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    Things I Can Do

    Teaching aims:

    1.Ss can master the sentence struction : what can you /she / he do? I/ she/he can Can you/he/she do the dishes? Yes, you/he/she can./No, you/he/she cant.

    2.Ss can understand the short passage and finish the following exercises. 3.Ss can be more helpful at home , helping their parents do the things they can.

    Teaching key points and difficulties:

    Teaching key points:what can you /she / he do? I/ she/he can

    Can you/he/she do the dishes? Yes, you/he/she can./No, you/he/she cant.

    Teaching difficulties: forest , little, brother, sister, have a try Teaching aids:PPT, pictures,tape-recorder

    Teaching procedures:

    Step 1: Warm-up

    1. Lets chant

    2. Revision: use the pictures to review the phrases, such as do the dishes,

    wash the clothes, etc.

    3.Free-talk: A: Are you helpful at home ?B: Sure.

    A: What can you do ?B: I can …A: Can you cook the meals/

    do the dishes/ wash the clothes / set the table / sweep the

    floor/ clean the bedroom?

    B: Yes, I can . /No, I can’t , but I’d like to have a try .

    Step 2: Pre-reading

    1.Use photoes to analyze the difficulties: forest, little, brother, sister; 2.Use the direction to emphase have a try

    3.Give ss two questions (1.How many members are there in little pig’s

    2.Is the little pig helpful at home?) before reading so that family?

    they can be more concentrated.

    Step 3: In-reading

    The reading material:There is a little pig in a forest. He has a brother and a sister. They are very helpful at home. The little pig can make the bed and clean the room. His brother can sweep the floor and cook the meals. His sister can wash the clothes and water the flowers. But they can’t use a computer. They’d like to have a try.

    1. Listen and tick or cross2. Read and answerListen and repeat 4. Read by students themselves loudly5.Fill in the blanks with the help

    of these pictures

    Step 4: Post-reading 1.Make a survey

    Name do the dishes Set the table Sweep the floor

    I (Miss Cai) ? ?

    Amy ? ?

    2.Make a report

    I am helpful, I can do the dishes , sweep the floor, ……I cant set the

    table, but I’d like to have a try. Amy can set the table, sweep the floor. John can ....

    3. Writing (Im helpful为题?写一写你可以做的事情?不少于五句


    Im helpful. I can help my mother do housework. Here are the things I can do: I can (洗碗). I can (扫地). I can ……

    Step 5: Homework

    1.Role play the short passage.分角色表演小短文

    2.Help your parents do housework , and write them down, so that we can find who is a good child!帮助家长做一些力所能及的家务活?并记录下


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