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    Stereotypes: Being Content with Myself

     By Kamaal Majeed

    Why don?t you act black? Since my middle school years, I?ve been asked this question more than any other. It seems to me that too many people have what society 1) ??programs?? into their brains, what should be expected of me, a black person, before ever interacting with me. But I believe in being who I am, not who others want me to be. On my first day of high school, going into math class, two of my classmates pointed and laughed at me. I initially thought my fly was open, or that something was 2) ??stuck?? in my teeth. But as I took my seat, I heard one of the students whisper, why is a black person taking honors? So my fly wasn?t open. An 3) ??honors-level class?? had simply been joined by a student whose skin was an unsettling shade of brown.

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    Many people think that my clothes should be big enough for me to live in, or expect me to listen exclusively to black music. In seventh grade, a group of my peers 4)?? fixed their cold stares on?? my outfit. Cargo shorts and a plain, fitting T-shirt. They 5) ??called out to me ??, go get some gangster clothes, white boy. I am now in my junior year of high school. I still take all of the honors courses. My wardrobe still 6) ??consists solely of ??clothes that are appropriate to my proportions. My music library spans from rock to pop to techno, and almost 7) ??everything in between ??. When it comes to choosing my friends, I am still 8)?? colorblind ??. I continue to do my best work in school in order to reach my goals. And yet, when I look in the mirror, I still see skin of that same shade of brown. My skin color 9) ??has done nothing to change my personality , and my personality ??has done nothing to change my skin color. I believe in being myself. I believe that I ?ª not any stereotype ?ª should 10)?? define who I am and what actions I take in life ??.

    1. programs into 2. stuck 3. honors-level class 4. fixed their cold stares 5. called out to me 6. cosists solely of

    7. everything in between 8. colorblind

    9. has done nothing to change my personality

    10. define who I am and what actions I take in life.

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    Indian Film Industry, Bollywood, Steps Up Fight Against Piracy The Indian Hindi language movie industry - popularly known as Bollywood is stepping up its fight against film piracy both at home and overseas. As Anjana Pasricha reports from New Delhi, Bollywood films lose billions of dollars because of infringement of copyright laws. In a busy market in Central Delhi, 1) _ pirated______ CDs and DVDs of popular Hindi movies

    produced by the Mumbai-based Bollywood film industry are freely available. Ask a shop owner for DVDs of the 2) __latest_____ Hindi movie hits and he produces them from under the counter. A quick 3) __bargain_____ drives down the price from two dollars to just a dollar and a half. A recent study 4) _estimates_______ that India??s entertainment industry loses $4 billion, and 800,000 jobs, each year, because of piracy. These losses are not 5) unique to India. Piracy is also a growing problem in Western countries, like the United States and Britain, which are home to large Indian 6) __populations . Film Federation of India Secretary Supran Sen says tens of thousands of people in these countries buy 7) _illegal_____ DVDs of Hindi films. He says these are easily available in small retail stores, usually owned by Indians.

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    The Western markets have become so big that Bollywood film producers are 8) __basing______ some of their biggest blockbusters on Indians living overseas. In Mumbai, Komal Nahata, publisher of a Bollywood trade magazine called ?DFilm the Information?? noted that in some cases, 9) _overseas market is almost as huge as the Indian market -. The huge scale of the problem has prompted Bollywood to step up the fight against piracy both at home and overseas. On a recent visit to Washington, Indian filmmakers urged American enforcement agencies to help plug the losses suffered by them. An advocacy group, 10)

    _______________________________________ the U.S.-India Business Council, and American film companies are collaborating with Bollywood to combat piracy by raising awareness of the problem with American authorities _____

Keys to home listening

    1. pirated 2. latest 3. bargain 4. estimates 5. unique 6. populations 7. illegal 8. basing

    9. the overseas market is almost as huge as the Indian market. 10. the U.S.-India Business Council, and American film companies are collaborating with Bollywood to combat piracy by raising awareness of the problem with American authorites

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    It sounds like Mission Impossible: Sell coffee to China?s tea drinkers. Starbucks? solution is to select high-profile locations on the 1) __busiest ____ streets, where stores are sure to seduce the see-and-be-seen set.

     As Starbucks 2) __launches______ an aggressive expansion in China, a coffee frontier steeped in nearly 5,000 years of tea. The goal: to

    build hip hangouts that tap into a new taste for China?s 3)?? emerging ??middle class. Starbucks China doesn?t plan any advertising, 4) ___promotions_______, or other marketing strategies, aside from sponsoring an on-line coffee club and the occasional office-tower coffee tasting. Instead, the company is counting on selecting such high-visibility, high-traffic cafe locations that they market themselves. Its main advertising 5) _medium__ is the store itself. Yet Starbucks faces an uphill battle. Local media reported that 70% of people they surveyed would rather not see the chain in Beijing?s 6) Forbidden_______City. And even for middle-class Chinese, Starbucks is a 7) barely affordable luxury. While retailers say a top marketing weapon in urban China is to charge more for public 8) _consumption__. That?s because Chinese customers have different priorities than their American yuppie the counterparts. Guys 40 years old are not coffee drinkers, 9) _____________but if environment is good and the coffee is not bad ?? , they?ll come back. The store layout, artwork and food options make Starbucks more friendly to Chinese eyes, but coffee remains the core offering and people don?t go there for the . They go there to 10) present themselves as modern Chinese in a coffee public setting .

