LESSON 7 (2)

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LESSON 7 (2)

?. Words and Expressions

    4 now (that)


    1)as a consequence of the fact (that)

     Now that you have the chance, you’d better avail yourself of it.

    Now (that) we have gone so far, we might go a little further.

    2) at present, right now, when

    Now (that) he was ill I realized how much I owed him.

5 the tropics:

     the temperate zone the frigid zone

5 put into

    1) enter the harbor

    The boat had to put into Sidney for supplies. 2) work hard

    Put more effort into your work!

    3) put in(to) force

     make become effective

     A new upper limit on price increases has been put into force.

    4) put in(to) effect

    realize, execute, fulfill

    It is a first-rate scheme, and he is just the man to put it into effect.

5 As it turned out

     as it happened in the end

5 call for

    1) ask for

    We entered the saloon and called for whisky. I will call for you at your house. 来你家接你

    2) require, demand

    The minister’s resignation was called for by several members.

    The occasion called for prompt action.

6 aim


    aim at sth; aim to do sth:

    point towards; have as a plan or intention This book aims at giving a general outline of the subject.

    We aim to visit you soon.


    act of aiming, eg with a gun瞄准

    He took good aim at the target before he fired.


     purpose, object

     He exposed the true aims of the war. Synonym discrimination: purpose; object; aim; end; goal Purpose, object goal 大体相同!是为了达到目标而进行的心理活动!也是在自己眼前存在的应该达到的目的!而goal 强调最终目的?final purpose; end (目的) means ?手段,相对的。

    He never did anything without a purpose. The means doesn’t justify the end. 手段正当不能证明目的是善良的。

    Your ultimate goal must be continually kept in view.,,摆在眼前

6 mastery


    ~(of/ over) : supremacy霸权

    Which side will get the ~ 控制权

    ~ (of): completely control or knowledge ~ of the violin, get ~ of a wild horse

6 a matter of

    approximately; only

    within a matter of hours

6 rival


    person who compete with another; which cannot be compared with

    Although the boxers were rivals in the ring, they were really good friends.

    Bob and I are rivals for the job.

    There is no rival to Shakespeare as a playwright for something.

    As a work of reference for students of English, this dictionary is without a rival无可

    . (attrib): rival business firms 匹敌


    seem or claim to be as good as

    The stores rivaled each other in beautiful window displays. n. rivalry: competition

    There is ~ among business firms for trade.

10 warfare


    making war; condition of being at war; fighting the horrors of modern warfare

    at war; declare war (on); make/ wage从事发动 war on; go to war (against)

11 alter


    make or become different; change in character, appearance, etc

    It profoundly altered the historic balance of power. She hasn’t altered a bit.

    n. alteration


    making a change

    My coat needs alteration.


    act of changing; changes that is the result of altering My mother had to make some alterations in her new dress. Synonym discrimination: alter; change; turn; vary

    change: 常用!可指数量或质量!外表或本质上的大小变化!及物或不及物

    turn: change 意思相同!但在作为不及物动词时change 单独使用!turn需要


    The color turned red.

    The color changed (into red).

    alter: 不如change 词义强!通俗。常意味局部、表面的改变(change往往表示


    This coat is too big. I must have it altered. vary: 不规则的或断断续续的改变!使事物有各种各样的变化。

    I was told to vary my diet.

12 charge

    n, vt, vi

    sudden and violent attack at high speed ( by soldiers, wild animals, a football player,


    After a fierce bayonet charge our soldiers captured the enemys position.

    The striker?前锋, was violently charged by the defender. Suddenly the wolf charged at us.

Charger 军马


    (old use) army officers horse

12 glory


    high fame and honor won by great achievements; being beautiful or magnificent

    Glory to God in the highest.

    The flowers will then be in their full glory. C可数

    reason for pride, subject for boasting, sth deserving respect and honor

    He was a glory to his profession. vi

    Glory in

    take great pride in

    Their father gloried in their success. vt. glorify

    worship, give honor and glory to; make (sb or sth) seem more imposing

    The Romans gloried Caesar. She calls it a country house, but I call it a glorified barn.

    adj. glorious

12 just


    1) well deserved, fairly earned; reasonable公正的!合理的

    You have received a just punishment.

    2) in accordance with what is right: A judge must be a just man. adv. justly


    to feel justly ashamed


    1) to indicate an immediate past: just had dinner

    2) exactly, precisely:

    That is just what I saw.

    3) (collq) very, very much

    The concert was just splendid. 4) merely, only

    He is just an ordinary man.

