Module 2 language points

By Clifford Lopez,2014-01-08 15:59
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Module 2 language points

    1 the hightlight of the party


    a weather chart

    3 compete with the peers

4 The UN mediators

    want to mediate between the two countries.

    5 look back at/on=


    6 settle =


    They have settled

    down in Canada.

    He settled himself in

the armchair.

    7 have fun (in) doing sth

    have fun with sth It is fun doing/to do sth

    The children are having fun with a lot of toys.

    8 competitive adj compete v

competitor n

    competition n 9 elect him president elect sb (as/to be)

    10 The shirt suits/fits

    me well

    11 rent sth to sb rent sth from sb 12 enormous =

    extremely large, huge, immense

    13 photography n photographer n 14 be keen to do sth be keen on sth/doing sth

    be keen that

    He is keen on


    He is very keen to see

    his birthplace again.

    15 a controversial issue

    16 as far as I am concerned

    as far as I know 17 in my view=

    in my opinion

    in view of:

     = considering sth 18 sb is considered to do sth

    consider sb (to be) + adj/n

    consider sb as + n consider doing

    19 develop an interest in

    develop the habit of doing

    develop a liking for

    20 outdoor adj

    outdoor activities

indoor adj

    outdoors adv

    indoors adv

    21 sb/sth is likely to do Its

    likely/possible/probable that

    It is possible for sb to do sth

    22 tradition n

    traditional a

be worth it:

    I shall feel sorry for him, though hes not

    worth it.

    Dont lock the door;

    it isnt worth it.

    Well, it was a hard climb, but the view

from the top is worth it.


    a boarding school 2 nursery



    a medical institution

    a research institution

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