Unnecessary to Attend Remedial Class

By Nathan Martinez,2014-06-05 01:36
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Unnecessary to Attend Remedial ClassUnne

    Unnecessary to Attend Remedial Class

    Nowadays, attending remedial class during vacation has become a fashion, so does it necessary? People’s views about this issue vary from one to another. Some people hold the view that it’s good to attend remedial class,

    while others think there is no point in going to remedial class. As is seen to me, it’s

    unnecessary for all the kids to attend remedial class. Here are the reasons.:

     First of all, in modern society almost all the remedial classes’ main purposes are to

    make money, rather than to improve children’s grades. Therefore, it would be a waste of time and time money and time to attend remedial class. In addition, (it will put more pressure on children) more pleasure will be put on children, which is not good for children’s growth and

    may even make their childhood in gray.

    What’s worse, this may also make kids lose their interest in study, and then they will even hate to go to school. So if they don’t want to

    learn in their inner heart, attending remedial class is of on use useless.

     To put it in a nutshell, it’s really unnecessary to attend remedial class. The best way is to combine playing with learning, so let allow children do what they want to do. Parents should encourage their children to learn, but not to force them to learn. (It is very important to let every child has a colorful childhood.)A colorful childhood is essential to every child, which can not be replaced by remedial classes.

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