Key to Model Test1-B

By Theresa Rogers,2014-06-05 01:12
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Key to Model Test1-BKey,Test,KEY,test,key

    Key to Model Test-1 (B)

    May 21, 2011

    Part I Writing (15%)


    In recent years, many people are always arguing whether we should take long-holiday policy. Some of them like long holidays while the other not. Actually, this is because, long holidays have both advantages and disadvantages.

     For some people, long holidays mean they have more time to travel and get together with their families. Thus, they can travel further and share more feelings and experience with their families. At the same time, long holidays will accelerate the development of economic in tourist sights.

     While for others, long holidays take up too much portion in the whole year holidays which will lead to the other meaningful holidays be forgotten year after year. That is to say, if we cut down the days in long holidays for other meaningful holidays more important days will be remembered. Or, we will forget many of those days. In addition, long holidays will make people hard to turn back to work. Why? The reason is simple. We commonly fix the body clock which is not available for working during the long holiday. So, we will use more days to come back to work efficiently.

     In conclusion, for some people, long holidays are of great importance to their life and improve the economic in the tourist sights while for the other it is an obstacle to their back to work and other meaningful holidays.

Part II Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning) (10%)

    1. A 2. C 3. D 4. C 5. A 6. B 7. D

    8. one-third 9. glaciers and ice caps 10. water pollution

    Part III Listening Comprehension (35%)

    1115 BDAAD 1620 DBCBD 2125 CABAC

    2630 ACCBC 3135 BCAAC

    36. especially 37. beliefs 38. connect 39. finance

    40. Delivering 41.governmental 42. description 43. selected 44. its project leaders to provide progress reports every few months about how donor

    money is spent (2%)

    45. However, this is difficult because so many organizations are collecting money for

    important causes (2%)

    46. is a way for small solutions to have a big influence in the developing world (2%)

    Part IV Reading Comprehension (25%)

    Section A (10×0.5’)

    47. D 48. E 49. N 50.G 51. B

    52. A 53. K 54.L 55. I 56. O

    Section B (10×2’)

    57~61 CACDA 62~66 BCDBA

    Part V Cloze (10%)

    67~71 DBBAA 72~76 ACBBB

    77~81 ADADC 82~86 DBBCD

    Part VI Translation (5%)

    87. drop out of high school

    88. out of curiosity

    89. owes (owed) /attributes (attributed) his success more to luck 90. her heart beating faster

    91. were short of hands

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