12 aspiration


    1) aspiring, desiring

    ~ (for / after); ~ (to do/ be) his aspirations for fame/ to be an actor

    2) aspirating


    vi. aspire

    be filled with high ambitions立志

    to aspire after glory / to aspire to the presidency / to aspire to be made leader

    n. aspirant

    person who is ambitious for fame an aspirant to high office

14 be born to it:

    destined to be

    Cf. born; borne

    He was born of Greek parents in Germany. She had borne 4 children.

    He was borne by Eve.

    Be borne in on/ upon

    make sb understand, accept

    The terrible truth was borne in on him. It was gradually borne in on me that---

15 soothingly


    vt. soothe

    1) make quiet or calm down

    ~ a crying baby; a soothing effect 2) make (pains, aches) less sharp or severe

    The medicine soothed his pain. n. sooth真实

    (archaic) truth

18 deadly


    (deadlier, deadliest)

    1) causing, likely to cause, death Cancer is a deadly disease. Fog is one of the sailors deadliest enemies. 2) (colloq) excessive非常的!极度的

    A deadly silence filled the room. 3) like that of death死一般的

    Her deadly appearance is due to long illness.


    1) excessively: deadly sick/ a deadly boring play

    2)like that of death: deadly pale 3)excessively: deadly serious

18 keep at

    1) keep at sth

    work at it

    Keep at it; dont give up!

    2) keep sb at sth

    make him work

    Keep them at it! Dont let them get lazy!

20 spur


    spur sb/ sth (on):

    1) urge on

    Ambition spurred him on.

    He was constantly spurred on by a fear of failure. 2) ride fast or hard

    The rider spurred on to his destination. n


    win ones spur

    win honor and reputation

    (fig) sth that urges a person to greater activity His wifes encouragement was the spur he needed to succeed. Act on the spur of the moment

    on a sudden impulse

20 folly




    foolish act, idea or practice; ridiculous thing

23 content

    adj (not used as attrib; cf contented)

    1) ~ (with)

    satisfied with what one has

    I am not content with beautiful dreams; I want beautiful realities.

    1) ~ to do sth

    willing or ready to do sth

    He was content to eat the leftovers.

    I should be well content (=quite pleased) to do so.


    condition of being satisfied: live in peace and content To ones hearts content

    to the extent that brings satisfaction


    ~ sb/ oneself (with)


    Simple praise is enough to content him. He contented himself with two glasses of beer though he could have had more.




    with a contented smile.

    Contented with little, yet wishing for more.

n [’kэntent]

    1) (plu) that which is contained in sth the contents of a book / room; table of contents 2(sing or plu) the amount which a vessel will hold; capacity

    the content(s) of a barrel

    3) (sing) substance, essential meaning To Marx form and content were inextricably connected. 2) ~ (of sth) part of it

    the sugar content of milk; a high fat content

23 inspiration


    1) (slang) good idea

    have a sudden inspiration

    2)~ (to/ for) person or thing that inspires鼓舞!灵感来源!启示

    Dante was the inspiration for my book on Italy.


    influence arousing creative activity in literature, music, arts灵感

    Many poets have drawn their inspiration from nature.

    v. inspire

    Inspire sth (in sb); ~ sb (with sth/ to do sth) inspire a new thought into sb;

    inspire sb with courage

23 appeal to (sb)

    ask for sb earnestly

    The government is appealing to everyone to save water. The victims' families of the murder have appealed to the Supreme Court to have a

    definitive answer.

23 grip


    take and keep a firm hold of; seize firmly紧抓!吸引人

    The child gripped its mother's arm.

    The pictures gripped my imagination. The film is a gripping story of love and hate. 扣人心弦


    act, or power of gripping

He kept a firm grip on his children.

    to have a sound grip of a problem

    be at grips with; come/ get to grips with: be attacking; in close battle get to grips with a problem

31 mark off

    put marks on (to show boundary lines, measurement, etc) This area has been marked off for athletic practice. This phase in his life was marked off from the rest of his life by the death of his father.

44 artificial


    1) not natural or real, made by the art of man artificial flowers

    This brand of tinned beans contains no artificial coloring.?人造色素,

    2)affected, not natural

    The film star flashed an artificial smile at the crowd.

     人工呼吸 artificial respiration呼吸

    artificial fertilizer [manure] 化肥

    artificial insemination 人工受精

45 brood


    1) ~ (on/ over/ about)

    (fig) think about (troubles) for a long time Don't brood about it.

    She sat there brooding on whether life was worth living. 2) brood over: cover

     A cloud is brooding over the hills.

    3) sit on egg to hatch them


    all the young birds hatched at one time in a nest; family of other egg-produced

    animals; (hum) young family of human beings a brood hen

    a brood of chickens一伙鸡!一窝鸡



    moody, depressed心情不稳的!沮丧的

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