Teaching Plan of Earthquakes

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Teaching Plan of EarthquakesPlan,plan

    Teaching Plan

    英本0805 关静

    Contents: Unit 4 Earthquakes

    Teaching aims:

    1. After learning this, the students will know some vocabularies to describe something about earthquakes.

    2. The students will be able to talk something about the topic on earthquakes and rescue work.

    3. The students will be able to use some of the reading skills while reading or else. Such as skimming, scanning and so on.

    4. The students will be able to communicate with others about earthquakes. And theyll get some knowledge about earthquakes.

    5. The students will learn something how to prepare for earthquakes and encourage them to deal with it when it actually happens confidently and bravely. And theyll be

    able to help others.

    Teaching difficulties: Help the students to describe destructions and events. Teaching procedures:

    Step 1. Greetings (1)

    Step 2. Pre-reading (14)

    1Ask the students what happened in 2008 impressed them most. Or ask them ?

    something about the earthquake happened in Japan recently. Then lead into the topic of earthquakes. (4)

    2Prediction: what will occur before an earthquake During it? After it? Work in ?

    pairs and then ask some of the students to present their ideas. (8)

    3Show more pictures and present some new words. (2) ?

    Step 3. While-reading (21)

    1Skimming: read the text quickly to get the main idea of it (2) ?

    What does it talk about?

    (What? An earthquake. When? On July 28, 1976. Where? Tangshan.) 2Scanning: read the passage carefully and join the correct parts of the sentences. ?

    Page27. (7)

    1. The chickens didnt eat because C. they were nervous

    2. The people didnt worry because E. they didnt know what the strange events meant

    3. Such a great number of people died because B. the quake happened while they were sleeping

    4. Water was needed because D. dams and wells were useless

    5. The people did not lose hope because A. the army came to help them

3Read the passage again and make a timeline. Page27. (7) ?

    Time Events

    1. For three days Water in the village wells rose and fell. 2. At about 3:00 am on July 28, 1976 Saw bright lights in the sky. 3. At 3:42 am Everything began to shake. 4. In fifteen terrible seconds A large city lay in ruins. 5. During the earthquake Two-thirds of people died or injured. 4Write down the main idea of each paragraph. (5) ?

    A. The strange things happened before and during the earthquake.

    B. The great influence of the earthquake.

    C. The damage of the earthquake.

    D. The rescue work after the earthquake.

    Step 4. Post-reading (9)

    1Why does the writer use the titleA night the earth didnt sleep? (3) ?

    A. There was an earthquake that making the earth not sleep. B. All people there were awake at that night because the great shake of the


    C. The whole world was shocked.

    2Choose a paragraph and act out an interview between a reporter and a survivor ?

    from the Tangshan earthquake. (6)


    Paragraph 1

    Reporter: Did you notice anything strange before the earthquake? Survivor: There were some strange things

    Layout of the Bb

    5.12, 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake Earthquakes

    1. burst: break open

    2. as if: look like

    3. in ruins: destroy, damage: not exist

    4. rescue: help to save others lives

    5. disaster: a very bad accident, cause a lot of damage 6. dig out: to remove sb/sth from someplace by digging 7. bury: to place a dead body in the ground

    Why? “A night the earth didn’t sleep”?

    A. The earthquake

    B. People there were awake.

    C. The whole world was shocked.

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