Safety Operating Procedures - Ride on Mower

By Adam Morris,2014-09-28 05:48
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Safety Operating Procedures - Ride on Mower

    (Your Business Name Here) Safe Work Procedure


    DO NOT use this machine unless you have been instructed

    in its safe use and operation and have been given permission



     Locate and ensure you are familiar with all machine Remove any foreign material from in and around engine

    operations and controls. and catcher parts.

     Ensure all guards are fitted, secure and functional. Do Keep the work area or implement shed in a safe, clean

    and tidy condition. not operate if guards are missing or faulty.

     Ensure that seat belt, if fitted, is in sound condition. POTENTIAL HAZARDS AND INJURIES Ensure cutting blades are sharp, secure and in good ; Rapidly rotating cutting blades. condition. ; Noise. Ensure any pneumatic and hydraulic mechanisms are in ; Eye injuries. sound condition. ; Ejected material and flying debris. Ensure all electrical switches (including dead mans switch if fitted) are functioning. DON’T

    ; Do not use faulty equipment. Report suspect machinery OPERATIONAL SAFETY CHECKS immediately. Be sure the transmission is out of gear and the mower ; Never carry passengers. blade clutch disengaged before starting.

     Keep clear of moving machine parts.

     Drive at speed slow enough to keep control over unexpected hazards.

     Travel up/down slopes rather than across, taking extra care when ascending or descending steep slopes.

     Take care when refuelling to avoid spilling fuel onto hot motor or exhaust.

     Before making adjustments, bring the machine to a complete standstill and isolate.

     Watch for ejected material. Ensure no person or animal

    is endangered when operating equipment. ENDING OPERATIONS

     Park on even ground.

     Stop the ride on mower and shift the gear selector to

    park position.

     Raise and secure the cutting blades. This SWP does not necessarily cover all possible hazards Lock the parking brake. associated with this equipment and should be used in conjunction with other references. It is designed as a guide to Stop the engine and remove the keys. be used to compliment training and as a reminder to users prior to equipment use. This information is based on material published by the South Australian Department of Education and Children’s Services.

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