San Juan, Puerto Rico Metropolitan Fier Ring - Open Test Set

By Ida Miller,2014-09-28 05:54
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San Juan, Puerto Rico Metropolitan Fier Ring - Open Test Set

    San Juan, Puerto Rico Metropolitan Fiber Ring

    The San Juan, Puerto Rico Fiber Ring is the only redundant dark fiber capacity solution that encompasses the entire metropolitan area. The 32-mile ring passes through the highest consuming bandwidth areas in San Juan, which are:

    ; Metro Office Park (high-tech/telecommunications hub);

    ; Milla de Oro (banking district);

    ; Isla Verde (high-rise hotels/luxury condominiums); and

    ; Hotel Row.

    Not only does the ring pass through these areas, but the city of San Juan ranks among the (2)most densely populated areas in the United States. San Juan has 1,880 people/mile (2)compared to 325 people/mile for the average U.S. metropolitan area. As a result of this growth, the incumbent bandwidth providers have not been able to keep-up with the demand for bandwidth solutions.

    While the San Juan Fiber Ring is primarily designed to meet the bandwidth capacity constraint, the ring is also the only dark fiber solution that can interconnect to all existing and planned undersea cable landing points in Puerto Rico. It is the only solution that allows control of all the network elements, including capacity upgrades. The ring is projected to be completed in the first quarter of 2001.

The ring will utilize existing Rights-of-Way and Permit Rights (“ROW") granted to San

    Juan Gas (“SJG”), a subsidiary of Enron. Where possible, conduit will be pulled through SJG’s existing, deactivated pipelines. In areas where SJG does not have pipeline, more extensive excavation will be required. Approximately 60 % of the route will be encased in deactivated pipeline, providing an increased level of protection from a break in the system, and the remaining will be new excavation.

    The redundant ring is comprised of 144 fibers, half AllWave for DWDM multiplexing and half Single Mode. There are over 135 pull-boxes (access points) strategically located around the ring for ease in splicing. The ring will be monitored 24/7, with a response time of under 3 hours.

    Relative to other bandwidth solutions, such as leasing circuits, purchasing dark fiber has a significantly lower cost on a per mile basis. As an example, leasing a STM1 from bandwidth providers is as four times as expensive as purchasing and lighting dark fiber at the same capacity.

    SJG also owns an additional 200 miles of pipeline throughout the San Juan metropolitan area, penetrating more than 23,000 residential homes and commercial buildings in the area. It is expected that many of the fiber customers will be interested in these additional routes and rights-of-ways.

Potential dark fiber customers include:

    ; Telecommunication Companies;

    ; Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC);

    ; Internet Service Providers;

    ; Cable Television Providers;

    ; Multinational Corporations;

    ; Undersea Cable Carriers, and

    ; Cable Landing Operators.

    Additionally, we recognize the importance of connectivity from the undersea cable landings to a potential customer’s Point-of-Presence (“POP”) and/or connectivity from

    the fiber ring to a customer’s POP. As a result, when feasible, SJG will also provide

    connectivity from the dark fiber ring to/from a POP or undersea cable.

    In conclusion, the San Juan Fiber Ring offers a unique solution to the current capacity constraint within the metropolitan area. Not only does the dark fiber have a significantly lower cost relative to leasing circuits, but it is the only redundant dark fiber metro ring in San Juan, with access to all existing and planned cable landings.

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