Safe Operating Procedure (SOP)

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Safe Operating Procedure (SOP)

Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) School of Molecular & Biomedical Science

Prepared by: Laura O’Carroll Date: 26/05/2008

    Title: Speed-Vac

    Approved by: Andrea Yool Signature:

Check there is approximately 10cm of “CryoCool” heat transfer fluid between the

    condensation trap and the metal base before use.

Check there is only a small amount of condensation in the trap. If there is more than

    100ml, empty it.

    Turn on refrigeration unit 1 hour before it is needed.

Switch on vacuum pump.

Place samples in rack with lids open.

    Make sure samples are evenly balanced.

    Close lid and start to spin samples.

Turn blue vacuum knob located at the back of the centrifuge unit clockwise to

     “9 o’clock” to begin vacuum.

Once finished, turn off vacuum pump.

Turn off refrigeration unit

Release vacuum to pump by turning blue knob clockwise to “12 o’clock” then

    clockwise to “6 o’clock to release vacuum from centrifuge.

    Only then, switch off spin.

Switch all units off at wall.

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