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    Air Traffic Services Safety and Interoperability Requirements

    General Information

    Paper Reference: Revision: Date: Status : 18 June 2008 Plenary Draft POS-PL-Operating


    Editor / Author: Review Meeting/Teleconference: Plenary 5 22 Semptember 2008 Jose Roca, Paul Mettus Comments Due: 12 September 2008 Position Paper Title:

    RTCA SC-214/EUROCAE WG-78 organization, work structure, and operating procedures Abstract and Proposed Action:

    This position paper introduces the organization structure of RTCA SC-214/EUROCAE W-78, work structure, and

    associated standard operating procedures. This structure and procedures are intended to:

    a) Facilitate managing the completion of the terms of reference and reporting the status. b) Coordinate issues between EUROCAE and RTCA and outside RTCA/EUROCAE activities. c) Provide a method for achieving consensus in a timely manner.

    d) Allow for "off-line" dialogue of technical issues and their resolution.

    e) Maximize use of plenary meeting time and facilitate in the preparation of meeting minutes. f) Be easy to use.

Note: This proposal is based on P-PUB-01 Working paper issued by SC-189 / WG-53. Working methods & Rules

    have been adapted to the SC-214 / WG-78 working plan.

    Key words (Optional):

    RTCA SC-214/EUROCAE WG-78 standard operating procedures


    SC-214/WG-78Groups Additional Names Additional Names Additional Names Plenary SG1 SG2 SG3

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Subject: RTCA SC-214/EUROCAE WG-78 organization, work structure, and operating procedures

1. Introduction

    RTCA SC-214 and EUROCAE WG-78 have agreed to work to identical terms of reference (see attachment), meet jointly at agreed locations, and produce identical documents (with the exception of format and translation into French). This position paper describes the RTCA SC-214/EUROCAE WG-78 organization, work structure, and operating procedures that will facilitate managing the completion of the terms of reference and reporting its status. These procedures are designed to break down the work into manageable pieces, track issues and their resolution, coordinate issues between RTCA and EUROCAE and outside of the RTCA/EUROCAE activities, reach consensus on controversial issues, and maintain products of SC-214/WG-78. These procedures are intended to be easy to use.

    This proposal is tailored from the operating procedures that SC-189/WG-53 used to develop DO-290A/ED-120A, DO-280B/ED-110B, DO-258A/ED-100A and DO-305/ED-154 (ATN/FANS accommodation).

2. Organization and Work Structure

    SC-214/WG-78 is organisation comprises three Technical Subgroups and a Publication Integration group as shown below.


    US Chair: P. Mettus, Locheed Martin EU Chair: J. Roca, Eurocontrol

    Publication Integration J. Hamelink W. Brondsema

    SG 1 SG 2 SG 3 US Chair: R. Rawls, Boeing US Chair: Claudia Chitty, Lockheed US Chair: G. Anderson, FAA EU Chair: Thierry Lelievre, Altran EU Chair: TBD EU Chair: Frederic Picard

    a) The Sub-Group 1 (SG1) is co-chaired by one representative from EUROCAE and one representative from

    RTCA and is responsible for developing the Environment Descriptions used to develop the Safety and

    Performance Requirement (SPR) standards and to produce the Service Descriptions and the SPR for a number

    of the data link services included in the scope of the work of SC-214/WG-78 (see diagram next page).

    b) The Sub-Group 2 (SG2) is co-chaired by one representative from EUROCAE and one representative from

    RTCA and is responsible for the development of the Service Descriptions and the SPR for a number of the data

    link services included in the scope of the work of SC-214/WG-78 (see diagram next page).

    c) The Sub-Group 3 (SG3) is co-chaired by one representative from EUROCAE and one representative from

    RTCA and is responsible for developing the standards to facilitate interoperability, associated substantiation,

    and the guidelines to qualify implemented systems to meeting the interoperability (Interop) standards.

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    WP1 WP2 WP3


    D-RVR ED-120/DO290 Services ASPA-ITP & ASEP-ITP D-FLUP




    COTRAC Level 2

    Note: At Plenary 4 it was decided to consider the possibility to group the services per ICAO Application to conduct the Operational Safety Assessment and the Operational Performance Assessment. If Plenary 5 agrees to go that way, SG1 and SG2 might have to be merged into one single group.

    The Publication Integration group supports the SC-214/WG-78 co-chairs and comprises interested parties who will be responsible for structure, integration, consistency and maintenance of the publications and project management, including tracking terms of reference to ensure all have been addressed. It is anticipated that this group will be relatively small but should adequately represent different users of the RTCA/EUROCAE publications, e.g., aircraft manufacturers, avionics suppliers, ground-system developers, service providers and CAAs.

3. Operating Procedures

    The operating procedures are only as good as the people who use them. Therefore, we request your support in using these procedures during the development of the products of SC-214/WG-78.

