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Final ReviewFina

    Final Review Sample Questions

Multiple choice

    1. Holland’s theory of personality-job fit argues that job satisfaction is highest and turnover lowest where _____.

    a. personality and occupation are in agreement

    b. an individual is highly motivated

    c. salary is high

    d. felt emotions are displayed

    e. compensation is high

    You are the manager of a small boutique. You have decided to apply the Big Five Model in order to understand your employees and their work habits because it is generally supported by an impressive body of research. You want to use the five dimensions of personality to match individuals with jobs to which they are well-suited.

    Answer Question 2 and 3

    2. Michelle Jackson, one of your newest employees, is an extravert. Which of the following statements is least likely to be true?

    a. Michelle will probably attend the company picnic

    b. Michelle will probably have a large number of relationships c. Michelle will be friendly and outgoing

    d. Michelle will perform well on specialized, detail-oriented tasks e. Michelle will be suited to a managerial or sales position.

    3. You know that your customers are demanding and sometimes difficult. Which personality dimension taps a person’s ability to withstand stress?

    a. extraversion

    b. judging

    c. conscientiousness

    d. emotional stability

    e. intellect

4. Shortcuts in judging others include all of the following except _____.

    a. stereotyping

    b. halo effect

    c. projection

    d. self-serving bias

    e. the Pygmalion effect

5. Which of the following statements is not an example of stereotyping?

    a. There is no need to offer child-care to him; men aren’t interested in child care.

    b. Don’t hire an older worker; they can’t learn new skills.


    c. She was good at her last job, so she will be good at this one. d. She won’t relocate for a promotion, since women don’t relocate.

    e. The new hire will be emotionally insensitive, since he is a man.

    6. Jennifer has already presented two excellent reports. The report she has just presented is clearly not as good as the first two reports, yet she is given the same high grade as before. What shortcut has the teacher used in this case? a. the contrast effect

    b. the halo effect

    c. stereotyping

    d. projection

    e. assertion

7. Which of the following conditions would probably not lead to intuitive

    decision making?

    a. Time is limited and there is pressure to come up with the right decision. b. Facts don’t clearly point the way to go.

    c. There is a high level of certainty.

    d. There are several plausible solutions from which to choose. e. People are feeling pressured to make a decision.

8. How would a Theory X manager view employees?

    a. seeking responsibility

    b. needing to be coerced to achieve goals

    c. viewing work as a normal daily activity

    d. exercising self control

    e. not motivated by rewards

    9. Who proposed that intentions to work toward a goal are a major source of work motivation?

    a. Abraham Maslow

    b. Jake Herzberg

    c. Stephen McClelland

    d. Edwin Locke

    e. Douglas Surber

    Your workforce is diverse in terms of their needs for benefits. Jim is married with two children and his wife is at home full time. Janet is single and supports her widowed mother. Bob is married and his wife has a high-paying job. You decide that you want to devise a benefits program which is tailored to their individual needs. Answer Question 10 and 11

    10. What sort of benefit program would probably be the best choice? a. a traditional benefit program


b. a flexible benefit program

    c. letting them purchase their own benefits

    d. an ESOP

    e. an AESOP

    11. What sort of plan would provide pre-designed packages of benefits, put together to meet the needs of a specific group of employees?.

    a. flexible spending

    b. core-plus

    c. cafeteria

    d. modular

    e. customized

    Amalgamated Industries manufactures parts for furniture. Management has decided to change the method of payment to a skill-based plan. You are interested in increasing your current compensation and see this as an opportunity. Answer Question 12 and


12. As a manager, you like the plan because it allows _____.

    a. protection of territory

    b. flexibility

    c. elimination of workers

    d. decreased payroll costs

    e. increased control

    13. Which of the following may be a disadvantage of introducing this type of pay plan?

    a. Employees will become less motivated.

    b. Employees will become more specialized.

    c. Employees will tend not to work as hard as before.

    d. Your employer may pay for skills that they aren’t using.

    e. Your employer will have less control over what each employee does.

