identify the candidate, the assessor and date

     Clearly identify unit(s) of competence being assessed

     Clearly identify the training package

     Clearly identify national codes

     Use ‘Plain English’

     Use language appropriate for the intended audience

     Include instructions on how the tool is used

     Reflect the assessment environment

     Reflect the AQF level requirements

     Contain activities that are holistic

     Ensure assessment of the relevant competence(s)

     Contribute to validity and reliability of assessment

     Clearly identify skills, knowledge and understanding relating to competence(s) being assessed

     Ensure evidence collected is current

     Ensure evidence collected is authentic

     Ensure evidence collected is sufficient

     Provide guidance on reasonable adjustment

     Use methods that can be adjusted to suit special needs

     Ensure evidence is collected in a timely, cost effective way

     Include assessment of the dimensions of competence: all

    aspects of work performance i.e. task skills, task management

    skills, contingency management skills and job/ role environment


     Contain version control

     Provide space for signatures and comments


Modifications to be made by (nominated person) by date (nominated date):

    Sydney Region Assessment Validation Checklist V1 2011 2/2

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