3.1 SC-214/WG-78 Committee Product and Document Reference

    There are seven types of documents to be managed by the SC/WG:

    - The draft group products defined in the Terms of reference (TORs) for the group. The final standards will

    be managed by Eurocae and RTCA,

    - Meeting notices for plenary sessions,

    C:\Convert\Temp\672110424.Doc, page 3, last saved 29-Jun-13

- Meeting minutes for plenary sessions,

    - Position papers on specific issues,

    - Terms of Reference for the sub-groups,

    - Master Schedules, and

    - Comments to any of the documents listed above.

In addition to the document types above, the following document types have also to be maintained by the group:

    Membership and Distribution list, and Document Status Tracking. General working papers not falling into one of the

    above categories are not subject to configuration management rules.

SC-214/WG-78 is planning to publish a single SPR document. However the sections of the document are being

    treated as separate configuration management items to enable an efficient progress of the work.

The following document references will be used for the managed documents:

Document Reference Document Contents Editor

    SPR The whole SPR document Jane Hamelink, Wim Brondsema

    CPDLC OSA Bruno Godet

    DFIS OSA Wim Brondsema

    ADSC OSA Jane Hamelink




ENV Environment Descriptions John Gonda

    DLIC-OSD Thierry Lelievre

    ACL-OSD Jane Hamelink

    DCL-OSD Todd Kilbourne

    AMC-OSD Jane Hamelink

    ACM-OSD Wim Brondsema (& Thierry Lelievre)

    DOTIS-OSD Wim Brondsema

    DTAXI-OSD Matt Johnson

    DHIWAS-OSD Jane Hamelink

    DRVR-OSD C. Bousmanne

    DFLUP-OSD C. Bousmanne

    FLIPINT-OSD Jane Hamelink

    4DTRAD-OSD Dijana Pasic

ATN ATN Interop Standard Frederic Picard

    ARINC ARINC 623 Interop Standard Carl Swaney

    FANS Mixed ATN & FANS Interop Carl Swaney


    MIN--Meeting minutes Editor must be named in the document (see number/short description> below)

    eg. MIN-SG1-01, MIN-

    PL-Plenary 4

    NOT--Plenary meeting notice WG78/SC-214 Co-Chairs

    number/short description >

    POS--Position Paper Editor must be named in the document (see number/short description > below)

    TOR- Terms of Reference Co-Chairs

    SCH- Master Schedule Co-Chairs

    C:\Convert\Temp\672110424.Doc, page 4, last saved 29-Jun-13

Document Reference Document Contents Editor

    COM--Comments to another paper Author must be named in the document (see

    number/short description > below)

    Papers can be identified using sequence numbers or short descriptions. If a subgroup wants to use sequence numbers additional procedures are provided in the next section.

Note: D-HIWAS and D-RVR might be tranferred to SC-206/WG-76.

3.2 File Name Convention

    All papers prepared for SC-214/WG-78 must be submitted to plenary and sub-group co-chairs, and secretaries in electronic format using Microsoft word 2002 and embedded Powerpoint 2002.

In order to facilitate electronic document management, file names will be named starting by the “SC214-78-

    “caracters followed by the document reference followed by the revision information, e.g. SC214-78-POS-PL-Operating Procedures-8 Aug 08.doc, SC214-78-ENV-B.doc. A letter code of the date can be used to indicate the version.

    When sequence numbers are used, a specific person will be nominated in each subgroup to assign sequence numbers for papers. All new papers or new versions of existing papers will be sent first to the person responsible for assigning sequence numbers who will complete the document reference and ensure distribution of the document and its storage in the website.

    Group WebPublisher

    Plenary (PL) Jane Hamelink

    SG1 Jane Hamelink

    SG2 Jane Hamelink

    SG3 Carl Swaney

3.3 Use of forms

    Two cover pages and one tracking table are proposed for the management of the documentation. One cover page for for draft standards, meeting minutes and position papers and another cover page for comments. These forms are to be used for all Plenary papers. Sub-groups are encouraged to use them, but may choose to use other approaches as long as suitable configuration management is ensured.

    a) Paper Cover Sheet. The SC/WG will use the following paper cover sheet for the draft standards, to initiate

    activity or to resolve a particular issue. The paper cover sheet is a word table to be placed as the first page of a


C:\Convert\Temp\672110424.Doc, page 5, last saved 29-Jun-13


    Air Traffic Services Safety and Interoperability Requirements

    General Information

    Paper Reference: Revision: Date: Status :

     Review Meeting/Teleconference:Editor / Author: Comments Due:

    Position Paper Title:

Abstract and Proposed Action:

Key words (Optional):


    SC-214/WG-78Groups Additional Names Additional Names Additional Names





The Status field can be:

    Individual Proposal, Draft, SG Approved, Plenary Approved

    ; Individual Proposal: Initial author’s submission not yet reviewed by subgroup members.

    ; Draft: Document undergoing review and comment by the subgroup, e.g. SG1 Draft, Plenary Draft

    ; SG Approved: Document submitted for full committee review by authoring subgroup

    ; Plenary Approved: Committee Products ready for Final Review and Comment or other managed

    documents for which committee work is complete.

