dont move my holiday

By Leslie Daniels,2014-01-08 15:48
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dont move my holiday

    Who Moved My holiday

    Hey, friends, do you remember your former holidays? Did your parents force you to take classes? This is a busy holiday not only for me but also for my little students. Just as the saying goes :knowledge is money. So nowadays parents attach great importance to childrens education,they choose cram

    school 1)for their children during the summer vacation.

    I am lucky to teach the cute and naughty children .I think the most meaningful thing I did during the summer vacation is accompaning them for almost 40 days.We benefit a lot from each other. But at the same time I also feel sorry for them.Their actions are always under the control of their parents.Parents govern too many activities of children. In my opinion, it would be much better for childen to do what they like during the vacation, such as playing games, watching TV, and helping their parents do the housework.After all playing is the nature of children.They need to learn something that they cannot learn in the books.

    But the fact is that they are forced to join in many diffifent tutoring centers2). They are even busier than in the school days.Whos fault?just as Darwin said:Survival of the

    fittest. For a country to become developed, the most important

    and basic element 3) is education. Today you do not walk, you will have to run tomorrow. Therefore, parents lower the age for compulsory education 4) and cut down childrens free time to


    Please give me the freedom to let me live my own life.Held loosely with an open hand,I will remain where I am. I want to be that kid who only "love" candy, cry because of a scraped knee 5), and wish for another toy. Please dont move my holiday.

1;cram school 补习班

    2;tutoring center 辅导中心

    3;basic element 最基本的因素

    4;compulsory education 义务教育

    5;scraped knee刮伤膝盖

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