0424 FIELDERS roofing - NATSPEC

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0424 FIELDERS roofing - NATSPEC

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    General: Provide a FIELDERS seamed sheet metal roofing system and associated work, as

    documented and which satisfies the product performance requirements. Selections: As documented.


    Ambient climatic conditions

    Design rainfall intensity (mm/h) to AS/NZS 3500.3: [complete/delete] Roof access

    Type: Normal roof maintenance.


    Fielders technical contacts




    Requirement: Conform to the following worksection(s):

    - General requirements.



    Technical manuals

    Website: Visit to order free technical manuals and CDs.



    Inspection: Give sufficient notice so that inspection may be made of: - Roof supports.

    - Those parts of the roofing, sarking, vapour barrier, insulation and roof plumbing installation which

    will be covered up or concealed.



    Type tests:

    - Roof sheeting and fastenings for resistance to concentrated load and to wind pressure: To BS 5427-


    - Material: To BS EN 988 and BS EN 1179.

    Internal downpipes: Site test each stack hydrostatically in stages 2 storeys high for two hours. Remedy

    defects and retest if necessary.


    General: Submit samples of the following:

    - Sheet metal finishes.

    - Custom profiled flashings and cappings.


    Experience: Submit evidence of accreditation from Fielders Steel Roofing.

     ? NATSPEC (Apr 12) 1 [insert date]

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Shop drawings

    General: Submit shop drawings showing the following information: [complete/delete]


    2.1 GENERAL

    Product substitution

    Other seamed sheet metal roofing: Conform to SUBMISSIONS, Substitutions in the General requirements worksection.


    Plywood decking

    Exterior use: To AS/NZS 2271.

    Grading: DD to AS/NZS 2269.0, Bond Type A. Thickness: 19 mm.

    Certification: Brand panels under the authority of a recognised certification program applicable to the

    product. Locate the brand on faces or edges which will be concealed in the works.

    Certification programs: Plywood Association of Australia (PAA) Quality Control and Product

    Certification Scheme.

    Plywood certified formaldehyde emission level to AS/NZS 2098.11: [complete/delete]


    Safety mesh

    Standard: To AS/NZS 4389.

    Self drilling screws

    Material: Stainless steel.

    Structural frame: [complete/delete] Separation layer

    Material: A non abrasive slipsheet.


    Solder: 40% tin, 60% lead soft solder. Flux: Z-04-S.

    Sealant: 100% natural cure non-acid based silicone rubber to match roofing.



    Generally: Aluminium.

    Colour: [complete/delete]

    Alloy: Alloy 5005 or Temper H34.

    Supplier: Fielders Steel Roofing.

    Roofing technique

    Jointing: [complete/delete]

    Rib centres: [complete/delete]

    Thickness: 0.7 mm.


    Fixing components:

    - Fixed clips: 300 series stainless steel. - Expansion clips: 300 series stainless steel. Screw fixed fastening clips

    Screw pull out strength: 500 N

    Screws: [complete/delete]

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    Description: Profiled interlocking roofing panels laid on flush finished continuous plywood decking over

    an under layer and separation layer.

    Roof panels

    Product: [complete/delete]

    Panel joint: [complete/delete]

    Select from: All in one Panel or Panel with Stand Alone Rib.

    Material: [complete/delete]

    Minimum base metal thickness (BMT) (mm): [complete/delete]

    Width between ribs: [complete/delete] Screw fixed fastening clips

    Screw pull out strength: 500 N.

    Screws: [complete/delete]

    Fixings: Provide starter clips, fixing clips and fastenings as recommended by Fielders.

    Profiled fillers

    Provide: Purpose-made closed cell polyethylene foam profiled to match the roofing profile.

    Locate profiled fillers under flashings to: - Ridges.

    - Eaves.

    - Lapped joints in roof sheeting.



    Standard: To AS/NZS 3500.3.

    General: Provide the flashings, cappings, gutters, rainwater heads, outlets and downpipes necessary

    to complete the roof system.

    Proprietary flashings and cappings

    Standard: To AS/NZS 2904.

    Product: Fielders Steel Roofing.

    Material and colour: Match roof sheeting. Rib notching: Match roof sheeting.

    Flashing and capping types: [complete/delete] Proprietary ridge and barge cappings

    Product: Fielders Steel Roofing.

    Material and colour: Match roof sheeting. Capping types: [complete/delete]

    Gutters seamed aluminium and copper sheet roofing Product: Fielders Steel Roofing.

    Material: Stainless steel or copper.

    Stainless steel finish:

    - Grade 316: 2B.

    - Grade 304: 2B.

    Eaves gutters: [complete/delete]

    Valley gutters: Fielders proprietary valley gutter. Box gutters: [complete/delete]

     Cross section dimensions: [complete/delete] Sump size: [complete/delete]

     Material and BMT: [complete/delete] Overflow spouts: [complete/delete]

     ? NATSPEC (Apr 12) 3 [insert date]

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Gutters roofing panels

    Product: Fielders Steel Roofing.

    Material: Match roof sheeting.

    Colour: [complete/delete]

    Eaves gutters: [complete/delete]

    Valley gutters: Fielders proprietary valley gutter. Box gutters: [complete/delete]

     Cross section dimensions: [complete/delete] Sump size: [complete/delete]

     Material and BMT: [complete/delete] ? Overflow spouts: [complete/delete] Downpipes

    Product: Fielders Steel Roofing.

