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u5-Unit6 Topic1Unit,unit

    清大学习吧 ?.单项选择。(15)

    Unit5-Unit 6 Topic 1 一。单项选择.

    Name________ A :选出与所给句子划线部分意义相同或相近并能代替的那一项。

    第一部分 基础知识 (15) ( )1. We regard the Great Wall as the symbol of China.

    ?.用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空。5 A. thinkas B. lookas C. consideras D. thoughtas

     Twenty, possible, polite, introduction, fly ( )2. They had a lot of fun in Hainan Island last summer.

    1.Kangkang lives on the _____floor. A. enjoyed themselves B. had a time 2.There are many _____ in the market. C. play well D. enjoy themselves 3.Children should speak to old people ____. ( )3. The weather on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau changes a lot.

    4.It's _______for us to live on the moon. A. is sunny B. is rainy C. is changeable D. is changing 5.Could you please _____the plan to us in detail. ( )4. Guide to China is a book which introduces China in detail.

    ?.根据中文提示;用词组的适当形式填空。每空一词。5 A. what B. who C. that D. it 1.My teacher ___ ____(病倒)in the fall of 2000. ( )5. Shanghai lies in the east of China.

    2.They ____ ____ ______(忍不住哭泣)when they saw each other again after A. is B. are C. was D. be 20 years. B :选出可填入空白处的最佳选项

    3.The place is so attractive that he____ ___ ____(陶醉于)it. ( )6. Alice tells us that her brother _______ the league for more than three years. 4.Her dream ____ ____ ____(实现)in the future. A. has joined B. has become a member of C. joined D. has been in 5.A lot of tall buildings ____ ___(建立)in his hometown in the past 3 years. ( )7. She is a scientist, and she is a poet _________. ?句型转换。根据所给提示;完成句型转换。每空一词;含缩略词。(5) A. either B. also C. too D. as well 1. Mary promised to accept their ideas. (一般疑问句) ( )8. So far a lot of tall buildings ________ in our city.

     ________ Mary________ to accept their ideas? A. were built B. are built C. have built D. have been built 2. The old man can hardly dress himself.,反意疑问句: ( )9. Mount Tai is the most fantastic place ______ I have ever seen. The old man can hardly dress himself, ________ ________? A. that B. what C. where D. which 3. The box is too heavy for him to carry.,同义句: ( )10. _____ Alice _____ Susan has been to HongKong. They enjoyed themselves The box isn‟t________ ________ for him to carry. there.

    4. People can‟t live if there is no water.,同义句: A. Either; or B. Neither; nor C. Not only; but also D. Both; and People can‟t live ________ water. ( )11. Where is HangZhou?

    5. Jane likes dancing. Ann likes dancing, too..,合并为一句: It is _____ the east of China and it is famous ____silk. ________ Jane________ Ann________ dancing. A. in; for B. in; of C. to; for D. to; to 第二部分 综合运用 (60) ( )12.Why dont you like the talk? It is _____one I have ever listened to.


     A. a most interesting B. the least interesting There are three beautiful places 1____shouldnd be missed by visitors to China.

     C. more interesting D. so interesting They are Hongkong, Macao and Taiwain.

    st( ).13.______ did the meeting last? Hongkong returned to the mainland 2_____ July 1, 1997. It serves as a

     About half an hour. bridge which 3_____the mainland with the rest of the world. It 4 ____the Pearl of

     A. How soon B. How long C. How far D. How much the Orient and the 5____Heaven. If you have a chance 6____ there. You should visit

    ( )14.Our teacher told us that the water _____ below zero. Do you think so? Disneyland, Ocean Park and Victoria Peak.

     Yes, it is true. When you hear the name, Macao, you may 7____ its gambling houses. People

     A. freeze B froze C. freezes D. freezing 8_____ Macao as the Gambling City. In Macao, you can also visit Mazu Temple and

    th( )15.Did you come here _____ land or _____ water? Ruins of St. Paul. Macao 9_____ to the motherland on December 20,1999.

