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    Sons of AMVETS

    Guide Book


    Table of Contents

    Aims & Purposes 3 Principles of Sons of AMVETS 5 National Officers 6 Introduction 7-9 Commander 10-11 ST1 Vice Commander 12 - 18 ND2 Vice Commander 19 25 RD3 Vice Commander 26 Judge Advocate 27 - 28 Finance 29 - 31 Adjutant 32 - 34 Provost Marshal 35 - 36 Chaplain 37 - 39 Public Relations Officer 40 Historian 40 43 V.A.V.S. Representative 44 45 Squadron Coordinator 46 Suggested Formal Installation Ceremonies 47 - 48

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    Table of Contents (cont.)

    FORMS (available on National Sons web site,

     Invitation to Visit Squadron

     Squadron Change of Officers Form

     Department Change of Officers Form

     Dues & Remittance (D&R) Form

     Monthly Membership Summary

     Life Membership Transmittal Form

     Transfer Form

     Application for Membership

     Change of Address Form

     Project Report Form

    National Scholarship Application

    Blood Donor Form

     Name Badge Order Form

     Sons Cover Order Form

     Deceased Member Notification Form

     Information Sheet For National PRO/Historian

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    1. To serve our country in peace and in times of war; to build and maintain the welfare of

    the United States of America toward lasting prosperity and peace for all its inhabitants.

    2. To encourage, in keeping with policies of our government, the establishment of

    concrete plan to secure permanent international peace and to assist in the maintenance

    of international peace.

    3. To inspire in our membership a sense of responsibility to develop leadership for the

    preservation of our American democratic way of life, and to help unify divergent

    groups in the overall interests of American democracy.

    4. To aid in the fulfillment of the aims, purposes, and interests of AMVETS (American

    Veterans), our parent organization, and to cooperate with all duly recognized veteran’s

    organizations in the furtherance of the aims of veterans.

    5. To train our youth to become purposeful citizens in a democracy with full knowledge

    of the responsibilities as well as the privileges of citizenship.

    6. To keep the public forever reminded that the American veteran served to preserve

    peace, liberty, and democracy for our nation.

    7. To promote the welfare and fellowship of our members and their families.

    8. To recognize and promote the interests of our parent organization known as AMVETS,

    which was chartered by Congressional Action on July 23, 1947.

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    We, the Sons of AMVETS (American Veterans), fully realizing our responsibility to our parents, community, State and Nation, associate ourselves for the following purposes: To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; to safeguard the principles of freedom, liberty and justice for all; to promote the cause of peace and goodwill amongst nations; to maintain the freedom of our country; to preserve the fundamentals of democracy; to perpetuate the friendships and associations of the AMVET organization; and to dedicate ourselves to the cause of mutual assistance…..this by the Grace of God.

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    John Barnhill Jon Keith Donald Finnegan 1690 Vans Blvd 5113 Shipp Ln 8101 N Williamson Rd Holland MI 49423 Harrisonburg VA 22803 Muncie IN 47303 Phone: 616-928-8422 Phone: 540-820-2515 Phone: 765-289-3227 E-mail: E-mail: Cell: 765-716-4327 E-mail: RD3 VICE COMMANDER FINANCE OFFICER

    Jim Myers Dan Briggs JUDGE ADVOCATE th524 ? W 4 St 341 East Foulke Ave Gene Batt Cedar Falls IA 50613 Findlay OH 45840 19220 Rd 198 Phone: 319-504-6339 Phone: 419-420-0388 Defiance OH 43512 E-mail: Cell: 419-563-4756 Phone 419-202-3235 E-mail: E-mail:


    Richard Thibodeau Mark Serpis IMMED PAST

    100 Stockton St Apt 239 23 Harding Terr COMMANDER

    Chelsea MA 02150 Robert Hammett Dedham MA 02026 Phone: 617-872-0256 421 E SR 28 Phone: 781-326-6226 E-mail: Muncie IN 47303 Cell: 781-603-8703

     Phone: 765-747-4110 E-mail:


