The power of Dorothy

By Benjamin Simmons,2015-03-26 21:18
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The power of Dorothy



    May19th 2014

     The power of Dorothys silver shoes

     Chapter6 to 12 of The Wonderful of Oz is telling us a wonderful story about

    Dorothy that she has overcome a lot of difficulties during the way to Emerald City. We know that Dorothy has a beautiful sliver shoes, I think the silver shoes has a big power to help Dorothy to find Oz. we can see that from the progress of they overcome difficulties. So I can confirm say that the silver shoes have a big power for Dorothy.

     At first, we can see that the silver shoes is belongs to her. When Dorothy begins to her journey, she is lack of a pair of shoes because her shoes are too old to walk a long distance. And at the same time she sees the silver shoes and wears it. It fit her very much. Then when she went to the country, and people saw her shoes, they all think that she is bravely, because she has killed the wicked witch. So we can say that the silver shoes are prepared for her, there are also some important things for her to do, and they have power to help her on the way of Emerald City.

     Secondly, the silver shoes can help her to fight with enemy. On the journey to the great Oz, the cowardly lion took them on his back and walked to the edge of the gulf and crouched down, we can see from this that the cowardly lion does not cowardly, he is became more bravely than others. But Dorothy is just a little cute girl, she has no power to face the extremely bad things, but she has overcome the difficulties, so I think it is the silver shoes to help her, the shoes have a lot of power.

     Thirdly, when they attach to the emerald city, there are a lot of luxurious things in that beautiful castle.The soldier with the green whiskers led them through the streets

    of the emerald city until they reached the room where the guardian of the gates lived.and they saw the Oz, and the Oz told they must killed the Wicked Witch. During the battle with the Wicked Witch, she was not much hurt, but the wicker witch snatched the silver shoes away and put it on her own skinny foot.So from this we can see that the silver shoes is very important for both wicked witch and Dorothy.,because it have a big power to help everyone to come true their dream.

     In a conclusion, Dorothys lovely shoes has great power to help her fight with

    enemy, it also can help her to overcome any difficulties. From the examples we can confirm that our statement is ture. The silver shoes has great power in the story, from Dorothy wears the shoes to she fight with Wicked Witch, we can see that it is very important for her during the way to the Emerald City. So the power of Dorothys

    silver shoes is grateful.

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