    14. Julia, Bree and David work in different departments, but often eat lunch together. They are an example of what type of group?

    a. formal

    b. informal

    c. command

    d. task

    e. reactant

    15. Most people assume that a police officer should behave in a lawful manner, and not show any favoritism to any particular group, and do their best to uphold the law. What term is used for this kind of belief?

    a. a norm


b. a norm identity

    c. a role expectation

    d. a role perception

    e. a norm violation

    16. Which of the following is not a finding of Elton Mayo’s Hawthorne studies?

    a. a worker’s behavior and sentiments are closely related

    b. group standards are highly effective in establishing individual worker output c. money was less a factor in determining worker output than were group standards, sentiments, and security

    d. competition between groups will maximize group output

    e. group influences are significant in affecting individual behavior

    17. If no one is aware of conflict, it is generally agreed that ________. a. conflict is inevitable

    b. conflict is subversive

    c. no conflict exists

    d. employee-employer relations will be good

    e. conflict is psychologically driven as opposed to physically manifest

    18 Which type of team meets to discuss ways to improve quality, efficiency, and the work environment?

    a. committee

    b self-managed

    c. cross-functional

    d. virtual

    e. problem-solving

    19. Which of the following helps explain the current popularity of teams? Teams ________.

    a. are a way to better utilize employee talents

    b. are easier to manage

    c. promote socialization

    d. are less expensive

    e. are very efficient

    20. ________ is the dimension of trust that refers to the degree to which you can rely on a person to tell you the full truth.

    a. Wisdom

    b. Virtue

    c. Optimism

    d. Confidence

    e. Openness

    21. The type of leader who guides or motivates his or her followers in the


direction of established goals by clarifying role and task requirements is known as a

    _________ leader.

    a. transcendent

    b. transformational

    c. actuarial

    d. transactional

    e. charismatic

22. According to the text, the two dominant contemporary theories of leadership

    focus predominantly on ________.

    a. acting and reacting leaders

    b. charismatic and transcendent leaders c. mentoring and self-leaders

    d. transformational and transactional leaders e. compelling and transformational leaders

23. Computer-aided communication includes all of the following except


    a. videoconferencing

    b. extranets

    c. teleconferencing

    d. e-mail

    e. intranet links

24. Which of the following roles focuses on bringing about order and consistency

    by drawing up formal plans?

    a. leadership

    b. management

    c. initiating structure

    d. task structure

    e. none of the above

25. An example of change in the nature of competition is ________.

    a. collapse of Enron Corporation

    b. growth of e-commerce

    c. Iraq?U.S. war

    d. increased interest in urban living e. a decrease in interest rates

26. The most important aspect of power is probably that it ________.

    a. is a function of dependency

    b. involves control

    c. tends to corrupt people

    d. is counterproductive


e. is needed to get things done in an organization

    27. ________ is a shared system of meaning held by the organization's members that distinguishes the organization from other organizations.

    a. Organizational culture

    b. Corporate image

    c. Socialization

    d. Formalization

    e. Institutionalization

    28. The basis by which jobs are grouped together is termed ________. a. bureaucracy

    b. departmentalization

    c. specialization

    d. social clustering

    e. centralization

    29. When Neal Patterson, CEO of Lerner Corporation sent his seething e-mail to 400 managers, he erred by selecting the wrong ________.

    a. distribution

    b. emotional charge

    c. channel for his message

    d. message

    e. none of the above

    30. ________ conflict supports the goals of the group and improves its performance.

    a. Reactive

    b. Formal

    c. Dysfunctional

    d. Informal

    e. Functional

    You have decided to use Holland’s Typology of Personality and Congruent Occupations to help your friends who are college seniors recognize which jobs they would be well-suited for. Monica is shy, stable and persistent. Neil is ambitious and energetic and likes to dominate conversations. Jessica is idealistic, impractical and very imaginative. Walter is efficient and practical, but he lacks imagination and tends to be inflexible. Chris is an original thinker, with an analytical and independent intelligence. Answer Question 31, 32, 33

    31. Monica is majoring in interior design. Her personality type is “realistic”

    according to Holland’s Typology. Which of the following statements is



     a. Monica’s personality type is well-suited to her major.

     b. Monica is better suited to be a bank teller.

     c. Interior design is incongruent with her personality type.

     d. Interior design is congruent with a “social” personality type.

     e. Monica prefers physical to mental activities.