    Mike Lehman

    10600 Colby Ave LEGISLATIVE Muncie IN 47303 VAVS DIRECTOR

    Phone: 765-747-5672 Doug Brown REPRESENTATIVE

    Cell: 765-716-9574 William Chiddister 7040 West River Rd E-mail: m-823 S Constantine St Vermilion OH 44089 Three Rivers MI 49093 Phone:440-574-3166

     Phone: 269-278-2655 E-mail:

    E-mail: ALTERNATE


    DIRECTOR WEB MASTER JR. AMVETS ADVISOR David Strittmather David Spencer Paul Speigle 8608 Cherry Rd 100 Tower St #803 543 East Perry St Vermilion OH 44089 Hudson MA 01749 Salem OH 44460 Phone: 440-967-6430 Phone: 978-212-5328 Phone: 330-853-0519 Cell: 440-653-3059 E-mail: E-mail:



    14501 Sycamore Rd PO Box 2405 OFFICER

    Mt Vernon OH 43050 Charlie Summerall Ronkonkoma NY 11779 Phone: 740-393-1923 319 Montebello Ct Phone: 631-588-3419

    Lakeland FL 33809 E-mail: Cell: 614-579-7656

    E-mail: Phone: 863-859-2428 HChapman@cenaclesisters.williamsjcii@embarqmail.cCell: 863-602-3174 org

    om E-mail:

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    1944 AMVETS organized (Parent Organization)

    1974 Sons of AMVETS Organized (Subordinate Organization)

    1984 National Department formed.


    1. National Department

    2. State Department

    3. Districts

    4. Local Squadrons


    Eligibility for membership in Sons of AMVETS shall be limited to all male descendants, grandsons, adopted sons, and stepsons, fathers, husbands, widowers and brothers of members of AMVETS and deceased members of AMVETS, or service personnel who died and would have been eligible for membership in the parent AMVETS organization, and are at least (18) years of age and are not eligible for membership in the parent organization. This is not to include in-laws of any type.


    1. You need 8 members to form a Local Squadron.

    2. Three local Squadrons to form a Department.

    3. If you have formed five Local Squadrons and have not formed a Department, you must first

    form a Department before you can form a sixth Squadron.


    1. New

    2. Renew

    3. Life

    4. Member-at-Large


    New A member who is making application for membership for the first time or

    a member who has let his dues expire for one year or more.

    Renew Any member who has held a prior years membership card is considered a renewal,

    regardless of when, during the membership year, his dues are paid. A member whose

    dues have not been paid for a period of one year or more must re-establish eligibility

    and shall be considered a new member.

    Life Any annual member in good standing may become a Life member. To join as a Life

    member, they must send in the Life Membership Transmittal form with the

    appropriate payment and a copy of their current membership card.

    Member-at-Large Any person meeting membership eligibility requirements and who lives in an area that

    is fifty (50) or more miles from a local squadron may become a Member-at Large (MAL).Proposed 11/2011 pg. 7


Sons means Helper - Sons of AMVETS is a Service Organization with the following programs:

    1. Serve our AMVETS (Parent Organization) -- Legislation and Joint programs.

    2. Serve our Youth -- Scholarships

    3. Serve out Town -- Community Service

    4. Serve our Country -- Americanism

    5. Serve our Hospitalized Veterans -- V.A.V.S.


Local Squadrons shall elect and appoint Officers as provided for in the Sons of AMVETS Constitution

    and By-laws and may parallel those of the Department in so far as the Squadron wishes regarding

    duties of program chairmen.

The various Officers are:

    Commander Adjutant

    1st Vice Commander Chaplain

    2nd Vice Commander Provost Marshal

    3rd Vice Commander Public Relations Officer

    Finance Officer Historian

    Judge Advocate Immediate Past Commander


    1. Voucher book 5. Adjutant's book (minutes)

    2. Membership applications 6. Treasurer's ledger

    3. Dues Remittance forms 7. Service Report form

    4. Checking account


    1. Scholarship Program

    2. Community Service Programs

    a) Paws with a Cause

    b) Blood Donor Program

    c) A.A.D.A.A. Program

    d) Special Olympics

    e) Special Wish

    3. Service to Veterans

    a) V.A.V.S. Hospital Program

    b) Underwear Program

    c) Sweats for Vets Program


Sons of AMVETS Male descendants of American Veterans who are eligible for AMVETS.

