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     British Statistical Data


    A guide to sources guide 15

    This is a guide to sources of statistical information, including both printed and online. The print sources described are all held in the Headington Library, but some titles are also available at

    Wheatley and Harcourt Hill.

1. How to find relevant sources

    ; Use this guide it lists sources (both online and printed format) by subject. Multi-topic

    sources are listed first, followed by those for specific subjects.

    ; Browse in the Statistics Collection (at Headington this is in the Newspaper Area on the Top

    Floor). An index to the Statistics Collection is displayed at the end of the shelves.

; For specific, named sources, use the Library catalogue

; For some online/electronic sources, choose Quick Links Reference Desk Statistics.

2. Multi-topic statistical sources


    Annual Abstract of Statistics Statistics Collection 314.1 GRE

Monthly Digest of Statistics Statistics Collection 314.1 GRE (final issue was August 2011)

    Regional Trends Statistics Collection 314.1 REG (latest editions online - see below)

Social Trends Statistics Collection 310 SOC

Online: UK National Statistics Publication Hub - provides links to the latest statistics produced by UK government departments & hosts all first releases of national statistics. Office for National Statistics (for online versions of

    printed series listed above and immediate access to data on a wide range of topics) Provides links to a wide range of sites including local

    authorities, agencies, Government departments. Gives access to data in the social sciences and humanities. Search the catalogue to see what is available - registration is required to access the data.

; Criminal Statistics England and Wales 345.00212 GRE

     Includes statistics on offences, offenders and sentencing.

    ; The Home Office has a statistical division which produces a range of data, available at Directorate of Learning Resources

Economic and Financial Parliamentary website including Hansard. These can be a source of specific, very detailed statistics. Data for Neighbourhoods and Regeneration (detailed data on a range of topics for local areas)


    A census is held every 10 years. It provides detailed data on the British population, including age,

    birthplace, residence, migration, housing, employment etc.

2011 Census: Available at:

    1971 - 2001 Census: Online access to datasets (free registration

    required) and also the database Casweb.

Atlases using 2001 census data:

    ; Identity in Britain: a cradle to grave atlas Statistics Collection 304.60941 THO

    ; People and places: a 2001 census atlas of the UK. Stats Collection 304.60941 DOR

3. Subject specific statistical sources


    Construction Statistics Available at:


    UK New house-building statistics Statistics Collection 301.540212 NEW (up to 2007) Later years at:


    Criminal Justice Statistics in England and Wales Statistics Collection 345.00212 GRE (up to 2003) and later years at

    Home Office Research and Statistics website. Gives data on Home Office responsibilities such as crime, counter-terrorism, the justice system and immigration. Available at

    Judicial Statistics Statistics Collection 347.00212 GRE (up to 2007) and later years at

Economic, Financial and Employment

    Economy themed statistics are available at: and at (select Economy and/or Labour Market)

Economic & Labour Market Review (previously Economic Trends) Statistics Collection 331.0212

    GRE Also available via Business Source Complete (a database) and at (ceased publication May 2011)

    Local Government Financial Statistics England Statistics Collection 352.42140942 GRE . Latest issues online at


    Regional Competitiveness and State of the Regions Statistics Collection 330.0212 GRE. Later editions (now entitled Regional Economic Performance Indicators) at

    United Kingdom National Accounts (Blue Book) Statistics Collection 339.30212 NAT. Latest issues are online at (select Economy)


    Education and training statistics for the United Kingdom Statistics Collection 370.21 EDU Also at

Higher Education Statistics Agency

Statistics of Education Statistics Collection 370.21 STA


    Digest of United Kingdom Energy statistics Statistics Collection 338.4766260212 GRE Also at

Energy statistics also available at


    Environment and Wildlife Statistics at

South East England State of the Environment at http://www.environment-


    Health and Social Care national statistics at

    Health and Personal Social Services Statistics England includes statistics on population, finance, community services, hospital administration, family practitioner services. This is only available

    online at

    Health Statistics Quarterly Statistics Collection 362.10212 GRE Also at

Health Survey for England Statistics Collection 362.10942 GRE Also at


    The Department of Health web site (Statistics section) at:

Leisure, Lifestyle and Family spending

    British Social Attitudes. 303.380941 BRI

    Family food Statistics Collection 339.48641300212 GRE Also at


    Family Spending Statistics Collection 339.40212 FAM. Also available at

Life in Britain: using millennial Census data to understand poverty, inequality and place. Statistics

    Collection 339.460941 LIF

    Mintel Leisure Intelligence Statistics Collection 338.4779 MIN Reports cover how people spend their leisure time, including sport, holidays, food and drink, retail etc. Also available online via the

     Select Databases. Library Web pages

Social Trends Statistics Collection 310 SOC and online at

Population (see also Health)

    Annual Abstract of Statistics Statistics Collection 314.1 GRE

Population themed statistics at

Tourism and hospitality

    Mintel Leisure Intelligence Statistics Collection 338.4779 MIN Also available online via the

    Library Web pages Select Databases

Visit Britain

A range of printed statistics are available in Headington Library at Statistics Collection 338.4791


    Transport Statistics Great Britain Stats Coll 388.021 TRA Also at

Department for Transport statistics at

    Transport and travel themed statistics at

    4. Published guides to statistical sources

    ; Guide to Official Statistics (2000). Statistics Collection 314.1016 GUI

    ; Sources of non-official UK Statistics (2006). Statistics Collection 314.1016 MOR.

5. Further help

    The Office for National Statistics, based in Newport, Wales offers an enquiry service - telephone (0845 601 3034) or email at:

For further help at Brookes, please ask at the Library Enquiry Desks or contact your Subject Librarian.

    At Headington, Lindsay Sellar is also always willing to try to help.

    Lindsay Sellar January 2012


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