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    UNIT: 3A Children will explore a range of methods for packaging sweets, and investigate nets. They will join Packaging- boxes, cartons, holds, protects STTERM: AUTUMN, 1 HALF their own nets to make a cuboid, and decorate it as a sweet carton using computer generated Nets join, tabs, score, cuboid, cylinder.

    KEY STAGE: 2 words. Design font, cuboid, cylinder, fasten.

    YEAR: 3 Children will then design and create their own sweet packaging, choosing a simple design such as a

    cylinder or cuboid. Some of the unit could be covered during Maths and ICT sessions.


     Investigate, Disassembly and

     Evaluate activieties

    To think about boxes as a type of Ask children during the first week to bring in a collection of empty sweet packages especially A range of empty sweet packages collected by packaging, which can contain, boxes and cartons. As a whole class introduction, investigate some of the packages in terms of the children. A range of unopened sweet protect and present contents in an how they might simply contain the sweets, or protect them, or display them in an attractive way. packages to show how sweets are simply attractive way, and be made of a Each child to choose favourite package, and either remain in whole group and say why, or split into contained, or protected, or attractively variety of materials. smaller groups for more focused work, perhaps writing a sentence if able. displayed.

    To investigate how packages are As a whole group, take some empty packages apart to show the children how packages are made A range of empty packages to flatten out to made look at nets and how they from flat pieces of material and folded and joined to make a carton. Allow the children to try and show the children the concept of nets.

    are assembled, especially that put them back together, emphasising that folding and sticking the tabs join the boxes together. A range of flattened cartons for the children nets are extended to create tabs In pairs or groups, allow the children to use glue or tape to try and stick some of the flattened to put back together.

    for joining. cartons back together, with support where needed.

     Focused Practical Tasks

    That 3D structures can be Remind the children of last weeks work, re-joining the sweet cartons. Show them a net for a Ready drawn cuboid nets on thin card.

    constructed from nets. cuboid, with extended tabs for joining. Score the lines with scissor blades, showing how this Ready cut the nets if appropriate.

    To score, cut and assemble the makes the net easier to fold. Put the net together using glue or glue sticks. In pairs or groups, Glue or glue sticks.

    net of a cuboid, with support and depending on ability, either use ready-cut nets or allow more able children to cut their own

    with support. Then, score the lines and join their cuboid together with tabs and glue. where needed.

    How to create different styles of Show different font sizes and styles, and discuss which would be good to use on their cubes to A range of different style and size fonts, writing for a purpose. say which sweets are inside use some sweet packaging to prompt discussion in terms of size, printed out for the children to look at and

     colour and style. Children to use computer to print out their chosen product name in their chosen discuss in term of which would be best for

     style, and stick it onto their cube with support. Decorate their cube according to content. their sweet carton.

    Using empty sweet packaging, their own cuboids and a variety of nets as prompts, discuss as a A range of empty sweet cartons, their own Design and Make

    To discuss ideas for packaging whole class group designing and making a carton to hold 10 jelly babies. Discuss in terms of cuboids and a range of nets to prompt ideas. sweets. whether the carton needs to simply hold, or protect and display the contents also. From the Strong card, scissors, glue. Velcro for To create their own sweet discussion, develop a list of 2 or 3 criteria, e.g. that it must hold 10 sweets, be attractive to fastening, if using.

    package, evaluating their design children, be strong enough to protect the sweets ( ie, needs to be made of card rather than Finishing resources, such as pencils, felts, ideas as they develop and perhaps paper) . Methods of opening and closing the packaging should also be considered e.g. tabs that coloured paper etc.

    ways of improving them (choose tuck into the carton, or Velcro, so that sweets do not have to be eaten all at once.

    simple designs such as cuboids or


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