The Public Safety Partnership is a community resource focused on

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The Public Safety Partnership is a community resource focused on

community concerns and complaints through positive community The Public Safety Partnership is a

    rarely leads to lasting solutions to collaboration. community resource focused on

    problems. Thus, we are committed to public safety in partnership with the

    fostering partnership philosophies, City of Albuquerque. It is our PSP Membership strategies and relationships that will pleasure to introduce you to our

    produce desired long-term effects. organization and its activities. The PSP consists of a dozen

    members who constitute a diverse, Albuquerque Police Department The PSP will work: broad-based cross section of the

    Mission Statement Albuquerque community. Among

    We, the members those are members of the faith ; To facilitate the communication of of the Albuquerque community, public education, information regarding community Police Department, charitable organizations, expectations; believe in the neighborhood associations, the retail ; To support APD regarding design shared business sector, and community and implementation of programs responsibility of activists. for meeting community needs; police personnel, ; To enhance and sustain the vision government Representative PSP Projects and and long-term public safety goals leaders and Programs in partnership with the City of citizens to improve Albuquerque. Albuquerque's quality of life and to The Public Safety Partnership has defend our community. We vow to originated or has joined with others During the last year the APD has been uphold the U.S. Constitution, to fairly and is currently working on the working to re-establish a Community enforce the laws of New Mexico and following current projects. Policing Steering Committee in the City of Albuquerque in order to Albuquerque. To address this need, protect life, property and rights. In the APD empanelled a group of partnership with the community, we Business Summit citizen volunteers to serve on an Ad will engage in policing to maintain Hoc basis to help in determining the order, reduce crime and the fear of The business community as a whole role of a citizen involved community crime through education, prevention is as much a victim of crime as are policing committee. This Ad Hoc and enforcement. residents. Residents, in turn, become Community Policing Steering affected by higher prices and costs Committee makes the following related to the criminal activity aimed Albuquerque PD Community recommendations regarding the at our commercial establishments. Policing Mission formation of a permanent steering Crime is an economic development committee: issue. The PSP organized the first-Community Policing is a pro-active ever citywide Business Crime Summit partnership between the Albuquerque Public Safety Partnership (PSP) is the in May 2006 to raise awareness of Police Department, the citizens of formal name of the committee, as it these issues and to begin to mobilize Albuquerque, other agencies within expands the mission beyond policing, the business sector. It was attended the City of Albuquerque and other and envisions other stakeholders as by over 100 business representatives levels of state Government, Federal partners in developing solutions to in our community, and has opened Government, and the private sector. multi-faceted community concerns. the door to communication between This partnership seeks to expose the APD and Albuquerque’s business root causes of crime and disorder and The Public Safety Partnership sector. Plans are currently being to eradicate such conditions through understands that the use of a developed to host a follow up meeting the aggressive enforcement of laws, traditional police response to in the month of October. ordinances, and City policies and

    Partnership has devised a new “Pat Retail Assets Protection Program

    on the Back” award. It will be used to

    give that kind of positive recognition As a direct result of the Business to APD members who identify Crime Summit meeting, local Loss problems, organize partnerships / Prevention Executives from a number stake holder groups, apply problem-of companies created a group named solving strategies, and use a wide the Albuquerque Retail Assets range of community resources to Protection Association, or ARAPA. impact those problems. Members are committed to

    cooperation with one another in

    dealing with major shoplifting Exemplary Neighborhood suspects and organized retail theft Programs

    groups. Further, ARAPA has formed a partnership with APD detectives to During the recent National Night Out share intelligence information on a Against Crime, PSP honored the monthly basis. Each month, more Kirtland Addition neighborhood for its retail businesses join ARAPA in an results in partnership with APD effort to curtail theft activity. Southeast Area Command to address

    long-standing problems of concern to

    area residents. PSP will continue to Homelessness Project

    look for such exemplary programs to

    recognize as model efforts APD has been working with Homeless

    Service Providers to identify ways to collaborate and to address the needs Emergency 911

    of Albuquerque's homeless population, as well as the concerns Non-Emergency 242-COPS (2677) that citizens have regarding homeless

    persons in Albuquerque. The PSP is City Services 311 a part of this partnership and helps in

    providing a citizen perspective

    regarding the community’s

    expectations of how law enforcement

    and service providers can work with

    the community to address homeless

    persons in our City more effectively.

    “Pat on the Back”

     PSP is committed to assist with the

    full implementation of community Mayor Martin J. Chávez policing philosophy within APD.

    Understanding that recognition and Raymond D. Schulz, Chief of Police reward are keys to encouraging

    organizational change, the For more information contact:

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