Principles of

    Sons of AMVETS Our Philosophy -- who we are, what we believe and what we strive for

    Obligation Oath and charge of philosophy

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    Colors Navy blue jacket, charcoal gray slacks and light blue shirt

30 seconds

    of silence In memory of the departed (following closing prayer)

    S.E.C. State Executive Committee - Commander and all elected Officers, District

    Commanders, Squadron Commanders or a representative from the Squadron,

    and the Immediate Past Commander and others in compliance with the

    Constitution & By-laws and Department Standing rules.

    N.E.C. National Executive Committee - National Officers, Immediate Past National

    Commander and Department delegates in compliance with the Constitution &


P.D.C. Past Department Commander

P.N.C. Past National Commander


    1. Sons of AMVETS Constitution

    2. Sons of AMVETS By-laws

    3. Sons of AMVETS Standing Rules of Operation

    4. Roberts Rules of Order, newly revised as a parliamentary guideline only


    1. Commander may vote only in case of a tie.

    2. Local election may be by secure ballot.

    3. Finance records audited annually.

    4. Officer Pro-tem -- temporary Officer.

    5. Nomination of Officers -- made from the floor, (not necessary to second).

    6. Address the Chair -- Commander or Chairman.

    7. Commander passes gavel to 1st Vice Commander when he wants to speak on a subject or

    when action of the body directly concerns him or when he leaves the floor.

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    You have been elected by the members of your Squadron to the highest office in your local. With this action, they placed great faith and trust in you as a leader. With the honor comes the responsibility for the success of your Squadron's programs. The following instructions will aid you in furthering your aims toward a very successful year.

    1. As Commander, it is your responsibility to preside at all meetings of the Sons of AMVETS

    and conduct your meetings in a business-like manner.

    2. When presiding at meetings, you should have available for immediate reference the Sons of

    AMVETS Constitution and By-laws and Sons of AMVETS Guide Book.

    3. Have an organized agenda prepared for each meeting. Make your meetings as interesting as

    possible. Interesting meetings will be well attended.

    4. It is most important that all National and Department minutes/bulletins be read and discussed

    at the meetings. Our National and Department Officers put much time, thought and effort in

    preparing these mailings to keep the local Squadrons informed. A mailing is sent to an Officer

    of each Squadron at no cost.

    5. Use your authority wisely. Do not hesitate to use your gavel to maintain order at all meetings.

    Do not allow personal conversation to interfere with business, however, each person who

    wishes to speak on a subject should be allowed to do so. The majority rules when a vote is

    taken, but remember, it is the right of the minority to be heard.

    6. The Commander or presiding officer declares the result of the vote. If there is any doubt on a

    voice vote, a show of hands or standing vote should be taken.

    7. The Commander shall be tactful, weigh his judgement carefully and not participate in

    discussion unless he has passed the gavel to the 1st Vice Commander, who temporarily

    becomes the presiding officer until the matter is finished.

    8. Your 1st Vice Commander should be seated at your right at all meetings and should be kept

    informed of all activities of the Squadron.

    9. As local Commander, every effort should be made to participate fully on Local and State

    levels. Remind your members of the various functions and keep them informed of the

    activities of the Squadron as a whole.

    10. Make sure that all officers know how to make out their reports and send them in to Sons

    Department and/or National Headquarters. If for some reason an officer is not able to report, it

    is your duty to complete the reports and mail them.

    11. Encourage each officer to compile a record of the activities of his office; therefore, each

    incoming officer will have these files to refer to and add to each year.

    12. Your leadership and the direction you take can be the difference between an active or inactive

    Squadron. You must show interest and participate in projects yourself in order to stimulate

    interest within your Squadron.

    13. The Squadron is only as good as you and your members make it. It is not yours to dominate. It

    must be led with tact, directness and charm. In this manner, you will win the members respect

    and cooperation. Recognize and praise the good work done by members.

    14. Conduct yourself in a manner to bring respect to your Squadron and be available to represent

    your Squadron at all events where your presence will bring favorable attention to AMVETS

    and Auxiliary.

    15. After the election of new officers, be sure all records are turned over to the incoming officers.

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