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    2011-2012-2 综合英语训练期末创意写作




    I stood in the torrential rain from 5.47 to 6.14 p.m. and got soaked to the skin. Every other bus, except a 145, appeared during that time.

    There is no doubt that I will have a cold, but it is not so much as losing job.Yes, I have just lost my job today. Because I quarreled with my boss based on his despotism.

    I am a person who is outspoken. But I dont think it dose matter. There is only

    one life to live for everyone. So why dont we live happily. In my opinion, we dont

    need to wear a mask to deal with something we dont like. How tired am I if I do that.

    I prefer to be more outspoken and more transparent. I know that maybe I will have to face a lot of pressure because there are always many unspoken rules. But what abou it? This is the way I choose. I will take responsible for my own decision. Anyway, the worst thing is to borrow some money and then to open a small shop. Even if I can not lead a rich life, I can also support myself.

    Just when I lost in thought myself, a car drove to me. The driver opened the window then said to me,Hey Lunar, how can you got wet so completly? I froze a

    moment, cause the man is my ex-boyfriend. We broke up last month. He continued, get on, I drive you home. I remembered we are still friend we have broke up and in addition, I do have no reason to refuse his help. So I got on his car obediently without hesitate.

    On the road, he asked me;Why are you stood there suffering the rain?

    Of course I was waitting for the bus. But I do not know why the 145 was not coming. I replied with a pretended lightness.

    So why dont you call your friend for help? He asked me again.

    I dont know.Maybe just because I am not willing to do that. Besides,it doesnt

    matter how wet I get.And it's nothing serious if I have a cold. Anyway, I will be OK after taking some medicine. I said.

    You still the same as before. Idiots. He scolded me.

    But I didnt get angry, since I'm used to him.So I just said,Thats OK.

    And then a silence fell over the car.

    When arriving my home, he said,Listen, Lunar, take good care of yourself. I

    do not want to see a negative girl. If you have any problem, do not hesitate to turn to me for help. Just like I will not be hesitate to help you, OK?

     OK. I see. And thank you, Ben. Take it easy. I will take good care of myself. I


    Well, go to bed early and have a good rest. Good bye. He said.


    2011-2012-2 综合英语训练期末创意写作

    Good bye, Ben.

    Then I stood before my house, looking at his cars back.

    Maybe he is just going to go get his new girlfriend. He is not the person who belongs to me, not my Mr. Right. As for me, I still have to wait my boy. And I have to cheer myself up. The only thing I need to do before finding my Mr. Right is to look for a steady job to support myself. After all, the only person who I can trust totally is myself. Life is a long, long journey, and I get a long, long way to go.The most important thing is to relax the mind and to enrich myself. Maybe it is the rain that

    made me a little bit awake. I thought.

    As a result, I went back to my house and then made a cup of coffee for self. After curling up on the sofa for a while, I picked up a book from the book shelf and started to read it quietly.

    Three hours has past.And it is night. But I still sit in the light reading carefully. There is nothing else attracting me. I feel very good now, since I am totally immersed in the book, and pay no attention to any other things. As if the whole word has nothing to do with me. Book, is such a good companion for me now. How I wish this moment can be for ever.

    After a while, I finally put down the book with rubbing my eyes and walking out for some fresh air. The sky is deep blue. A moon is hanging in the sky peeking out in wisps and glimmers surrounded by hundreds of thousands of stars. Looking at the beautiful night scene, my heart is extremely quiet. Bathed in the moolight with a little wind, I feel relaxed as if I was saved by something. Ichecked my watch, now is eleven thirty. It is a little bit late, and it is time to go to sleep. I would like to follow my heart to climb the bed. And I do. Nothing better than have a rest now. And I believe that from now on, I will cheer up. For I am not willing to want this kind of pain and sufferings heel me for a long time. And I will try my best to make the dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full.

    Think like this, I go into the sweet dream slowly.


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