    32. Which of your friends is best suited to being an accountant?

     a. Walter

     b. Neil

     c. Jessica

     d. Monica

     e. Chris

33. Who might be well-suited to being a lawyer?

     a. Walter

     b. Neil

     c. Jessica

     d. Monica

     e. Chris

    34. Because it is impossible for us to assimilate everything we perceive, we

    engage in _____.

     a. selective perception

     b. memorization

     c. mental desensitization

     d. periodic listening

     e. linear clustering

    35. Which of the following is a strong indicator that interviewers often base their

    judgments on perception, rather than simply on the facts they are presented


    a. different interviewers often arrive at different conclusions about the same


    b. applicants who do not have any negative traits are viewed more highly than

    those with a mix of negative and positive traits

    c. ethnic profiling is often needed to sort out large numbers of applicants

    d. interviewers do not have recourse to objective measures in many cases

    e. experience shows that in many cases the best person is not hired for the job

    36. You have heard that the teacher believes that men perform better in oral

    presentations than women. What shortcut has the teacher used in this case?

     a. the halo effect

     b. the contrast effect

     c. projection


     d. stereotyping

     e. prototyping

37. Jo is an honest and straightforward person. She believes her employees are all

    similarly honest and straightforward, ignoring signs that they may be

    manipulating her. What perceptual shortcut is Jo most likely using?.

     a. prototyping

     b. contrast effect

     c. halo effect

     d. stereotyping

     e. projection

    38. A Theory Y manager would assume that employees would _____.

     a. dislike work

     b. need to be controlled

     c. avoid responsibility

     d. exercise self direction

     e. attempt to avoid work

    39. MBO emphasizes translating overall organizational objectives into _____.

     a. capital gains

     b. specific objectives for organizational units and individual members

     c. operational units

     d. terms that the individual worker can understand and accept

     e. personal gain

40. What is another term for cross-training?.

     a. work enrichment

     b. job sharing

     c. work enlargement

     d. job enhancement

     e. job rotation

    41. Which of the following are all forms of variable-pay programs?

     a. piece-rate, wage incentive plans, gainsharing

     b. profit-sharing, lump-sum bonuses, extended vacations

     c. wage incentive plans, flextime, piece-rate

     d. retirement benefits, extended vacations, wage incentive plans

     e. wage rate increases, bonuses, flextime

Allied General Hospital employs many individuals and has decided to try to increase

    motivation through job redesign and flexible scheduling. You have been hired as a consultant to help them design and implement the programs. Answer Question 42, 43


42. It be difficult to initiate job redesign and flexible scheduling for operating

    room nurses. Which of the following is not a reason why this is the case?

     a. their job is specialized

     b. they are highly paid

     c. their shift times are rigorously set

     d. they are not easily replaced by other workers

     e. their time and skills are in high demand

43. Members of the nighttime janitorial staff are generally low skilled and would

    probably be motivated by _____.

     a. job enrichment

     b. flexible work schedules

     c. job enlargement

     d. all of the above

     e. none of the above

    44. Roles, norms, status, and cohesiveness are examples of _____.

     a. structural variables

     b. team mechanisms

     c. static factors

     d. team factors

     e. group properties

    45. What term is used for the mutual expectations of what management expects

    from workers, and what workers expect from management?

     a. group norm

     b. role expectation

     c. role identity

     d. psychological contract

     e. reactive goals

46. Which type of team meets to discuss ways to improve quality, efficiency, and

    the work environment?

    a. committee

    b. self-managed

    c. problem-solving

    d. virtual

    e. cross-functional

47. Which of the following types of teams allows for collaboration between team

    members who are physically dispersed?

    a. Virtual

    b. Global

    c. Real-time


    d. Local

    e. Interactive

48. ________ teams are made up of employees from about the same hierarchical


    a. Multifaceted

    b. Problem-solving

    c. Self-managed

    d. Cross-functional

    e. Star matrix

    49. Coasting on the group effort is termed ________.

    a. half-focus bias

    b. incompetence

    c. inconsistency

    d. social loafing

    e. dysfunction

50. Computer-aided communication includes all of the following except


    a. videoconferencing

    b. intranet links

    c. extranets

    d. teleconferencing

    e. e-mail

51. When Neal Patterson, CEO of Lerner Corporation sent his seething e-mail to

    400 managers, he erred by selecting the wrong ________.

    a. channel for his message

    b. distribution

    c. message

    d. emotional charge

    e. none of the above

    52. Leaders achieve goals, and power is ________.

    a. a strong influence on leaders' goals

    b. usually used by poor leaders

    c. a goal in and of itself

    d. defined by leaders' hopes and aspirations

    e. a means of achieving goals

53. The most important aspect of power is probably that it ________.

    a. is counterproductive

    b. tends to corrupt people


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