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By Gail Bailey,2014-06-05 01:20
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     On myself

    Good morning ,ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleasure to make a speech here .Today my topic is “on myself ”.

    Each people is unique, everyone is different ,I do not need to envy others. Because I think I am the only one in the world.

     My childhood

    I grew up in a healthy family .i have an younger brother and this make my childhood days more colorful .when I was a little girl ,I always making my brother crying ,such as take away his toys .but now I am not prepare to say “sorry” to him. In my heart ,we are the sister and brother . In my childhood ,on one hand ,I was a naughty ,I always like playing with boys ,we could climbing trees ,went to the river to catch fishes. On the other hand ,I was a good student ,I could finish my homework by myself and got a high mark .

     In one word , I was a happy girl .

     The life of my university

     I have been in the university for about two years , during my stay here ,I came to realize that university life is like drinking coke. We experience all tastes of life here.

     Lucky for me, life in university is rich and colorful. With more free time , we can do many more things besides study, such as joining societies clubs, and taking part-time jobs. Such activities not only make our life more colorful, but also help us improve all kinds of skills. The university is a society miniature, what we learn here will benefit our future life.

     Once my teacher said “you are not sewing, you are creating; never forget what you should lay out to people is your thought, not craft.”

     My future life

     I will put my personality with my interest and ability into my study; in this process learning will be combined with practice. If I can master these two tasks, I think that I really grow up. And I deeply believe : family, good-fellowship and love will help to perfect future. Then what is our future like? Anyway, it’s a good wish. So let’s make up our minds, stick to it and surely well enjoy our life.

Thank you!



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