By Theodore Willis,2015-03-26 18:19
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    DERILL M331 PFPE Series Grease

    Product introduction

    DERILL M331 series Fluorine element grease is perfluorinated poly ether lubricating grease,is special Design for friction pairs that they will often contact strong acid, strong oxidant, fuel, and the solvent etc material,and very wide temperature. Operating temperature range 73 ? ~ 288 ?, they have very low low

    temperature starting torque and low evaporation losses; With a strong chemical inertness, Don't react With strong alkali, strong acid, strong oxidizer, fuels, solvents and other substances. It is compatible with most elastomers and plastic seals, gaskets and O-rings.

    DERILL M331 series Fluorine element grease adopted different types of perfluorinated polyether base oil and special preparation of compound thickeners,the perfluoropolyether synthetic base oil itself has many excellent characteristics, high temperature does not burn, not carbonized under high temperature conditions, the maximum to maintain the stability of the structure, the high temperature oxidation stability of base oil is excellent, thus it has the extremely high drop point, excellent high temperature oxidation resistance and high temperature lubricating performance that is made to keep the maximum under the condition of high temperature structure stability,and high strength oil film and outstanding corrosion resistance. The base oil excellent high temperature oxidation stability has made of the grease even in more

    than 250 degrees Fahrenheit, also can show excellent properties; Perfluorinated polyether base oil is very low evaporation loss, make its operating life of high temperature there is no comparable.

    performance characteristics

    ; Excellent high temperature resistance and excellent low temperature lubrication performance;

    ; Excellent extreme pressure abrasion resistance and wear resistance, Carrying capacity is strong, high four-ball wear index;

    ; very low volatile and divergent;

    ; Excellent flame resistant, thermal oxidation stability; Good colloidal stability.

    ; And metal materials, sealing materials, plastic and elastic colloid compatibility is good;

    ; good chemical inertness, With strong alkali, strong acid, strong oxidizer, fuels, solvents and other materials don’t react.

    ; The superior performance of ultra high temperatureunder the condition of

    extreme temperature can also provide emergency lubrication

    ; Excellent oxidation resistance and long service life.

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