     Neither, I came here by air. 10 _____, Taiwan 11_____the treasure Island of China. The scenery there is

     A. by; on B. on; on C. by; by D. on; by very beautiful. If you go there, you should not 12_____Sun Moon Lake and Mount

    ?.情景交际。(10) Ali. You can also 13____ various delicious fruits there. Taiwan will come back 根据对话内容填入适当的单词;补全对话。 sooner or later 14___ it is one part of China.

    (Jane and Lin Tao are talking about classical(古典的) musicpop music and the Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan are all important parts of our country. If you Beijing Opera.) come to China 15___a visit, dont miss them.

    Lin Tao: I really love classical music. It‟s 11 wonderful that I listen to it every day. ( )1 A. that B. it C. where D. when Jane: What about pop music? Do you like it? ( )2.A. in B. at C. before D. on Lin Tao: Yes, but not so much 12 classical music. ( )3.A. connect B. connected C. to connect D. connects Jane: Well, I‟m interested in pop music. I like it very much. ( )4.A. is known as B. is famous C. known as D. is known for Lin Tao: Do you like Chinese pop music, too? ( )5 A. shop B to shop C. Shopping D shops Jane: Yes, certainly. ( )6 A. going B. to go C. went D. gone Lin Tao: But do you understand it? ( )7 A. think out B. call C. think of D. think about Jane: Only a 13 , but it doesn‟t matter whether I understand the words or ( )8. A. like B. use C. regards D. consider not. I just enjoy 14 to it. ( )9. A. come back B. came back C. return D. return back Lin Tao: How about the Beijing Opera? Do you like it, too? ( )10A. Like you know B. As you know C. You know that D. We understand Jane: Yes, I do. It‟s very beautiful. ( )11A. is regarded as B. is regarded like C. regard as D. considers as Lin Tao: Really? I don‟t like it at 15 . I‟m afraid I‟ll fall asleep if I listen to it. ( )12.A. lose B forgot C. miss D. leave It‟s much too slow. ( )13A. have B. enjoy C. bought D. plant 11. ______ 12. ______ 13. ______ 14. ______ 15. ______ ( )14.A as B. for C. because of D. because ?.完形填空。(15) ( )15.A. to B. for C. with D. in ?.


    阅读理解。(30) A. Franklin Hotel offers supper from 6:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m

    (A) B. If you wan to make a call in Franklin Hotel, you must dial zero first.

     Welcome to Flanklin Hotel. We will make you stay here as enjoyable as possible. We C. You can go shopping at 5:30 in Franklin Hotel.

    hope we will give you the best service. D. You can get your breakfast without leaving your room in Franklin Hotel.

     Room Service: You can use the service 24 hours a day. (B)

     Dining Room: You can have three meals a day in the dining room. Breakfast is Jim was 18-year old. His father wanted to take him to a bar. They went to a small bar,

    from 8:00 to 9:30. Also the room waiter may bring breakfast to your room at any ate something and then drank beer. Then they left the bar, they walked slowly and

    time after 7:00. If you need, please fill in a card and hang it outside your door unsteadily(摇晃的) along the road, and the boy asked his father,Dad, what does

    before 6:00. Lunch is from 12:00 to 14:00. Dinner is from 18:30 to 20:30. the word drunk mean?

     Telephone : There is a telephone in your room . Dial 0before you make a This is an easy question, my dear son, let me tall you.said the father,Can

    call .We will tell you to you see those two policemen just in front? If I look at them and see four or three

    Wait a moment if the lines are busy . policemen instead of two, then I‟m drunk. Do you understand?

     Shop: The hotel shop is open fro 9:00 to 17:30. Jim looked puzzled(迷惑不解). I think so, Dad,he said,but there is

     Coffee House :You can drink coffee here at the following times:12:00~14:00 only one policeman in front.

    20:00~1:30 ( )1. Jim and his father went to__________.

     Other Services : There is a cinema in the hotel . A film begins at 19:00 on A. a gambling house B. a bar C. a restaurant D. a hotel

    Sundays and ( )2. Jims father was drunk..was drunkmeans _______.

