Unit 1

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Unit 1Unit,unit

    Unit 1

    一! 再次挑战自己。快选出正确答案吧?

     1Jennifer Hunter is from__,and it is a city in Canada. A.Toronto C.New York

     ( ) 2. __you from England?

    A.Are B. Do C.Where

     ( ) 3. Does she have __pen pals?

    A.some C.any

    ( ) 4. Where___Paul and Steve___from?

    A. do ,come B.does ,come ,comes

    ( ) 5.What do you like ____Australia?

    A.about B.from

    ( ) 6.---Where is Susan from?

     ----She is from ___.

    A.Canadians B.Canada C.French

    ( ) 7.My pen pal lives in ____.He can speak___well. A. Japan ,Japanese B.English ,English C.Canada ,Toronto ( ) 8.Does she enjoy__ the piano?

    A.playing play

    ( ) 9.___books are on __bed.

    A.His, hes B.He ,his C.His ,his

    ( ) 10.Mr.White speaks__and he can speak a little__.

二! 日常交谈。井井有条!逻辑排序。相信你一定能按正确


     AReally? Thank you.

     BI speak English .I can help you with your English. CYes,I do .I can speak a little English .What language do you speak?

     DDo you speak English?

     EIm from China.

     FNo,Im from Australia .What about you?

     GAre you from the USA?

     HYes,you right.

     IHello!you are new here.Am I right?



    三! 完形填空。

    Kate Smith is my pen pal.She__1_New Jersey(新泽

    西),America.She is 12 years old. Her birthday is

    __2_November.She can speak English and French.She is a good Student.Her favorite__3_in school is English .She thinks its


     She has a brother, and _5___name is Jack.He is twenty-two. He is a_6_in a university in China.He teaches English there.And

    He can _7__ Chinese well.He thinks China is a great and interesting__8__.

     Kates parents love Jack and Kate very __9_.Kate often goes to movies_10___their parents on weekends. And Jack often makes

    Phone calls to them. They have a happy family. ( ) 1.Acome from Bis from C.comes

    ( ) 2.Aat B to Cin

    ( ) 3.A subject Bsport C.student ( ) 4. Aintersting Bboring C.difficult ( ) 5.Aher Bhis .Che

    ( ) 6.Ateacher .Bworker .Cstudent ( ) 7.Asay .B speak .Ctell

    ( ) 8.A city .B school .Ccountry ( ) 9.Amuch .Bwell .Cmany

    ( ) 10.Aand .Bto .Cwith


    一! 再次挑战自己。快选出正确答案吧。

     ,。1The teacher put the table ___the two beds .

    A between B on C through

     ,。2There __a big supermarket amd two pay pones near


    A is B are C have

     ,。3___,you cant come to the video arcade(游戏厅)

    because you are a student.

    A Sorry B Excuse me C Thank you

     ,。4Zhong shan Park is a very good place to ___for us in summer.

    A have a fun B have fun C have the fun

     ,。5Go straight along this street and __,you can see a post office.

    A turn the left B turn to tight C turn left

     ,。6Its one oclock in the morning and the street is __.there

    is only a cat under the tree.

    A long B dirty C quiet

     ,。7You go___Long Street and can find the supermarket.

    A down, turn B straight ,turn to C through, turn to

Unit 3习题

    一! 再次挑战自己。快选出正确答案吧。 ( ) 1.There is___in my home .My little brother often plays

    with him. elephant B.a dog C.a lion ( )2.We all like the boy because he is very___. A.clever B.ugly C.lazy

    ( )3.Do you want to ___the giraffes?

    A.watching B.take look C.see

    ( )4.What ____subjects do you like?

    A.the other B.others C.other ( )5.The panda likes____with her friendsl B.playing playing ( )6.The man is very___.He doesnt do any housework at


    A.shy B.lazy C.friendly ( )7._________do lions_______from?

    A.Where , are B.What , is C.Where , come ( )8.Please give ___some food to eat .Hes hungry A.he B.him C.his ( )9.Why do you like giraffes?

    A.Because theyre lazy B.Theyre kind of

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