0624 National Certificate in Complementary Therapies (Level 4)

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0624 National Certificate in Complementary Therapies (Level 4)

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National Certificate in Complementary Therapies (Level 4)

Level 4

    Credits 87

    This qualification is expiring. The last date to meet the requirements is 31 December 2012.


    This qualification recognises the core knowledge and skills required in complementary health therapies. This qualification may be offered by providers either as a stand alone qualification or in conjunction with specialist training. It contains a number of unit standards required for qualifications in reflexology, relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, hypnotherapy, kinesiology, and homeopathy, and is a prerequisite to the National Diploma in Aromatherapy [Ref: 0626].

Credit Range

    Compulsory Elective

    Level 1 credits 1 -

    Level 2 credits 1 -

    Level 3 credits 33 -

    Level 4 credits 12 0-25

    Level 5 or above credits 15 0-25

    Minimum totals 62 25

Requirements for Award of Qualification

Award of NQF Qualifications

    Credit gained for a standard may be used only once to meet the requirements of this qualification.

    Unit standards and achievement standards that are equivalent in outcome are mutually exclusive for the purpose of award. The table of mutually exclusive standards is provided in section 7 of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) Rules and Procedures publications available at

    Reviewed standards that continue to recognise the same overall outcome are registered as new versions and retain their identification number (ID). Any version of a standard with the same Id may be used to meet qualification requirements that list the ID and/or that specify the past or current classification of the standard.

Summary of Requirements

; Compulsory standards

    ; Elective A minimum of 25 credits as specified

NZQA Health - Core New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2012

    SSB Code 53

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Detailed Requirements


    The following standards are required

Health > Health Studies > Core Health

    ID Title Level Credit 6127 Describe ethical behaviour in a health care context 3 5 6401 Provide basic first aid 2 1 6402 Provide basic life support 1 1 6413 Apply knowledge of individuals, groups, and 4 7

    communities in a health and wellness context

    6416 Comply with regulatory requirements in the health 3 3


    6417 Maintain safety of client and self in a health care 3 3


    6418 Demonstrate knowledge of normal human structure and 3 5

    function in a health context

    6419 Demonstrate knowledge of abnormal human structure 3 5

    and function in a health context

    6420 Apply knowledge of health environmental factors to the 4 5

    promotion of wellness

    6421 Use problem solving approaches in health care 3 2 6422 Act in a culturally sensitive way in health care contexts 3 5 20100 Behave professionally with consumers and their 3 5

    support people in a specific health care context

    Health > Natural and Traditional Health and Healing > Complementary Therapies ID Title Level Credit 14788 Complete holistic health assessment and treatment 6 6

    objectives in complementary therapies practice

    14789 Refer client for clinical tests, examinations, or opinions 6 3

    in a complementary therapies setting

    14793 Maintain client health records in complementary 5 1

    therapies practice

    14803 Develop a health care programme in complementary 6 5

    therapies practice for client self care


    A minimum of 25 credits at Level 4 or above

    Field Subfield Domain Health Health Studies Any

    NZQA Health - Core New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2012 SSB Code 53

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Transition Arrangements

Version 2

    Version 2 was issued to indicate that this qualification is expiring and to replace expired standard 6423 with standard 20100 so that the qualification can be achieved until it reaches its expiry date. Unit standard 6423 expired in December 2005. While no formal replacement was identified at the review of 6423, new unit standard 20100 was suggested as an alternative.

For detailed information see Review Summaries on the NZQA website.

    This qualification contains standards that replace earlier standards. For the purposes of this qualification, people who have gained credit for the expiring standard are exempt from the requirement to gain credit for the replacement standard see table below.

Credit for Exempt from

    6423 20100

Previous versions of the qualification

    Version 1 of this qualification was designed to replace range the diverse range of qualifications that had been offered in New Zealand in the past.

NQF Registration Information

Process Version Date Last Date for Assessment

    Registration 1 June 1999 December 2012

    Review 2 March 2008 December 2012

Standard Setting Body

National Qualifications Services


    PO Box 160


Telephone 04 463 3000



    The certificate will display the logo of NZQA and the accredited provider.

NZQA Health - Core New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2012

    SSB Code 53

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    This qualification is classified according to the NQF classification system and the New Zealand Standard Classification of Education (NZSCED) system as specified below.

NQF Classification NZSCED

    Code Description Code Description

    1303 Health > Natural and Traditional 0619 Health > Complementary

    Health and Healing > Therapies

    Complementary Therapies

Quality Management Systems

    Providers and Industry Training Organisations must be accredited by a recognised Quality Assurance Body before they can register credits from assessment against standards. Accredited providers and Industry Training Organisations assessing against standards must engage with the moderation system that applies to those standards. Accreditation requirements and the moderation system are outlined in the associated Accreditation and Moderation Action Plan (AMAP) for each standard.

NZQA Health - Core New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2012

    SSB Code 53

    NQF Ref Version Page 5 of 5 0624 2

    Prerequisite Diagram

    Unit 6402

    Level 1

    Unit 6401

    Level 2

    Unit 6418Unit 6419Level 3

    Unit 14788Unit 14789

    Unit 14803

    Level 6

NZQA Health - Core New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2012

    SSB Code 53

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