Documents receiving comments during plenary review return to Draft status for adjudication of the comments by the

    authoring subgroup.

The Review Meeting/Teleconference field should indicate the meeting where the paper is expected to be discussed.

C:\Convert\Temp\672110424.Doc, page 6, last saved 29-Jun-13

    b) Comment Cover Sheet: The SC/WG will use the comment form to provide comments on any other paper. The

    comment cover sheet is a word table to be placed as the first page of a document containing comments IT IS





    Air Traffic Services Safety and Interoperability Requirements

    General Information

    Paper Reference: Revision: Date: Status : COM-

    Editor / Author:

    Paper Being Commented (Reference and Revision):

Comment and Proposed Action (Attach pages as necessary):

Key words (Optional):


    SC-214/WG-78Groups Additional Names Additional Names Additional Names





The Status field can be:

    Draft, Individual Proposal, SG Approved, Plenary Approved

    c) Tracking Form: The following form shall be used by the Plenary to track progress and resolutions for the

    comments received to a document. It is proposed that the file name of the tracking table file is Track

    being commented>. E.g. SC214-78- Track POS-PL-01-A.doc.

C:\Convert\Temp\672110424.Doc, page 7, last saved 29-Jun-13

    Comment Status Action Taken Date of

    Reference resolution


Status can be:

    Assigned to SG1, Assigned to Plenary, Closed, Ongoing

3.2 Availability and distribution of SC-214/WG-78 material

    SC-214/WG-78 material can be obtained via a WEB site on the internet. Two web sites will be used, one for all intermediate version and the work of the subgroups and another one for plenaries.

    site address site for Plenary Drafts and SGs work

The following guidelines apply to the use of the WEB site:

    a) The WEB site will clearly delineate the status of position papers as individual proposals, draft, sub-group

    approved, or plenary approved.

b) Chairpersons are responsible for accuracy and currency of the web site.

    c) Co-chairs of SC-214/WG-78 are responsible for the plenary section, which includes subgroup approved, and

    plenary approved managed documents.

    d) Sub-group chairpersons are responsible for their respective sections of the WEB site, which includes

    individual proposal and draft managed documents. Sub-group chairpersons may post at their discretion

    individual position papers in a separate list with appropriate disclaimers. Chairpersons may delegate this

    responsibility to the sub-group secretary.

    e) Position papers that are deleted or superseded will not be maintained on the web site.

3.2.1 Email Exploders

    Four mail lists are available to facilitate the electronic distribution of SC-214/WG-78 material. They are:

    List address Mail list for Plenary SG-1 SG-2 SG-3

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    People who are interested in receiving material from any of the SC-214/WG-78 sub-groups or from the plenary need to subscribe to the appropriate mail list.

To subscribe to a mail list, send a message to Susan Allinson ( who will manage all

    distribution lists.

3.3 Coordination with external groups

    SC-214/WG-78 will coordinate with external groups, such as the regional planning and implementation groups, using “sub-group agreed” position papers. The publication integration and administrative staff will distribute the

    position paper to the appropriate external groups and track the status of comments.

    1. Sub-group chairs will send via email to the co-chairs and co-secretaries of SC-214/WG-78, the position paper

    which has the status “sub-group agreed,” a due date, and the name and address for the external groups to which

    the position paper is to be sent.

    2. The co-chairs will need three days to review the position paper and determine whether or not the position paper

    is ready to be sent to the external groups.

    3. After three days, the co-secretaries will then prepare a cover letter and send the position paper to the external

    groups, unless the co-chairs indicate the position paper is not ready.

    4. When the co-secretaries receive the response from the external groups, they will forward the response to the

    sub-group co-chairs and the co-chairs of SC-214/WG-78.

    The following provides an overview of the procedure for coordinating SC-214/WG-78 position papers with external groups.

    Co Chairs


    Position Paper“SG Release offer3daysApproved




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“Plenary Approved” position papers will be made available to civil aviation authorities to use as near-term guidance,

    upon request.

    The following provides an overview of the flow of information between SC-214/WG-78 and external groups:

    External Civil SC214/WG78 Groups Aviation Authority NATSPG Plenary APANPIRG APIRG Interim Plenary OPLINKP Direction Approved ACP Sub Groups Position Papers

    Final Plenary Direction Approved



3.4 Meeting arrangements

    The majority of the work will be accomplished in the sub-group meetings. The plenary session is intended to discuss global issues, give sub-group reports, reach plenary consensus on position papers, and review schedules. Sub-group reports that are provided during the plenary session should include the following:

     List of participants

     New position papers

     Status of each paper, including summary of comment resolution

     Global and unresolved issues

     Schedule, indicating priorities and any slippage

3.5 Maintenance of Published Material

    Proposed changes to published material originating with WG-78/SC-214 will be presented to and agreed upon by Committee members at designated plenary session(s), posted on the Committee website, and submitted to RTCA and EUROCAE by the Committee co-chairs upon completion of the Committee’s terms of reference work plan. RTCA and EUROCAE will ultimately determine how to document/publish the changes.

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