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     The movie tells a story about two friends inthe second world war.

    There are two kids Danny and Rudder in a farm of the USA. They were good friends and both of them liked flying and wanted to be pilots to fright for free when they were kids. They work for arm when they grow up. Because of the development of the second war, England was in trouble and it asked the USA for help. They need pilots in order to beat Hitler. What’s more, sooner or later the USA

    will be in the war whether they like it or not and they also need the best pilots. Rudder volunteered to go England because he had been 25 years old and he had to leave arm. Before he leaves the USA, he fell in love with a nurse Evelyn who helped him pass the physical examination.

    The president of the USA tried to persuade American to be in the war, but it did not work. However, Japan government had planned to fight with the USA by a sudden strike because the USA cut off the oil that is Japanese lifeline. Rudder led a hard life in England but he didn’t lose hart because he wished he could back there with Evelyn. They wrote to each other. Unfortunately, Rudder’s plane was shot down in a fight and he can’t ball his

    canopy’s stuck.Everyone thinks he dead.

    Japan government tried to cheat American that they couldn’t fight. But the Navy of the USA found that Japanese two whole carrier divisions can disappear and they gassed that they will fight. However, no people believe it.

    Evelyn fell in love with Danny by chance after she knew Rudder’s death. However, Rudder didn’t dead, he got picked up by a French fishing boat and he was in occupied France, and he couldn’t get word out. But Evelyn has been Danny’s wife at this time, Rudder is

    very angry for the thing. They fight but somebody call police. They have to escape in order to not be thrown in the brig. They escape to sea bank and Danny hope they can work things out so that…things could be right between them, but Rubber says that he doesn’t see how it could ever be the same.

    Japanese navy has been ready to attack on Pearl Harbor. American radar finds a lot of planes, unfortunately they think they are American planes. Worse things take place. At that time,

    American navy realizes that the Japanese are expecting a war. But everything is later because the Japanese plane have flew to Pearl Harbor while American don’t realizes danger is coming. “This is no damn drill!” all people have to fight with Japan consciously. Danny

    and Rubber go to airport to look for plane that can fly. However, major airports have been destroyed. There is no plane to fight with Japan. What’s worse, hospitals are destroyed, too. Japan bombe battleship row and the major airfields. Luckily, Danny and Rubber get two planes form a small airport and they success flying with their friends’ help. Everyone is very happy when they see Danny and Rubber shoot down Japanese planes. All people try their best to save wounded while the wounded are too many. At that time, they get the information form Washington that attack by Japan considered imminent. They’re only an hour late, but it too late. The

    attack lead that over 3000 American lives have been lost.

    The present of the USA call people that no matter how long it may take them…to overcome this premeditated invasion because

    the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. He also says that the American people, in their righteous might… will win

    through to absolute victory. He ask that the Congress declare a state of war because of this unprovoked, dastardly attack by Japan. The present decide to strike back. He mean hitting the heart of Japan the way they have hit them. However, people object to him because of kinds of danger and risk. In order to encourage people, he stand up from his chat by himself. All American devote themselves to beat Japan.

    Danny and Rubber are asked to ask Colonel Doolittle. Colonel Doolittle need them for a mission he has been ordered to put together because they are just about the only pilots in the Army with combat experience. They do a lot of work to let B-25 fly from USS Hornet to bomb Tokyo. The mission is that The Navy sneak them about 400 miles off the Japanese coast and they’ll launch from the carrier there. Their mission is to hit military targets… aircraft and tank factories. They will land in China after finishing their mission. They success attacking Tokyo.

    However, they are in trouble because they have no oil. They have to crash land. After crashing land, they come across Japs

    patrols and they have a fight with them. However, Danny dead. Before Danny dead, Rubber tell him that he will be father. Then, they are saved by Chinese arm. Though attacking Tokyo is very small and all planes are destroyed, it plays an important part in the war. Before the Doolittle raid… America knew nothing but defeat. After it, nothing but victory. Japan realized for the first time that they could lose and began to pull back. America realized that she would win… and surged forward. It was a war that changed America and world.

     Pearl harbor plays an important part in the second world war. Before pearl harbor attacked by Japan, England government tried its best to persuade the USA to be in the war, but the USA didn’t agree to do it and they are used to peaceful life. However, Japanese action lets American have to be in the war. Most of the world are very happy because the USA is in the world. From then on, Japan has one more enemy. It makes Japan perish more quickly.

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