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8th Grade8th,8TH

    Riverside Unified School District

    7-12 English Language Arts

    th7 Grade Question Stems from CST Released Items and RUSD Trimester Assessments

    Number of

    questions Standard Question Stems from CST


    RW Word Analysis 11 -15%

    RW 1.1 Identify idioms, analogies, metaphors, and 3 ; In the ___________, which lines contain a (metaphor)? similes in prose and poetry Essential

    RW 1.2 Use knowledge of Greek, Latin, and Anglo-3 ; Which word from _________ comes from a Latin root meaning “____”? Saxon roots and affixes to understand content-Essential ; Which word from the passage comes from the Latin root meaning ____ or area vocabulary ____?

    RW 1.3 Clarify word meanings through the use of 5 ; Read these sentences from the passage. _____ means definition, example, restatement, or contrast Essential ; Read this sentence from the passage. You can tell from the sentence that

    __________means (2 questions)

    ; Read this sentence from the passage. In this sentence, _______ means

    ; Read this sentence. ______ means

    RC - Reading Comprehension (Informational 18 24%


    RC 2.1 Understand and analyze the differences in 3 ; This article would most likely be found in a structure and purpose between various categories Essential ; Unlike Document __, where would Document __ most likely be found? of informational materials ; Which information from Document __ or Document __ would most likely

    be included in Document __?

    RC 2.2 Locate information by using a variety of 4 ; *Which of

    consumer, workplace, and public documents Essential ; *If you

    ; *According to the passage, a

    * Reading comprehension question specific to document RC 2.3 Analyze text that uses cause-and-effect 2 ; * (3 questions)

    Developmental organizational pattern *Reading comprehension question specific to document RC 2.4 Identify and trace the development of an 3 ; The author of this passage concludes that

    author’s argument, point of view, or perspective in ; The primary intent of Document __ is (2 questions) text



    RC 2.5 Understand and explain the use of a simple 3 ; If you want to find out about ___, where in the passage would you look? mechanical device by following technical directions Essential ; If you want to _________, which of the following would you do first?

    ; According to the passage, you could

    RC 2.6 Assess the adequacy, accuracy, and 3 ; The author supports the argument that _____________ by describing

    factual evidence? appropriateness of the author’s evidence to Essential ; Which claim from the article is least supported by

    ; Which phrase from Document __ is contradicted by information in support claims and assertions, noting instances of

    Document __? bias and stereotyping

    RL - Literary Response and Analysis 13 17%

    RL 3.1 Articulate the expressed purposes and 1 ; **The purpose of this selection is

    characteristics of different forms of prose Exposure ; **__________ is an example of what type of prose?

    ; **Which sentence shows that this prose selection is autobiographical?

    **No released items from RUSD test

    RL 3.2 Identify events that advance the plot, and 2 ; What caused _________ to

    Developmental determine how each event explains past or present

    action(s) or foreshadows future action(s)

    RL 3.3 Analyze characterization as delineated 3 ; Based on the ____, the narrator most likely feels that through a character’s thoughts, words, speech Essential ; We can tell from the events described in the _________ that the

    patterns, and actions; the narrator’s description; speaker

    and the thoughts, words, and actions of other


    RL 3.4 Identify and analyze recurring themes 2 ; The thematic topic of this passage is the conflict between

    Developmental across works ; A theme of this (poem) is the comparison of

    ; The theme of this ____ deals with

    RL 3.5 Contrast points of view (e.g., first and third 3 ; Which of the words from the ____ show that it is written in first person? person, limited and omniscient, subjective and Essential ; From what point of view is the passage narrated? objective) in narrative text and explain how they

    affect the overall theme of the work

    RL 3.6 Analyze a range of responses to a literary 2 ; **Which literary element does ________ analyze? (2 questions)

    Developmental work and determine the extent to which the ; **Essay 1 argues that

    literary elements in the work shaped those

    responses **No released items from RUSD test

    WC Writing Conventions 16 -21%

    WC 1.1 Place modifiers properly, and use the active 1 ; Which word best replaces the underlined word in sentence __ to make the

    voice Exposure meaning more precise?



WC 1.2 Identify and use infinitives and participles 1 ; **Which sentence uses a participle?

    and make clear references between pronouns and Exposure ; **Read this sentence. What is the correct way to write the underlined antecedents part of the sentence?

    ; **Which of the following sentences uses an infinitive?

    **No released items from RUSD test

    WC 1.3 Identify all parts of speech and types and 4 ; The underlined word in sentence __ represents which grammatical part of structure of sentences Essential the sentence?

    ; Read this sentence. Which words from this sentence are adjectives?

    WC 1.4 Demonstrate the mechanics of writing 4 ; Read this sentence. What is the correct way to write the underlined

    (e.g., quotation marks, commas at end of dependent Essential words?

    clauses) and appropriate English usage (e.g., ; What is the best way to write the underlined part of sentence __?

    pronoun reference)

    WC 1.5 Identify hyphens, dashes, brackets, and 1 ; Which version of sentence __ shows the correct way to place a ___?

    semi-colons and use them correctly Exposure ; Read this sentence. What is the best way to write the underlined words?

    WC 1.6 Use correct capitalization 2 ; Read this sentence. What is the correct way to write the underlined

    Developmental words?

WC 1.7 Spell derivatives correctly by applying the 3 ; Read this sentence. Which underlined word is spelled incorrectly?

    spellings of bases and affixes Essential ; What is the correct way to spell the underlined word in sentence __?

    ; The student’s teacher has asked his students to choose five words from

    their reports and add suffixes correctly. The student selects the word

    _____ and changes the (-ing) to (ment). What is the correct spelling of

    the new word?

    WS Writing Strategies 17 23% ;

    WS 1.1 Create an organizational structure that 3 ; Which sentence below should be added to the end of the ___ paragraph in balances all aspects of the composition and uses Essential order to most effectively transition to the ___ paragraph?

    effective transitions between sentences to unify ; Read this sentence. Which word or phrase could best provide a transition

    important ideas in this sentence that would unify its ideas with the previous sentence?

    ; Read this sentence. Which word or phrase could best provide an effective

    transition between the two parts of the sentence?

    WS 1.2 Support all statements and claims with 2 ; Which statement in paragraph __ of ______’s draft should be supported

    Developmental anecdotes, descriptions, facts and statistics, and with facts and details?

    specific examples ; The student explains ________________. The student supports this

    idea by



WS 1.3 Use strategies of note-taking, outlining, 3 ; Before writing his rough draft, the student organized the paper by writing

    and summarizing to impose structure on Essential an outline. Here is the beginning of the outline. What subject belongs

    composition drafts under ____?

    WS 1.4 Identify topics; ask and evaluate 3 ; **Under what key words would you search for additional information for questions; and develop ideas leading to inquiry, Essential this student’s report?

    investigation, and research ; **Which source would be most useful to this student to get the best

    information for his report?

    ; **This student wrote his report in response to what question?

    **No released items from RUSD test

    WS 1.5 Give credit for both quoted and 2 ; How should the following Works Cited be revised?

    Developmental paraphrased information in a bibliography by using ; Read this sentence. What is the correct way to punctuate the in-text a consistent and sanctioned format and citation?

    methodology for citations



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