Unit 11 Transportation

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    ; Skills Development: identifying, recognizing,

    recalling, reasoning

    ; Functions and Situations: making

    announcements, describing objects

    ; Language Focus: parking terminology,

    sentence patterns for ticket affairs

    Focus of Learning

    The focus of learning in this unit is to discuss current traffic problems unaccompanied

    children traveling by air, parking regulation systems in Western countries, traffic and the environment, through conversation, news reports and talks.

Warm-Up Speaking

Vocabulary Building

    1. e

    2. a

    3. d

    4. b

    5. c

     Listening & Speaking

Part A

    Topic: Buying Tickets a Conversation Goal: to learn to make inquires about tickets

    Key Words and Expressions:

    snack bar



    student rail card

     a Conversation Buying Tickets

    Mike: Oh, the station is enormous. Lets ask someone where the ticket

    office is.

    Jane: OK. Er excuse me, where can I buy tickets to Edinburgh? Porter: You want the ticket office. It’s just over there, do you see,

    between the snack bar and the newsagent?

    Jane: Oh yes. Thanks very much. Come on then.

    Mike: Oh no, look at the queues. Its so busy here. I wonder how long

    well have to wait. Which window shall we go for? Jane: Well, there are five people at this one and seven at that one, so

    lets join the shorter one, shall we?

    Jane: Nearly there. Oh, mmm hello, can I have two tickets to

    Edinburgh, please?

    Ticket Clerk: One-way or are you coming back?

    Jane: Well, we will be coming back on Wednesday.

    Ticket Clerk: All right, returns then? Thatll be ?79 each.

    Jane: Oh, weve got student rail cards, does that reduce the price? Ticket Clerk: Yes, quite a bit in that case, um ?52.65 each.

    Jane: Here you are.

Ticket Clerk: And here are your tickets.

    Jane: Thanks. Oh, and one more thing could you tell us what time it


    Ticket Clerk: Well, they go every four hours. So the next ones in 10

    minutes at 12 oclock.

    Mike: Come on then, Jane, lets go. Wed better check the platform

    number on the board.

    Jane: Ah, there it is Edinburgh, Platform 6.

    Mike: No, thats arrivals. We go from 8. Shall we have a cup of coffee


    Jane: No, we havent got much time. Well get one on the train.

Listening Task 1

    1. Edinburgh

    2. the snack bar, the newsagent

    3. Wednesday

4. 12:00

    5. 8

Listening Task 2

    1. Its busy. One queue has 7 people; the other has 5. They choose

    the shorter one.

    2. Each ticket costs ?79. With student rail cards, they pay ?105.30 for

    two altogether.

    3. It goes every four hours.

    4. Its 11:50.

Language Follow-Up

    1. This station is huge! / What a massive station!

    2. What a long queue! Its so crowded here.

    3. Do you need one-way or return tickets?

    4. Does a student rail card get us any discount on the ticket?

Part B

Topic: Children Disappear in Mid-Air a News Report

    Goal: to recognize the problem of unaccompanied children

    traveling by air

Key Words and Expressions:

    lose track of 与……失去联系

    escort 护送者

    Children Disappear in Mid-Air a News Report

    [1]. LOS ANGELS After losing track of four children in as many weeks, US airline America West has changed its policy on children traveling alone. Other airlines are reviewing their policies. So are parents.

    [2]. Annalise Woods, 11, was one of the children lost by America West. In mid-July she was placed on an airplane in Los Angels bound for Detroit by her mother, but then was transferred to the wrong connecting flight by airline personnel.

    [3]. After an 18-hour trip that ended up taking her through Las Vegas

    as well as Florida, she finally reached her waiting dad in Detroit.

    [4]. You lose luggage. You lose keys. You dont lose a child!

    Annalises father, Bill McDaniel, said.

    [5]. Following other incidents, America West announced that starting form September 10, it would fly unaccompanied children under 12 only on nonstop flights, preventing them from traveling to any destination that required a change of plane.

    [6]. Jim Sabourin, vice-president of America West Airlines, said it is not the only airline that has had such incidents. Both Delta and Southwest recently had somewhat similar problems, he said.

    [7]. Industry experts said the number of children traveling unaccompanied by adults has risen greatly. The Federal Aviation Administration estimates the number to be seven million a year.

    [8]. The rising number of divorces, with parents living in different states, and grandparents who live far from grandchildren they want to see, has contributed to the higher number of children flying alone.

    [9]. The Government Department of Transportation has received complaints from parents that the airline gave their children no adult escorts at midway airports between flights even though they paid an

    additional fee (from US$30 to US$75 each way) for this to make sure

    their children would be taken care of.

Listening Task 1

    1. T

    2. F

    3. F

    4. F

    5. F

    6. T

Listening Task 2

    1. policy on children traveling alone, it lost track of four children.

    2. she was transferred to the wrong connecting flight by airline

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