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    Kindergarten game in my eyes

    LiuYaLi (Anhui Normal University 08 preschool education level master's degree thesis )

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    Pick to: The game in the children's growth and development process has very important significance. The game is part of the lives of children, children's favorite and is most often form of activity. The kindergarten education is the foundation of the children's life development stage, the game should be the basic activities of kindergarten. The kindergarten children's game is life experience and knowledge of the formation of the structure of the most effective way to realize, with other activities irreplaceable value.

    1. Kindergarten, the importance of the game

    1). The game is to promote the effective means of children's development

    Educator Makarenko said: "in childhood, the game is a legitimate business, children and even when doing important work,

    should also often do games...... the whole life of children is the game." Visible in the development of children's game has the

    role that cannot be replaced. The game can promote the development of children's body, help to the development of the sports ability; The game can promote cheeper perception, thinking ability, language ability and imagination, the development of cognitive ability; The game also can promote children's social and emotional development. Can say, the game is the children's life.

    2). The kindergarten is an important stage of children's growth

    The growth of life is divided into several important stage, and kindergarten one's life foundation of the growth stage. The children in the kindergarten period make its physical and mental critical period of development, can say, kindergarten stage of

    the development of the children in the development of life is extremely important influence. Children usually three to six years

    old to stay in the park, in the classroom and parents by the joint efforts of its own physical quality and the sports ability, improve their cognitive ability, at the same time, this period of children's social and emotional development also is in the critical period. Say so, kindergarten children's growth is the important place kindergarten education quality directly related to

    children's development.

    3). The game is the basic activities of kindergarten

    Lev Vygotsky said, "the game created the recent development zones." In 1989 to issue "kindergarten work rules (try out)" article 20 put forward for the first time: "with the game for basic education, containing the activities in the activity of" kindergarten education is one of the principle of work. The game is the children's activities like, is in the activities of the

    children's physical and mental characteristics, is the most are often the most suitable for children's activities. The game is children's basic activities, also is the need of the development of children's physical and mental health, the game has important

    education value. In kindergarten, the game through the daily life and education activities in. Young children through the various games to get knowledge, by education. So, will the game as a nursery basic activities, accord with the need to children's development is also necessary.

    2. Our kindergarten in the game of the present situation and the existing problems

    Based on my own in Anhui normal university affiliated nursery school of practical experience and education in Wuhu red kindergarten of observation, I think, generally speaking now most school workers have come to realize the importance of the game, know that in kindergarten for the benefits of the reasonable game, and trying to game penetration in daily life and teaching. However, we also should see, in the development of kindergarten game some problems still exist, embodied in the following aspects:

    1) The education role to attach too much importance to the game, the game of excessive education

    There are part of the early childhood teachers of children's education emphasizes the role, especially the role of intellectual

    development, therefore, part of the teachers in providing game types, mainly from the game to consider the education role. First to provide more intellectual games, music games and sports games and finished the task of certain teaching game, the second is to provide a single type of construction, puzzles structure game, arrangement of the children's favorite less is the role

    of the game. Sometimes game activities the content, the form all by teachers unified arrangement and when to play any game, with what toy materials are not decided by children; In the game on the process, the teacher most of the guidance to the center of gravity in the children's intelligence, moral character conventional, etc. Such as education they don't for toys, not to

    throw toys, not loudly noisy, learn to obey, cooperation, share, etc. The teacher thought that the good, should do teach children, bad immediately put a stop to it. The teacher always eager to teach children a ready-made right answers, but ignore the games children exploration; From the point of view of ignoring the children to consider to the value of their game; The children's active activities, become negative passively adapt to the requirements of the teacher education activities, ignore the

    function of the game. This is proof enough of the children in the game in a passive position. Also this shows the position of the game in the kindergarten. At the same time, a lot of preschool teachers think kindergarten has do or do with game for basic basic activities; And according to my observation kindergarten real game time but very little, this could be because people

    know about the game and there is a deviation attitude.

    2) Paying attention to subjective optional guidance, oversight system observation guide

    Teachers in the process of game guidance and lack of children's game behavior observation system. Therefore, the game of planning is not enough, the lack of direct the sense of purpose, do not understand the intention of the children's game, not to

    the behavior of the children's game to targeted specific guidance. The teacher to children less time observation, and participated in the game less time, and the behavior is more direct. Teachers to the intervention of the game consciousness very

    strong, paying too much attention to the result of the game, and the lack of enough patience let children in the game to try to, to seek, to find,. Especially organization the spontaneity of children's game, in addition to providing a variety of materials,

    the venue and the time, the teacher in the game as a bystander to string string, and can't game environment of many of the

    factors to rationally organization, it is indicated that the teacher not to watch a child's game, not to the condition of the children's game made a correct judgment.

    3)By adult's idea to evaluate game, ignore the children from review

    The game to become a teacher evaluation of children's game by summarizing the opportunity, teachers guide child together evaluation game, by the established model, the teacher speak more, but not for children to offer little or their own opinions of

    the opportunity to express their children lack experience in the game and some existing problems and the opportunity to discuss on dispute, lost to internalize the experience of the process. Teachers from start to finish the game of evaluation, occupy a large amount of time, total hope each game can be to achieve a certain education purpose and requirements. Children's game into the game children. The game evaluation, teachers rarely consider children's knowledge experience and accept ability, can't play to children's initiative and enthusiasm, make it become the form, lose their value. 3. the conclusion

    Children is the master of the game, the game is master, in the game to their children should life experience, in their own way and perspective to reflect their society and the understanding of the things. The kindergarten game, we should give full play to the initiative and creativity of young children, make their cognition, emotion, and social and so on various aspects to

    obtain development.

    The child is the master of the game, play what games, and who play together, how to play and play where problems should let children to decide, so as to meet the needs of children's voluntary game. Really do respect the wishes of the children's game and protect the rights of children's game, is the scientific views on children was associated the concrete embodiment in the game. The game we should respect the kindergarten the game itself characteristics and children's physical and mental development based on the characteristics of the develop and, at the same time, because of the particularity of the kindergarten

    itself, we should also game activities of daily life and give full play to the education function of the game. But, we should grasp a degree, that is, how to give full play of the game in the education function and avoid the excessive education of, also

    want to avoid will education of the game. This is a difficult to grasp of the critical point, but if we have the characteristics of

    the game for the understanding, to the kindergarten education characteristics also have the full knowledge, we still can do it.

    At the conclusion of the others experience and their own experience, based on my sight of kindergarten game, I think, want to make the kindergarten games smoothly, first of all, the kindergarten leaders set up the garden this consciousness, is clear about doing the principles and characteristics. This point on the surface looks and kindergarten game is no relationship, but if a

    kindergarten leaders and decision makers can know the characteristic of children, to the concern of the educators to doing the words, the kindergarten in the game will get the attention it deserves. Only set up strong garden this consciousness, is clear about the characteristic of oneself, a nursery school to face up to the game in improving the function of kindergarten quality,

    will carry out the game of characteristics, have level. So, I think that it is worth attention. In addition, early childhood teachers

    should also be thorough, the system of kindergarten game theory to study. Have a good and solid theoretical foundation can not very good guide practice, however, did not have a good theory foundation is difficult to successful guide practice. So, I think that the theoretical level of kindergarten teachers should rise to can guide practice level up, to better guide children's

    activities and games. The kindergarten teachers can be organized special game theory study, teachers can also study the related

    theory, on the basis of the kindergarten game carry on the summary and explore, in order to make the kindergarten game really become children's games.

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