    1. busiest 2. launches 3. emerging 4. promotions 5. medium 6. Forbidden 7. barely 8. consumption

    9. but if the environment is good and the coffee is not bad 10. present themselves as modern Chinese in a public setting

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    A Business Creed

     To respect my work, my 1) ??associates??and myself. To be honest and fair with them as I expect them to be honest and fair with me. To be a man whose word carries 2)??weight?? To be a booster, not a knocker; a pusher, not a kicker; a motor, not a clog. To base my expectations of reward on a solid foundation of service 3) ??rendered ?? to be willing to pay the price of success in honest effort. To look upon my work as opportunity, to be seized with joy and make the most of 4)?? drudgery?? To remember that success lies within myself; in my own brain, my own ambition, my own courage and determination. To expect difficulties and force my way through them, to turn hard experiences into 5) ??capital?? for future struggles. To interest my heart and soul in my work, and 6) ??aspire?? to the highest efficiency in the achievement of results. To be patiently receptive

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    of just criticism and profit from its teaching. To treat equals and superiors with respect, and subordinates with kindly encouragement. To make a study of my business duties; to know my work from the ground

    up. To mix brains with my efforts and use system and method in all I 7)??undertake ???? To find time to do everything needful by never letting time find me or my subordinates doing nothing. To hoard days as a 8) ??miser?? does dollars, to make every hour bring me dividends in specific results accomplished. To steer clear of dissipation and regard my health of body and peace of mind 9) ??as my most precious stock in trade ??. Finally, to take a good grip on the joy of life; to play the game like a gentleman; 10)??to fight against nothing so hard as my own weakness?? and endeavor to grow in business capacity, and as a man with the passage of every day of time.

    1. associates 2. weight 3. rendered 4. drudgery 5. capital 6. aspire 7. undertake 8. miser

    9. as my most precious stock in trade.

    10. to fight against nothing so hard as my own weakness

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    . It??s common sense that if you are extremely unhappy in your job, and you come home and

    dump on your spouse about it every day, it could start to wear on the relationship. So is the opposite true, then? 1) If you??re happy in your job, can your marriage actually improve? According to long-term research conducted by The Love Doctor Terri Orbuch, the answer is ??yes??. Orbuch, who is author of ??5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great,?? has been following and observing hundreds of married couples for nearly a quarter century in order to find out what makes marriages happy, strong and long lasting. She has found that there is a definite positive spillover 2) from work to marriage. Here are her four suggestions on putting this into practice: Suggestion 1: 3) Seek support and help from your spouse. If you??re having a problem at work, solicit advice from your spouse. Research shows that the need for assistance is one of the three basic needs of all people in relationships (intimacy and reassurance of one??s value are the other two). Seeking solutions to work-related problems together strengthens the marital bond and feeling that ??we??re in this together.?? Moreover, because your spouse knows you so well, he or she is likely to come up with valuable insights and feedback. Suggestion 2: 4) ??Grow?? in your job. A recent large-scale study in Harvard Business Review found that the No. 1 factor 5) that keeps employees happy and motivated in their jobs is ??making progress.?? Workers who are fulfilled and stimulated during the workday tend to be happier individuals, and much of that happiness gets

    transferred to their spouse at the end of the day. Suggestion 3: 6) Practice behaviors that relieve stress. Numerous studies have documented a link between workplace stress and poor health. The two most common workplace stressors are 7) feeling as if you haven??t been heard or supported, and 8) negative interpersonal work relationships. Find ways to express your needs, ask for assistance and manage conflicts at your job. Good health is sexy and attractive to a spouse, and so is an upbeat attitude. Suggestion 4: 9) Share your work life. Orbuch??s study found that the happiest marriages are ones in which partners feel their spouse regularly discloses information about his or her life, even details from work that might be deemed ??boring.?? The bonus: 10) Work life becomes interwoven with home life, promoting a satisfying feeling of work-life balance, which makes you happier overall. 1. If you're happy in your job 2. from work to marriage 3. Seek support and help 4. "Grow" in your job

    5. that keeps employees happy 6. Practice behaviors that relieve stress

    7. feeling as if you haven't been heard or supported 8. negative interpersonal work relationships

    9. Share your work life 10. Work life becomes interwoven with home life

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