    Material: [complete/delete]

    Colour: [complete/delete]

    Profile: [complete/delete]

    Size: [complete/delete]


    Product: Fielders Steel Roofing.


    Colour: [complete/delete]

    Pattern: [complete/delete]


    Product: Fielders Steel Roofing.

    Material: [complete/delete]

    Colour: [complete/delete]

    Pattern: [complete/delete]




    General: Keep the roofing and rainwater system free of debris and loose material during construction,

    and leave them clean and unobstructed on completion. Repair damage to the roofing and rainwater


    Metal separation

    Requirement: Prevent direct contact between incompatible metals, and between green hardwood or

    chemically treated timber and aluminium or coated steel, by either of the following methods:

    - Applying an anti-corrosion, low moisture transmission coating to contact surfaces.

    - Inserting a separation layer.


    Requirement: Conform to the Tolerances table.

    Tolerances table

    Property Tolerance criteria: Permitted deviation ( mm) Spacing of supporting members ? 5 mm on the nominated support member


    Vertical or horizontal misalignment at the abutting ? 2 mm

    ends of sheets

    Tops of supporting members in a plane parallel to ? 7 mm smooth deviation per metre length of

    the nominated roof slope supporting member

     ? NATSPEC (Apr 12) 4 [insert date]

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    Seamed and panel roofing installation

    Generally: To the Fielders published installation details.

    Installer: As accredited by Fielders Steel Roofing.


    Plywood decking

    Installation: Lay the length of the sheets at right angles to the supports. Stagger the end joints and locate them centrally over framing members. If panels are not tongue and grooved provide noggings or trimmer joists to support the edges.

    Fixing: 300 mm centres to each support:

    - Timber: Adhesive and nail.

    - Steel: Metal coated self drilling/tapping screws with the heads finishing below the surface. Control joints: 12 mm gap at abutting building elements.



    Off site: Basic trays.

    Minimum bending radius: 1.75 mm.


    Clip spacing: [complete/delete]


    Method: Mechanically form and welt seal in situ using a seaming tool, to stand 25 mm high on completion. Dress seams flat at gutters, ridges and hips, and fold both pan and seam down into gutters and up to form stop ends at ridges and hips.

    Ridge and hip capping

    Installation: Lock welt to the upturn of the roofing.


    Roof panel installation

    Laying start location: [complete/delete]

    Accessories: Provide material with the same finish as roofing sheets.

    Expansion joints: [complete/delete]


    Clip spacing: [complete/delete]



    Installation: Flash roof junctions, upstands, abutments and projections through the roof. Preform to required shapes if possible. Notch, scribe, flute or dress down as necessary to follow the profile of adjacent surfaces. Mitre angles and lap joints 150 mm in running lengths. Provide matching expansion joints at 6 m maximum intervals.

    Upstands: Flash projections above or through the roof with two part flashings, consisting of a base flashing and a cover flashing, with at least 100 mm vertical overlap. Provide for independent movement between the roof and the projection.

    Large penetrations: To low pitch roofs extend the base flashing over the roofing ribs to the ridge to prevent ponding behind the penetrating element.

    Wall abutments: Provide overflashings where roofs abut walls, stepped to the roof slope in masonry and planked cladding, otherwise raking and as follows:

    - In masonry: Build into the full width of the outer leaf. Turn up within cavity, sloping inward across the cavity and fixed to or built in to the inner leaf at least 75 mm above.

    - In concrete: Turn 25 mm into joints or grooves, wedge at 200 mm centres with compatible material and point up.

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    Fixing to masonry or concrete: Step in courses to the roof slope. Interleave with damp proof course, if any.

    Fixing to pipes: Solder, or seal with neutral cured silicone rubber and either of the following: - Secure with a clamping ring.

    - Provide a proprietary flexible clamping shoe with attached metal surround flashing. Gutters

    General: Prefabricate box gutters. Form stop ends, downpipe nozzles, bends and returns. Dress downpipe nozzles into outlets. Provide overflows to prevent back-flooding.

    Gutter and sump support: Provide framing and lining to support valley gutters, box gutters and sumps. Line the whole area under the gutters and sumps.

    Support: Proprietary metallic-coated adjustable strap and channel system.

    Lining: [complete/delete]

    Valley gutters: Profile to suit the valley boarding. Turn back both edges 180 x 6 mm radius. Nail or screw to the valley boarding at the top end to prevent the gutter creeping downwards. Expansion joints: Provide expansion joints in guttering longer than 30 m:

     Type: [complete/delete]

    Gratings: Provide removable gratings over rainwater heads and sumps:

     Type: [complete/delete]


    General: Prefabricate downpipes to the required section and shape where possible. Connect heads to gutter outlets and, if applicable, connect feet to rainwater drains.

    Access cover: Provide a removable watertight access cover at the foot of each downpipe stack. Downpipe support: Provide supports and fixings for downpipes.



    Warranty period:

     Material warranty: [complete/delete]

     Watertight installation guarantee: [complete/delete]

    General: Submit the roofing materials manufacturer’s published product warranties.

    Maintenance manual

    Visit to order a free manual.

    On completion: Submit a manual of recommendations from the roof manufacturer or supplier for the maintenance of the roofing system including, frequency of inspection and recommended methods of access, inspection, cleaning, repair and replacement.

     ? NATSPEC (Apr 12) 6 [insert date]

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