    Wednesdays . Hot water is offered (提供) 24 hours. A. ate too much B. drunk too much C. wanted to sleep D. badly ( ) 1 . If you want to have a meal as soon as possible at 7:30 ,what should you do ? ill

     A . Phone the service desk . B .Go to the hotel shop to buy some food . ( )3.Jims father saw _____ policemen instead of ________.

     C . Go to the hotel dining room D .Put a message outside the room A. two; four B. four; two C. two; one D. one; two ( ) 2 .The underline word dial means_____ . ( )4. How many policemen were in the story? A. four B. none C. one D.

     A . B . C. D. two

     ( ) 3. If you want to have a two-hour business talk in the coffee house, you may get ( )5. Who was drunk?

    there at ________. A. The boy B. The father C. The father and the boy weren‟t drunk

     A. 12:00 B. 1:00 C. 10:00 D. 11:30 D. Both the boy and the father.

     ( )4. The instruction tell us that you can ________. (C)

     A. go shopping at any time in the hotel B. get at least seven services A woman saw three o1d men sitting in her front yard~She said“I don‟t think I

     C. see a film when you want to D. go to the coffee house twice a week. know youbut you must be very hungry~Please come in and have something to

     ( )5. Which of the following is NOT true? eat~


     “We don‟t go into a house together”they replied~ between the

     “Why is that?” she asked~ two pictures.

     One of the old men answered. “His name is Wealth. This is Successand I am 44.Antonio is liked by everyone because he is always ready ______ (help) others.

    Love~” Then he said“Now go in and discuss with your family which one of us you 45.It‟s important for us ______ ______ ______ (honest).

    want in your house~ (B)根据句意及汉语提示完成句子。

     Then the woman went in and told her family what was said~She said “Let‟s 46.We should tell children to ______ ______ ______ (远离) TV programs that are invite Wealth~Let him come in and bring us nice things~We have been so not suitable for them.

    poor~"His husband disagreed“My dear, why don't we invite Success? Don‟t you 47.Have you ever heard the story of Xu Honggang who ______ ______ (与„„作want me to be a successful man?" Then the daughter asked“Would it be better to 斗争) the bad people?

    invite Love? Our life will then be filled with 1ove!" “Let‟s take our daughter's 48.Tom was angry. He ______ ______ stay in his room ______ (宁愿„„;而不愿advice(建议)"said the father and mother~ 意„„) say a word with us.

     So the woman went out and asked“Which one of you is Love? Please come 49.Now Miss Li ______ very ______ ______ (生气) Toms mistake that he had in and be our guest~”Love got up and started walking toward the house~The other made in the test.

    two also got up and followed him~Surprisedthe lady asked Wealth and Success50.Because of her beauty and passion(热情), he ______ ______ ______ ______ “I only invited Love~Why are you corning along?” The two o1d men answered“If (爱上) her deeply.

    you had invited Wealth or Successtwo of us would have stayed outbut since you ?.根据图片及提示词造句。(5)

    have invited Lovewherever he goeswe go with him~Where there is Love~there 51.would rather, than

    is Wealth and Success~ ____________________________________________ 根据短文内容;判断正(T)(F) 52.regard, as

    ( ) 36~This is a true story that happened a 1ong time ago~ ____________________________________________ ( ) 37~Wealth could make the family very rich~ sign, Scorpio

    ( ) 38~The family had different ideas and didn't know whom to invite~ ____________________________________________ ( ) 39~The three o1d men a11 went into the house to get something to eat. 54.Lei Feng, ready, to

    ( ) 40~The story tells us that 1ove is the most important of al1 ____________________________________________ 第三部分 写作 (25) 55.spend, watch TV

    ?.词汇。(10) ____________________________________________ (A)根据句意用所给词的适当形式填空。

    41.She is used to playing the piano ______ (gentle).

    42.I ______ (sudden) realized what I had to do.

    43.You‟ll choose the more beautiful one by ______ (compare) the differences


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