90499 Research and present a music topic - NZQA

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90499 Research and present a music topic - NZQA

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    Achievement Standard

Subject Reference Music Studies 3.4

    Title Research and present a music topic

    Level Credits Assessment 3 6 Internal

    Subfield Music

    Domain Music Studies

    Registration date Date version published 16 November 2005 16 November 2005

This achievement standard involves the identification and definition of an area for research

    in music and the development of a framework. It further involves gathering, selecting and

    recording relevant evidence from a range of sources, producing and refining research

    using appropriate methods, and presenting findings and conclusions.

Achievement Criteria

Achievement Achievement with Merit Achievement with


    ; Develop a framework for ; Develop a framework for ; Develop a framework for researching a music topic. researching a music topic. researching a music topic.

    ; Process relevant ; Effectively process ; Effectively process, with information from sources. relevant information from discernment, relevant

    sources. information from sources.

    ; Use findings from ; Use well-supported ; Use well-supported and independent research to findings from independent perceptive findings from construct and deliver a research to construct, independent research to presentation with valid refine and deliver a construct, critically refine, conclusions. presentation with valid and and deliver a presentation

    coherent conclusions. with valid, coherent and

    insightful conclusions.

Explanatory Notes

1 This achievement standard is derived from The Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum,

    Learning Media, 2000; Level 8 music strand, Understanding Music in Context.

2 Developing a framework includes identifying an area of research and defining a topic.

     New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2012

    Number Version Page 2 of 3 AS90499 2

    3 Research topics may be related to:

    ; creative processes of music-making (composition, performance, audio

    engineering, music and film)

    ; sociology of music

    ; psychology of music

    ; music in society

    ; music industry

    ; music analysis

    ; world music

    ; community music

    ; historical perspectives, including development of an instrument.

    4 Research methods involve:

    ; defining an area of inquiry

    ; formulating the central research question

    ; formulating a framework involving focus questions and planning how to conduct


    ; gathering information and selecting relevant evidence from it ; recording sources of evidence

    ; drawing valid conclusions

    ; organising and presenting findings and conclusions.

    5 Methods to gather information. The following offer a range of quantitative and

    qualitative methods from which to choose, as appropriate to the research: ; questionnaires

    ; surveys

    ; interviews

    ; action research

    ; data gathering

    ; observation

    ; personal narrative

    ; mentoring.

    Note: Consideration of human ethics approval, use of intellectual property, plagiarism

    and copyright issues all need to be adhered to when conducting research.

    6 Presentation will include evidence of the research methods used, and may take one

    or more of the following forms:

    ; seminar

    ; film/video/radio documentary

    ; written assignment

    ; display

    ; live performance

    ; music video

    ; web site

    ; sonic art

    ; annotated scores

    ; audio-visual

    ; data display.

     New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2012

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    7 Candidates will retain their work in a portfolio and include evidence of sources for

    investigation and research.

Quality Assurance

    1 Providers and Industry Training Organisations must be accredited by the

    Qualifications Authority before they can register credits from assessment against

    achievement standards.

    2 Accredited providers and Industry Training Organisations assessing against

    achievement standards must engage with the moderation system that applies to

    those achievement standards.

    Accreditation and Moderation Action Plan (AMAP) reference 0226

     New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2012

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